Help! Give us your opinion on refactoring prestige calculation?


Have you ever played the browser based game “NationStates”?

I do think this game should benefit from local laws. Like, this is a wood settlement, you get nerfed (or no) prestige for non wood blocks etc. People could build as they please, but the system would reward people keeping to a theme.


I think they should lower Gleam perstiege value, and raise gem perstiege value. It would help the gem market, which needs life support and restrict gleam abuse… While gems could be abused… who has thousands upon thousands of those sitting around…cough


I like that idea. If you wanna join my settlement, everything you build has to be certain colors or material types. :+1: :+1:


That sounds lit


I love that idea! You could even designate corporate branding colors and blocks of those colors get a prestige buff. Like this town is supposed to be all black and turquoise, so use them colors son!


Yep - people could build what they want, but it would strongly encourage themes. Would make cities way more fun.

Now if only there were a good way to encourage proper freaking roads…


Yeah, roads was something I was thinking about if we had a system of settlement buffs. Roads could get movement bonuses with the appropriate laws.

It’d also be cool to implement foot traffic pattern devices like those things you see on roads in real life that count people driving over them. That way, the settlement could get an idea of what areas are attracting fewer people and maybe make changes to help.

Maybe that’s a step too far, but I’m a big ole government nerd.


U ever play cities: mass transit expansion?


Nope! I’ve played a bunch of city/civ builders though, so I’m definitely partial.

I’d say the RPG elements of Boundless shouldn’t be forgotten though.


Sim city had some similar things, but cities mass transit has great traffic heat maps and all sorts of roads subways monorails etc. pretty neat game


Heatmaps would be cool!


ATM it has ZERO RPG elements… just a early minecraft clone without what made minecraft fun, (red stone)


You level up and increase your stats as well as buy in to specialized feats. Add that to the crafting scaling mechanisms and you’ve got RPG. Just because there isn’t a story doesn’t mean it doesn’t have tons of RPG elements.

Minecraft has some too.


I guess… but game is the issue here. We are role playing, at what? being a store owner? There is no game…yet.

No real goal, aside making money and building stuff for people to either A try to take over, or B Complain that you’re in their space.

(I am AB+)


I’m O positive, but why are we stating blood types :wink:

Man I wish this game had redpower2


lol I want to be able to make traps, for both players and creatures… I am mean I know.


Ark much? Lol :wink:


Hah I did play ark for quite awhile, but real pvp with the ability to destroy bases would be cool. (Make them auto-regen placed blocks to make it not harsh)… however make it so any items inside say a storage could be stolen.

That way, the young people wont cry when their base gets destroyed as it can regen… BUT they still can lose something, and people have a reason to go and raid etc.


This seems very unfair to people who for whatever reason cannot log in. As a shopkeeper you have no idea when you will sell out.


I have. Some people do it very well.