HELP! Give us your opinion on refactoring prestige calculation?


This is how i feel…Dont change prestige, let it be. what is broken about it? Is it hurting anyone honestly??? if you do change it do not change block values. Could cause more problems then anyone wants to deal with. Why put focus on this.

I will probably get so much hate for this :wink:


One item that is broken is you can get negative prestige for using natural blocks, so you are punishing the players that build with them. I also think they have not been good at factoring in the effort it takes to create a block and what its prestige is. For example the new blocks have 50 prestige which is pretty low if refined gleam gives 30.

As to the timing of them adjusting the prestige, I think the sooner they do it the better. It will create consternation among segments of the player base so the sooner they do it, the sooner we can move past it.

Not hating. . you have every right to feel how you feel and express your opinions.


Do we know with “natural blocks” with iron and copper being on pretty much every planet would machined copper and iron fall into that category? or would that strictly be dirt,foliage,wood and rock? In fact any block that takes several steps to enhance. Should not be penalized. I know that has been stated a lot in the forum but just wanted to say it again. The only thing i can really agree to is the chiseling system being redone if anything. When i see people chiseling dirt under there builds and putting floors down and chiseling them only to cover it to chisel it and rinsing and repeating over and over and over just for prestige.

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I was speaking of things like unprocessed grass, dirt, foliage, rock and wood. Using those can create negative prestige


I agree. I like the color of some of the sand or mud, etc. and might make a floor out of it but when you do it drops the prestige. Not that much but it is the principal of the thing. All blocks should have some POSITIVE prestige value to them, even if its just 1 (I would hope more but that’s another can of worms).


Whoever got most footfall in the settlement over the last 7 days.


Do the rebalance and rip the band-aid off as soon as the footfall values are tuned. The only people shaking in their boots are the ones who buried gleam under their floorboards. Everyone else will get hit roughly the same.

I do want to point out that relying on footfall as the primary source of coins means the prestige system will always be yet another economic lever the devs can’t touch without shaking up the entire game. Normalizing all prestige costs to crafting effort will go a long way toward removing it’s influence for now. But we will never be free. Every new planet, new feature, etc always runs the risk of changing the effort required to get a particular block. And in due time we will be right back where we started hoping for another effort-based normalization.

If devs have a strong desire to control the source of coins, footfall needs to not be the main source of coins. It needs to be something homogenous to every human player like account-bound daily/weekly quests.


Punishing? How exactly?

Look, when we didn’t have guilds and prestige was what protected your settlement I get it. And yes, some values might have to be tweaked.

But for the love of all that’s oortian let the devs for once concentrate on ADDING things and not overhauling old stuff, we’ve had enough of that lately, I now want more reasons to play…


Why would they be? They would just replace it with something else?

I just really, really do not want overhauls anymore in the coming few months, I want NEW CONTENT, stuff that keeps me playing, overhaul of prestige is not gonna do that…


I’ve used a fair amount of soil for making grassy areas around my build - it adds to the aesthetic and the design I was going for. I am punished for using those though as they give me negative prestige. So whilst the build is looking as tranquil as intended, I’m not getting rewarded for that.

I want new content too… but for lack of a better analogy, you don’t build a house on shaky foundations.

We all know that prestige needs a rework/rebalance because it’s out of whack with effort involved with crafting things - I’d rather that hit sooner rather than later, before more players either join or come back for any new content and then decide not to play because prestige has been reworked.

If it happens sooner, it’s also less of a task to tweak the odd value here and there as new content is added.


How is prestige rewarding anyone at the moment??

But to continue your analogy: they might have less people left to live in that house…

I am starting to get a bit bored, the issues we had with settlement plot changes and footfall causing less sales, etc., etc. aren’t exactly helping my current feelings about the game.

We need new stuff to do, and we need it quick.


Prestige still protects your settlement so that has not gone away with Guilds. You can still be merged without permission. But the point is prestige is still used for the leader boards. And more importantly, you need 10k prestige to get any footfall and the total settlement prestige still is used to calculate the footfall per visitor, so it does matter. If they are getting negative prestige it is that much harder for them to reach the 10k despite all the work they are putting into their build.

Sure we all want more content, but if a system is not working should they fix it now or wait until even more people are affected?


Right now it’s time for new content, not more overhauls


We will have to just disagree. if you add more content and hopefully that draws more players and then tweak this, you only upset more people. I think the developers would rightfully be asked why they waited so long to fix something that is an issue. I think that is a problem, but you do not.


I guess that depends on how you play the game … if you’re trying to reach capital status or Great City (without just spamming down a pile of refined rock) then it matters.


Not to be too nitpicky, but in the interest of a well informed discussion…

The new blocks are still pretty bad in the effort/prestige ratio, but refined gleam currently gives 10 base prestige (same as bricks, which also have worse effort/prestige ratio compared to gleam).


Bricks only give 10 prestige?


there is no way bricks only give 10 prestige, you have to farm so much resources for it along with the compacting the clay


Yes. I just tested it again.

We’re talking ‘base prestige’ which is the prestige before any %-based multipliers (from chiseling bonus, variety bonus, etc are applied, but those apply equally to all blocks so it makes little difference).

Bricks and refined gleam get the same base prestige value. The new blocks such as marble and whatnot that require hours of gathering and material processing to make just 50, give 50 prestige each.

In the same time that it takes to make a batch of 50 marble blocks (or whatever), someone running around kada with an iron hammer has gathered tens of thousands of prestige worth of gleam.


I think the 50 is decent. The brick needs to be bumped up to 20-25.