HELP! Give us your feelings for crop growing duration?


Personally I prefer the idea of a longer growth time for all varieties of crops (anticipation/reward) though without knowing how many crops will have to be harvested for what recipes makes any thoughts moot at the mo.
If tonnes of mats are needed then the wait and harvesting could soon become a tad tedious.
Also shorter harvesting times will benefit those with fewer spare plots while peeps with the ability to acquire plots through buying or leveling would more readily benefit from longer growth times.


I see no reason that something called a prestige crop couldn’t take a week to grow.


I don’t really care, for me minimum could be 24 minutes and max months. But I am scared of it doing two things if it’s too fast.

For any of you that have played runescape, and leveled farming, knows that even at 1 day growth time it becomes a big chore to do a daily farm run, even worse, a 90 hour herb run cycle. It’s very tedious but since it’s really beneficial, you kinda had to do it. 1 day growth time would be more realistic to this game, but naturally depends on the plant.

I also think having everything with such a short timer will influence the economy, not in a goodway. We need way more item sinks as it is, and having a fast growth cycle will just keep on adding to the problem.

Long(er) growth cycles are more rewarding and also lets us appreciate the various stages of the cycle. I also think having something grow for a month should yield good rewards, maybe not amount wise but rarity wise. Grow your oort? Grow your super seeds for special brews / pies? There are so many possibilities with that.

I’d say do anything between 24 min and 4ish weeks. Just make sure it’s well balanced to the economy and game.


I voted 1 day to 1 week. :man_shrugging:


Minecraft takes 37min, i suggest use this as the standard to decide the time for crop growing duration.
Minecraft already done the research for you. This timing most players accepted, and i never heard people complain about it. if you want to make end game crop takes more time to grow, please set up between 1-3 hour. don’t be like couple days. If you want to increase the difficulty, you should add it to monster’s drop or meteor reward with RNG drop rate (seeds or materials to craft the crop). (end game crop)

Making it longer won’t increase any difficulty, it only make players turn off the game to play other game.

A lot of players now taking break and wait for the farm update, and if they come back and find out that it need to take them 1 weeks to get the new content, lets imagine how many will stay.

Also people needs to work in real life lol. So please make it more like a game this time.


I voted, but I’lol be happy no matter what. :blush: I’m a grinder and can handle what ever the devs throw at us… I just want zillions if others to love it, too.


if you really care about economic, you should suggest them nerf the forge system, not telling them to make super long timer on new content. This how i feel about the current market problem. The forge system make end game players grind way too easy, and it also open the opportunity for players to create “farm” by using regen bomb, make everything in low price. Right now you can clearly see the gap between new players and end game players. New players feel its too hard, so they quit in 1 month. On the other hand, old players feel its too easy, this why we keep asking devs to release new content. They should “balance” about this part in future, otherwise new players are really difficult to make their first gold to involve to the economic system.


I agree this will affect the economy, but we have no idea of the yields. They can balance the gathering rate separately from the growth time.


Remember how many people quit when they nurfed bomb mining? Do you want a repeat of this if they nurfed AoE mining?


Well, you know during the bomb mining age, the grind rate is around 450 - 900 gems / hour.
Now days is 2000+/ hour .
Nerf it to the 900 gems / hour i think its fair nerf. It will bring up the gem pricing and other gem product’s pricing as well. Also I think the timing is important, they need to be very careful i agree, but if they do it on the right time, its a good thing to the game.


While I do tend to agree, I just dont see it working without a chunk of the games population rage quitting.


I understand your concern here, but its “balance”, not only nerf.
They can also buff or modify the recipe at the same time, there are a lot of factors for them to get the comfort zone for players. Also why so many people quit when bomb mining remove? Because they were simply make the rate from 450 - 900 gem/ hour to 50 gem/ hour (completely remove bomb mining from the game lol)

Until Merlin share the market broken hammer forge method(Vigor catalyst 2 to restore the vigor) , and make everything go even further to current situation. The fun thing is we could forge this powerful hammer method since the bomb mining age, just people didn’t know how to forged that. 80% of people were using the forge method Arihdol create during the end of Alpha (fate 2 -> boon increase paste 2 -> pure 3 compound 3) .

I think its off the topic, but my point is making the timer longer won’t benefit the market at all,
Marble block is a perfect example, Not a lot of shop hosting that business (I know there are some good shop).
But clearly majority of people choose to ignore to host those block business because it takes too long to craft.
(I know a lot of hard core players use those blocks to build a city …etc) But I believe even more people try to ignore those block to build. I hope dev can create a content that everyone can enjoy, instead of making it for hardcore gamers only.


These are decorative plants, so withered state exists as an option so we can have old vine kind of style when decorating with them.

We don’t harvest them, we grow them and either keep alive for the full bloom effect, or let them wither to have the old/neglect effect. The latter can happen unintentionally of course, but I imagine it being a conscious choice in most cases.


Oh, right, that makes more sense now :smiley:


It’s only till 100 votes. So you can see the results already. But the poll is still open.


This is not minecraft. Nor doses it seem to aim to want to copy minecraft for many reasons as seen with how the game works as it is right now.

This haves very little to no weight if the farming system is mostly passive, as the crops will grow while they are at work.


Apparently I have no idea what I did here. I meant to vote 1 day short and 1 week long but I see my icon under one week for short and can’t find it under long at all.

sheesh :clown_face:


Hide results and change your vote


It’s locked. If the devs are still following posts at least they’ll know why the odd vote.


I would vote for 24 mins Fastest - 3 or 4 days for Slowest
1 week is waaaaaay toooo slooooooow