HELP! Give us your opinion on refactoring prestige calculation?


Don’t forget Dark Glass is T6+, but gleam is all tiers. Block health/hammer level required is probably a bit higher for reasonable farm times on the dark glass.

For comparison, you’ve got 36 Dark Glass locked in @ 12 base prestige each for a total of 432 prestige. 36 Gleam at 6 base prestige can be turned into 50 refined gleam @ 10 prestige each for a total of 500 prestige, so these lower tier gleams are outclassing the higher tier block from a cost standpoint


I don’t think prestige is an issue for me as it’s not something that I chase, but the biggest problem, that I can see, is the negative behaviours that it seems to invoke in some players. I don’t think tinkering with the prestige settings will change that. More control over your beacon, such as having to give consent for another settlement to connect to yours might help stop it being an issue. Or, being able to opt your settlement out of the prestige league tables so that connecting to it would add zero prestige to the encroacher’s settlement?


Fair point, though the higher prestige per block also means more efficient use of plot space. Granted, players who can mine efficiently on T6 would more likely turn to Machined Iron instead which can essentially be a byproduct of gem mining. My thought was mainly; if Gleam were to get nerfed - which the discussion definitely points towards, also why I didn’t feel the need to go into Gleam in my first post - wouldn’t Dark Glass or other blocks also need an adjustment to not make Dark Glass the “next best thing”?

Because compared to Decorative Wood/Rock or Brick I still felt like it was too “convenient” to get, even if what you need for those can be gathered without Regen Bombs and on lower tier planets, there is still the Spark, time cost and the organization of materials. Dark Glass you just get it and are done. Yeah, there is the cost of ideally a Gem Hammer and Regen Bombs upfront. But at least to me it was mind-boggling, I only tried it as a scaffolding block because of the convenience to get it (and not needing to worry about texture orientation) but then realized that it was granting more than my “real” blocks which I’ve spent a lot of time getting.

But to be fair, I’ve also been type changing a lot of wood and rock I work with, and for the rock I also have to travel to a planet that’s not in my region, which might make me biased.

Speaking of which, another suggestion I find interesting: a small bonus for using versions of blocks that can only be obtained through block type chisels, Black Igneous Rock as an example.

Disclaimer: am biased, would benefit from it, lol


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At this point building for Prestige is the only thing keeping me playing. There isn’t much else left for me to do. Hearing that there is a possible rework for Prestige makes me not want to put in work that may be worth nothing in the end.

EDIT: Unless settlements that are already established won’t have any changes to their Prestige after the rework.

I want to keep playing the game but I’m really running out of things to do.


It’s likely to be a larger rebalance over more than just gleam and iron. The poll is for a sweeping rebalance of prestigue from my understanding.

Things like machined metals, decorative gems, led blocks, and bricks will always be worth more than blocks with less work and steps involved, that was always their goal with prestige, to reward effort into materials not reward astectics.

It is my belief that the rebalance will help cities who grow and dont just use 2 or 3 materials but a larger selection of them, especially using several of the harder to make blocks. This mostly reflects the system already in place, just balances the effort tied to it a little better.


Except the dark glass requires no refining spark, or machines at all. You are able to (albiet slowly) get them entirely by smacking the raw block with a totem.


Yeah, it’s pretty slow if you’re going that route. I don’t want to get hung up on this whole dark glass thing, but try comparing the availability of dark glass to something like Kada I Cool Blue gleam. There are like 6 nodes of dark glass total on their respective planets. My point was that dark glass is objectively more difficult to obtain and is getting beaten in value by something like T1 gleam


Maybe a little late to the party here, but I’ve been learning a bit about prestige in my recent, and most ambitious build. It seems some blocks don’t add any prestige at all, which is silly. Each block should be at least 1 point. I want to use dark glass in my build, but it’s just as easy to mow down a bunch of soil, ash, and mud and make bricks, while I take the waxy earthyams and make a nice pile of decorative blocks. Even simple refined rock is worth ten points of prestige. Maybe it would be helpful in creating diversity in builds by making a refined version of every type of brick. Another way is to give everything at least one prestige and cut the maximum down to ten, so it’s actually considerable to use any kind of block.


I think prestige would stop being a problem if we got to choose who is in our settlement and who isn’t whether or not they connect. I know a guy that’s whole mission in this game is to take over settlements and change their names. I used to work with him, but stopped when it became clear that he did it just to upset other players. He just slams down a tower on a section of 3×3 plots, puts 2 layers of refined stone on the outside, then fills the entire inside with extractors, machined copper, and machined iron. He can use 18 plots to lay down well over a million prestige. I feel that he shouldn’t be able to come along, slam down his tower in a couple hours and own the settlement. Then he changes the name to match his clan’s name. He’s now the Viceroy on a few planets and has highjacked several settlements and changed their names. In a game that’s about community and doesn’t have a PVP section, there’s no room for the people that do this just to be mean like he does. I think that no matter who the Warden is, the settlement founder should get to name it and only that first “founding” beacon should be allowed to name the settlement. Otherwise you get trolls that go out of their way to ruin the experience for other people. Boundless has been losing players at a faster rate than it has been gaining them. This guy’s forceful take over tactics have forced people to move worlds to get away from him and his settlements’ names. Then he follows them to other worlds and does it again. A few people have quit because he followed them two or more times. This type of behavior is encouraged with the current system. You also made a huge mistake when you locked a trophy/achievement behind becoming Viceroy. That means that trophy/achievement hunters are going to slam down machined block builds in an attempt to become a Viceroy.


Are changes of this nature occurring soon?


If you don’t mind me asking, why Is this needed?

I truly hope that the coming time is spent on fixing bugs and actual new content and not on an overhaul of yet another system that might potentially cause a lot of issues, again…


I asked since the poll weighed heavily in favor of a balancing, but we haven’t seen movement on it after the latest deco blocks were released with base prestige values that didn’t quite match up with the OP’s philosophy. I had a bigger-sized build pending and wanted to approach the design holistically, accounting for pieces of the build that may be made out of lesser or greater materials. New base values would affect what I gather, so I wanted to get word on if changes were still pending.

I probably couldn’t think of more than two issues that would be created by balancing the prestige values. One being max footfall created by builds in a settlement, the rest maybe being leaderboard related issues.


Minor changes can still be useful, like upping the natural blocks from negative or 0 to at least 1.

But big changes WILL mess with settlements as they are now and I really do not see the point for this right now


If a balance tweak is pending, I’d rather rip off the bandaid sooner than later. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love pieces of this idea!!

Especially attractive to me is the idea of beacon display names changing in some ways as prestige gets higher. I know this is slightly off-topic, but a reward of having a fancier “name plate” for my beacon spread out over the screen because I crossed 100,000 prestige or whatever is super appealing, and would let me feel like the game is proud of my build, too.

It would also be cool if you could label individual beacons with categories. Gold, big title says MARIO TIME, little subtitle says ARTWORK.

More directly on topic: the natural block numbers people have mentioned are my most important change if the prestige system is kept as-is. One of the main reasons I feel incentivized to build is to celebrate/complement the beautiful nature already created by the devs, and it feels bad that working with the environment creatively can be even somewhat of a negative.


Will it affect existing settlements, yes. But it will also allow for the proper reclassification of different items prestige like gleam. Somehow I will not be too bothered if a tower of refined gleam looses prestige. Make the effort to get the resources and craft the item match its prestige.


I agree. A complete overhaul should wait until way down the line. The only thing I feel should be tweaked is the prestige given for the new blocks, which is very low considering cost, time & effort.


Gold blocks should give more prestige than iron blocks.