HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


I hope we get some new skills for farming. Anything that increases the depth of the game, but is still accessible to newer players is a good thing.


I hope Farming is an activity all unto itself, with it’s own XP pool and leveling.

I’m sure that it won’t be, but it would be nice to start getting activities that you have to actually specialise in and work at, instead of specialising in the most efficient way to gather XP and then moving tall the points around later.


For some reason I didnt have the option to vote but luckily I couldnt vote on something I have limited info on. I felt like this is like voting for a President in real life you never know whats youre voting for until its to late. SO I need more info to make an informed decision.


Agree. I’m going to give the Dev’s the benefit of the doubt that they were as interested in the discourse that came out of this poll as they were in the actual results.


If farming is anything similar to other games then presumably it will take far less active playing time to farm the starberries than to gather them. Usually it would take a few minutes to plant 100 plants + a few minutes to harvest 300 crops. That’s an hour and forty five minutes saved.


300 starberries in two hours? Ouch. Also I want to vote, but can’t. :neutral_face:




This. 100% this.


I see it all a little differently! The game is not an internet browser game - some waiting times have been too long! … The shortest time should be 24 minutes and the longest 4 days maximum! What comes next? Buy small boxes in the shop so that the waiting times shorten?


I’m already totally bummed out when I need to mass produce Ancient vital essences and it takes 12 hours to make a mass-craft. Urgh.
Can’t imagine seeing "yeah, you planted so expensive cr@p, see you next week! :smiley: ".

If this was a game with a mandatory World-of-Warcraft-like subscription to play, I’d understand the need to make us wait… but in a game where you can play without the Gleam Club… meh.


So if taking care of a small farm takes 5 minutes, but it’s a high tier item which takes 7-14 days, how is that impacting it ‘being a game.’ It’s 5 minutes out of your standard gameplay every day.

There are so many things in this game that take time to do. You don’t get to build marvelous cities and builds and pieces of art in a few days. You have to harvest the resources first. You have to then build materials. Then you have to plan out your build and actually do that work. Then you have to chisel and more to perfect your build.

I just do not see the difference in a timer being over the course of days if you only need to give it a few minutes of care daily.

It does not detract from it being a game or being joblike to me. I do find all the work it takes to build to be joblike, which is why I don’t do much of it, also I suck at creating designs to build.


I have been playing Minecraft for quite a few years and find the times really good there! In Boundless it was very annoying in the beginning, if you had to wait from time to time to continue building! But: I got used to it! … But if I have to wait weeks now, it will be corrosive!

Unless they want to do it like in Harvest Moon - water and maintain! For some, that would be quite a fun extension! But then the yield would have to be big enough! If you let the plants grow easily and do not care about them, the yield should be lower!


I think this is what a lot of us are thinking and would like also, but the dev team stated in the past they want to introduce a totally new way of farming, something different and unique so we will see!


I strongly believe that the amount of time you put into growing your own will be alot less then spending the full 2 hours breaking blocks, Therefore for people who want to, for example only spend 15 mins of active time setting it up, and don’t mind waiting a few days for the result, will see this as a bonus.

If for some reason the design of this system is such the case where that the amount of effort put in is equal to the effort put into breaking blocks, then there is little bonus outside of it being more convenient, and it gives the player the choice of which they prefer to do.

It is also possible that there may be other bonuses to farming that we are not even considering, and if that turns out to be the case, then that can also change the out come of

.>> „Many boundless players ask the question; “Izzet worth it to grow old items?” “ <<

I will finalize my responses with the following,

I am not fully against existing items, having a sub 1 day time to grow, thou I would not prefer it, if it enables exponential growth.

But for anything new that is added with this update and from now on out, The new stuff I feel should take at least 1 day to grow.

But once again, with the amount of information I have. I can not come to a factual conclusion about the situation and therefore. My responses are based on how I think and feel the system will/should be designed, based on my what I know from the farming systems in, Minecraft, Stardew Valley and World of Warcraft. and then formatting that in a way I think is reasonable for an MMO enviroment. which could be 100% wrong. Because No Info.


I am oddly okay with the top two times for fastest and slowest growing crops. 24 minutes and 1 hour for fastest works fine for me. 1 week and 1 day works out as well. I have a lot of stuff going on during each day so it works out nicely. I did originally want 1 hour and 8 hour (since 12 hour wasn’t an option).

I just want more content in the game at this point.


I hope it will be good too! But we all hope so! :slight_smile: If it is oriented in the direction of the old Harvest Moon games, they will attract with absolute certainty also new players!


Oh sure, it takes time to build and harvest things, but it’s time spent actively doing things, clicking, moving, searching.
Having to wait for a machine to produce something is completely different.

And it feels terrible when you’re building something, and you suddently find out “oh, I need to make more of this item to keep building” but then : 12 hours of production in the machine, and you have NO WAY to make it go faster right this moment, and it blocks your progression.
You were pumped and ready to keep building, but you got forced to stop because of some arbitrary duration.

Well, this is the exact situation I got myself into yesterday.

I’ll be honest, if the devs add a consumable I can buy with the cubits I collect over time to make a machine queue finish instantly its work, I’d take it.


Ok I totally understand and agree with you on the waiting part. That would be garbage. The process that I was talking about (let’s be honest have no real clue what things are going to be like right now) but for those who barely wanted to farm, they’d be able to with just a bit of care, right? For those who would really prefer and enjoy the farming aspect, of it was more engaging by doing things like fertilizing, tilling, watering, and who knows what other mini games that could be created for the system itself, would that be something more interesting and fun long term then? Assuming farming is something you would enjoy spending a lot of time on if it was designed in such a way.

I’ll be glad when they give us more info on how the system is going to work so we don’t have to speculate :+1:t2:


Oh sure, I’m already preparing to make some farming spots in my build, and I’ll make proper irrigation, with water canals and aquaducts. That’s the kind of game activity I find fun.
But if the good crops take more than a week to grow, I’ll definitely be bummed out.


Some people seem to be missing the idea that it’s not the wait time that is the issue, it’s the lack of short term rewards. That sounds like the same thing, but it’s not.

The issue is gear. More specifically, that Boundless doesn’t have any. When you play and MMO or an MMO light (looter shooter) like Division or Destiny there is an instant reward loop. You go out, do the mission, get back and go through all of your new gear. Some you break into mats or sell, but others you use and they make you instantly more powerful, if only by a little.

That’s game loop. That’s what hooks players for long term play…and Boundless doesn’t have one.

That’s the problem. That’s what people like me are hoping farming will fix. So that every time you log off from the game you feel like you have made real progress…not just spent the day preparing for your next session of preparing.

You need to give new players instant gratification that isn’t just “oh, more ash yam”. Give them better gear, cool in-game cosmetics…or a crop of something VALUABLE you were able to harvest before you went to bed.