HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


I havn’t voted because there is nowhere near enough information to make an informed choice. Will there be any sort of player interaction that changes plant growth rates or crop yields such as the amount/intensity of light they receive, fertilizers, watering, pruning, hybridisation etc ?


Thanks for the votes and comments.

There appears to be a bug Discourse where the member voted icons can appear multiple times. I think this might only be a presentation bug and not something that invalidates the data.


First I agree we do not have enough information so we are all making a lot of assumptions. However I do want to point out that while you are correct that there is time involved in travel and finding spots to harvest items, in farming you have two points where the player will spend time. They have to plant and harvest. So to gather in the wild I have to do the equivalent of harvest and the time spent finding and traveling may be equal to the time to plant. You did not state this but you also will use a tool to gather and I would expect a tool to plant and to harvest. we have already seen the spitter watering can artwork so there may be additional planting tools.

If I can go out and harvest 300 starberries in two hours including travel time and using one tool completely, how long should it take to plant and grow the equivalent? If it takes a week, then why do it? If the farming mechanic is not attractive for players then the developers will have wasted a lot of time.


I didn’t vote because I can’t - There’s poll doesn’t have anywhere for me to vote. Even if I could though, I wouldn’t feel like there’s enough information to make a sensible decision. If it’s just a case of plant and wait, then longer times are cool. If crops need regular attention to keep them growing (we already know they don’t die as such), then shorter times would be better.

I guess it depends how much time it takes from the player to set up their farm. If it takes ~30 minutes to plant/water/plough (whatever the process is) enough crops to harvest 300 starberries, followed by ~15 minutes of harvesting time and nothing in between, I think it’s fine that it could be on a longer time cycle. The time saved makes up for the delay in rewards. That would be great for more casual players with limited time.

It may be a bit late for this, but as a suggestion: Have you thought about having fertilisers have a multiplier effect on both the growth rate and yield of plants? So a quick-grow fertiliser could multiply a crops growth time by 0.X, but also reduce the yield by 0.X. Slow-and-steady fertilisers could have multipliers above 1. That way, players could tailor their farming experience as they want.

Edit: Oh, and as someone else metioned, if we do end up with growth times that span multiple days, definitely look to make it a few less hours that make up the full days (so ‘two-day’ crops become 46 hour crops). Having the flexibility of a couple of hours it a great quality of life decision.


They should not nerf the forging system at all.

I like to have my AOE hammers and such to gather metals, and rocks. I don’t really see the problem with it tbh.

Yea new players are going to have a problem with it at first, because they need to get the supplies, skills, and they don’t fully understand how to use it just yet.

“End game” players, and new players are not supposed to be on the same level. If everything was nerfed to the level of a new player, then everything would get pretty boring. This is why there are different tier planets, with increasing difficulties in enemies, and better items for longer standing players.

Being able to make and use AOE tools, gem tools, etc is not a problem. Boons, the machine, are not problems.

Yes we need more content (T7 + T8 planets, farming/fishing, customizables, enemies, animals, transportation, rental planets).

Forging is not something a new player is going to try and do in their first hours, unless someone mentions it to them, shows them how to do it, or they come across forged tools and begin to wonder how to make them.


Ty for taking our input. As always it appears the population is split in half. I look forward to hearing more about the system and testing it as it gets closer to release


I’m actually pretty happy with the results. :grinning:


It is interesting that for the entry level crops 68% of the player responses were an hour or less. And if you use 2 hours or less it goes to 79%. Not really much of a spread, but maybe not surprising for the entry level plants.

I think the slowest high end has more of a spread. 30% at a week being the highest. If you take 1-2 days together then they are 33%. Definitely more of a difference of opinion that in the entry level.

Of course if we had more data on how it would work the polling might have shifted one way or another. Be interesting to see when this will hit test.


#1 I totally get what you are saying. However, I don’t think nerfing the forge system would be helpful. Most noobs aren’t even aware of the forge system for awhile, which is fine. They are learning the rest of the game’s mechanics. I’ve seen a lot of people say they are fine with iron tools - I feel like they need to play the game some more to understand the importance of the forge & the benefit of forged items. When they are ready, they will seek it out.

#2 In an MMO, the gap between new players & end-game players is usually (& should be) HUGE. There are memes about being a noob in an MMO. You start out with cardboard box armor, you can barely hurt a flea, you run slower than molasses, you don’t have two pennies to your name…that = classic MMO. It gives people things to do, achieve, reach for, etc. Once the person finally gets that item/skill/etc, they are stoked :+1:


My votes weren’t included? lol —one was…that’s cool


I am not so sure about this. If they read the forums, they will be swamped with posts that tell them the best and most efficient way to gather/mine is to use AOE tools and various foods. They can read the posts that state players are getting 500 items and hour and they are out there getting less than 100 with their basic tools. I think this probably creates some dissatisfaction when another tool is more than 900% more effective than what they are using.


They have to know that forging exists.
A new player is not going to immediately search for terms like forging.


all they have to do is read the forums on a regular basis. it comes up quite often. they do not have to search at all


Please do not tie farming to skills (either regular or epics). Points are already stretched to thin as is.


You have to work your way up to the best gear. Yes, they will see & hear about glorious end-game items & will seek out info to make/obtain them. This game doesn’t have level requirements to use specific gear (which most MMOs do). So technically, a noob could grind for coin or the supplies to make top level items — if they wanted to.

The forge should not be nerfed, at all. Perhaps a simplified noob forge for iron tools or something, but leave the main forge alone.


Then they would also read the best way to progress is to buy your first few sets of tools, sell profits until you can create your own and be completely self sufficient. There will always be people on both sides of this argument. I don’t think nerfing forging is the answer to anything but how to make this game awfully slow and painful


I do not think the forge needs to be nerfed and did not mean to imply that. Maybe the forging of the lower end tools needs to be changed again to make it more desirable. Create some demand for the lower end forged tools and not have it all be for the high end tools.

I do think we are not being honest with ourselves it we say new players are not aware of the forge and forged tools. They read the forums and see the ongoing comments regarding how to forge, and that those tools are THE BEST tools to use. And the ongoing comments that tell players to grind out enough basic materials to buy their first forged tool.

Edit: Sorry all this forging stuff is really off topic


Definitely needs to be more noob friendly, I can agree there. And you’re right we did go off topic a bit lol. I have a bad habit of that :sweat_smile:

So with that being said, will it be possible to forge the crop tools to reduce growing time? I’d guess yes but I’d prefer if everything was the same across the board.


I can see maybe an AOE harvester. Not something I would personally be fond of but it would fit with what they have done in the past.


I’m not sure I fully agree. While yes there are many roles we can fill, we also have many skill sheets and many alts to make use of this.

I don’t see how having skills for farming specifically is any different than a spec path for hunting or a spec path for forging or a spec path for harvesting, etc etc.

It is not as if you can do everything in one skill sheet/character anyways. If they did add new skills what would you have to do to fit that role? Get a new skill sheet? Create a new alt? Respec and old skill sheet or character?

I just don’t see any problem if they did add new points. Can you explain, at least in your opinion, how it would differ from specializing in any other path in the game?