HELP! Give us your opinion on automatic protection zones around beacons?


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absolutely this.

I like the solution, sounds good James!
glad to hear about features coming with the guild update!


I really like this idea. It could be easily implemented just by a setting in your master beacon where you nominate your “vote” for warden so your beacon prestige is added to theirs for warden calculations.


I voted no. I do agree that this is something the devs should address but I disagree with the specific implementation.

I’m a relatively new player with a couple months under my belt; and the concepts of plots, settlements, and prestige are still confusing for me. If someone can’t wrap their head around the existing game rules two months in, adding more complexity to it will only make the system more alienating to new players.

I’m still ignorant to what’s been tried in the past during EA, so my thoughts below come with a caveat that I simply may not know any better.

I believe the recent complaints about land ownership can be broken into two groups:

  1. I had plans for that plot but hadn’t bought it yet.
  2. I’m worried another player will steal my settlement.

I think both of those are what need to be addressed, and hopefully without adding more complexity to the game.

To solve this riddle we have to find what is common between the two types of complaints. What I see is, players are demonstrating loss aversion. They care about what they’ve built so far and want to grow it. Or they want to run a city. Whatever their motivation is, they have a dream. And these land disputes are manifestations of their dreams disappearing. This is a game. We bend the rules of reality (infinite diamonds!) so that everyone’s dreams can come true. That’s why we’re here.

Ok. That’s the setup of the problem. There are potentially many solutions from here. I’ll offer one, in two parts.

Part 1: Settlement status (outlet, hamlet, village, etc) now requires both prestige and a minimum number of plots. An outpost would require both 10,000 prestige and (say) 8 plots. A hamlet both 50,000 prestige and 40 plots.

This encourages players to be intentional about the size of their dreams and buffer space accordingly.

To raise awareness of these conditions (which can grow further as needed), settlement status should no longer be automatically calculated. Players should have to go to the UI in the beacon menu and “upgrade” their settlement. The UI would look very similar to meeting the requirements for a recipe in the crafting UI. Got enough prestige? Check. Got enough plots? Check. Click the button to upgrade. [If I may, can we defer messy downgrade edge cases for another conversation.]

Part 2: Settlement leadership works like guild administration in any MMO. When you upgrade to settlement you are forming a guild per-se, and you are the Warden. When others attach their plots to yours, they are joining your guild. They can never be Warden, unless you assign it to them.

This means that people who plot directly adjacent to you are joining your settlement and nothing they can do stops it. It will cause two people with Warden ambitions to put some space between each other and even plot defensively. Two behaviors we want to encourage. And it is no change to the average player who just wants to throw their hat in with an existing settlement.


I honestly see this as a new grief mechanic. Said person could build a giant tower next to a settlement and essentially block a huge portion of a settlement from developing.


Would be nice to know that the sky above and the groun below my build are protected so I can expand up or down when I have enough plots


All sounds like great ideas and well thought through. And with a simple “disable the perimeter” option i cant see any reason why not, cause you could just turn it off if it bothered you.


Always. The plots above and below your beacon are reserved only for you :slight_smile:


I suggested something very similar a while back;

I believe @Havok40k, @Stretchious and @Dzchan94 also had similar ideas before this was a problem.

I definitely want a system like this, but not yet. There’s a huge problem with the Prestige values right now, and if you’re going to introduce a system that exacerbates the Prestige issues, you first need to sort out the block values.


I say yes because somebody build right next to my house and blocked me seaside view! :frowning:
So I say yes


I love the possibility of everything mentioned about protected zones, but also separately I love this idea commented here about transferring their prestige at will to effectively as a community ‘elect’ the mayor by majority prestige. It would help communities that are building for looks rather than prestige.


Yes! No brainer.

However, I think a permission option for our beacons (which should be set as ‘Allow’ as default) such as - “Allow settlement warden to plot within perimeter” should be implemented with this system.

This permission would allow the warden to freely plot “Roads” without having to gain permissions from each and every resident individually. Because, like we know, not all players will have unlimited game time in their lives and then we have world timezone differences. Simply put, it can be difficult at times to be online at the same time as some players due to the above mentioned restrictions.

But anyway yeah, it’s a great idea and it gets a big thumbs up from me.


I really like the idea and think it has a lot of merit. I do have one small concern, however…

As the depth of the beacon Protection Area (BPA) grows with prestige, it could automatically and inadvertently block another nearby player from expanding potentially in any direction (if they are encompassed by the BPA).

This could potentially cause more issues than it solves.

A question off the back of that concern… would permission to a BPA be granted on a plot by plot basis? If not, and it applies to the whole protected zone, ithis may also cause issues, as you may not want that land locked player to be able to have free reign on where they can build within your BPA.


I would think you would cut the amount of reports in half if the Settlement system was cleaned up a bit. Regarding the bridges multiple settlements and such. Settlement/City controls or whatever you have planned. I know you are working on something =P.

This option just seems like another thing some new players are going to get frustrated by. “Why can’t I build next to my friend?”

If anything, I would say OFF by default. something players have to opt in to with a popup (Like delete character) that way they fully understand that no one will be able to build next to their road, unless they “allow” it in the beacon menu.

I know you are trying different options, and I am glad you are trying! It just seems like a band-aid for the problem, when what you need is a transplant (Settlement Controls)


Hi James,

About this, I think it can be somewhat covered in the sense that the protected plots should not count to the settlement merge mechanic. Meaning if someone doesn’t want to merge, they have the protected plots online and that’s it.
The other thing, when someone wants to merge and also have the protected plots to maybe expand outwards, the rule could be to friend the Mayor of the city and give permissions either to the Mayor character or to have the city detected itself.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

With respect,


If a Beacon control area would surround an existing plot, they might have to allow one side to remain outside of the Beacon control area to allow access for growth. Otherwise they will have to decide of this counts the same as surrounding someone’s plot with our plots, which is against the CoC.

I agree this could be an issue.


I was curious about this also. Does the beacon control area count as plots and if two of these areas touch, do the settlements merge or do non-beacon control, regular plots have to touch in order to merge?


Hi @Kal-El,

Just few days ago I started a new project with a friend and it seems that you need a minimum of 3-4 pots to touch in order to be in the same settlement. (you need the appropriate prestige also).

What happened with us was that we had only 2 plots in contact between the beacons and it didn’t work. For my friend the beacon became a settlement and on mine it said that it can’t “evolve” because there are 2 or more neighboring beacons connected. Don’t remember the text 100%, but after we connected 4 plots it all worked out (we simply have a bridge between us with full permissions to each of our chars)



Yeah I do understand that mechanic, but I was curious about how the Beacon control plots acted in the merging mechanic. Do they block a merge or allow a merge?