Help! Give us your opinion on refactoring prestige calculation?


How about adding something new rather than rebalancing that which you already have?


Who is going to be able to set these laws? I think this could never work under the current system, the trolls would just do whatever they need to do to gain warden then change the laws to “only gleam towers get prestige”. Then we’re back to the current situation but it’s even worse, because you can’t even fight to retake the settlement.

Laws are great - for those with the power to change them. Think about all the drama that goes on with real-world politics. Do we really want to bring that into Boundless too?


I for one want those huge ugly gleaming towers to not count. I see these are eyesores. Look out and see a huge white tower sticking up in the sky. Yeah, real nice to look at.
Even worse, the rainbow one, Huge, gleaming, taking over seeing the view, I like to look out and see the various planets in the sky. Stop what I am doing and just stand there and look. It is relaxing, relieves stress, at least for me.

Prestige should not let a person be able to take over a settlement. That to me is easy to understand. Build a huge, gleaming monstrosity and take over a town, settlement/city and you have destroyed all the work of those who started it from scratch. In real life if someone took over a small country and changed the name to what they wanted there would be a huge outcry and a battle started to help the country get their land back.
Here, someone builds a huge gleaming tower beside a established town and what happens? They take over, get to become warden and change the name. That to me is what is the negative aspect of prestige.
What needs to be done to measure it? Gleam should not get as much points as it does. Now with the number of players and the established ones who can go and mine it, it is easy to get. Bought 100 gleam yesterday, for 13 coins each, they had refined for 25 coins each.
I’ve seen stores/shops that make me want to gag at how gaudy they look and know they get high prestige and the beautiful wood and stone house that looks like a country estate not get any recognition, Beautiful house, nice garden, took a section of the plot that had water and turned it into a pool, it was lovely.
Prestige should not be connected to town ownership, naming a town or becoming a warden, or whatever title is used. I go with voting, and you had to have been a member of the town for a set period so Joe can’t come in with his friends and take over a small settlement, put in ugly gleaming towers, rename the place with something crude and have bragging rights to a beautiful town they did not create. Because, lets be honest, they only wanted the place for the prestige they could get and the already established town.
Sorry to be so long.


Oh look, a huge square of gleam showed up. What’s this? My settlements name is changed to potato? Sweet!


What if you were able to give your prestige to another player?


Welcome to Potato. The Aye’s Have It.


Footfall sucks. I only get it to try to get the 500k footfall trophy, and honestly it’s the worst trophy ever. I can attain any of the trophies over time, but this one will take me 500,000/500=1,000 days =2.74 years… At this rate the game is going to be dead in 3 months…


Buy some portals lol. You’d get more footfall.


Lol you’d dislike my place then ,it’s mostly made of gleam …even the floors .Lol.know gleam towers though I’m not into them I like to be bit more creative than just a tower of gleam however it’s each to there own ,it’s nice humans have different tastes it would be very gloomy n boring if people thought the same.,and were like clones.Im here just to be creative it’s like art to me I love it and all the world’s are awesome to go round and see some really beautiful builds,Enjoy boundless !:):sunglasses:


If i understand this right, the cost of blocks now is different, and that sucks. Hard. Tired of towers completely builded with gleam. And why guys who want to build natural, good buildings need to strugle? This is so wrong. And yes, as people mention before gleam abuse is here and kicking. Ambience, anyone? Imagine whole city build with neon signs? How dumb is that? Maybe sometimes this can be cool and fitting, but mostly it’s ugly and tasteless abominations. This “style” is golden standart in game for now. And this is awfull. So yes, you need to work on this thing. Blocks like gleam should not be so rewarding. The main factors should be Variety/Diversity. Not the cost of the blocks, bcs of this we have buildings made from one type of blocks.


I agree, i would love to see towers of random mixed blocks.


I don’t wanna see any of those laws in boundless.Why do people need to be rewarded? To me I’m content with having freedom to build what I like.Why do people care so much about being warden ,all you can do is change your settlements name.The point of games are for fun .People well I need freedom to create anything I want ,I don’t like restrictions.As long as no-one can touch my creations I’m happy.


People care because it is “forced gameplay”. This is one of the only games where other characters can forcibly join into your belongings and rename them. This mechanic is often (but not always) used to grief other players.

In an MMO there shouldn’t be a mechanic that forcibly changes the other characters items and or gameplay experience. Every time you walk onto your plot your name shows up. So If someone wanted to rename my build “this is mine hahahahah”, they can do that. And force me to read it every time I walk onto it.

My personal opinion as to weather this is a good mechanic aside, people are understandably concerned about prestige, since it currently is the mechanic that enables this behavior.


Now as to my personal opinion: Keep prestige. Remove any impact or effect on settlements.

If you want to build your ugly giant gleam tower, or your random pile of min/max optimized mismatched chiseled blocks to get #1 on the leaderboards go ahead, more power to you.

But… it shouldn’t have any impact on my build, its name, or my settlement. I should also be able to allow or deny mergers instead of being forced.


Could you add a “like” feature? If someone likes your build/store/etc, they can like/love it somehow (maybe via the beacon or small fixture that we can create)?

This would encourage cool builds and player camaraderie. There have been many times I’ve wished there was a way I could let a player know that I really like their work/build. I usually come across the coolest stuff while I’m out exploring worlds - these builds don’t have portals & aren’t near a city so I don’t think they get the love they deserve.

Players could receive 100c (+/-) per like. This would reward a player, regardless of capital/prestige/affiliation.


Well said and straight to the point.It dosent bother me if I walk in my plots n someone else names it ,it’s just a name they can’t remove my builds so it dosent affect me.Infact it happened to me but I did like what the guy named the settlement,but even if it’s a crappy name it still won’t get to me because I understand it’s just a game. And everything within my plots noone can touch…Prestige dosent bother me I play it purely for gathering stuff ,and building and love going around a variety of planet’s n seeing other people’s creations.Now if people were able to take over my settlement and have rights to use my stuff or remove anything then I’d be vocal big time.If I did have choice obviously I’d wanna name my own place,but it’s not the end of the world .If the system they have in place stays they still cannot do any damage to my build.,so its not worrying me like other people.I just enjoy beaming around and doing my thing.Enjoy boundless:)The like feature would be lovely to have .


… and having thought about it some more, it might encourage people to move prices the wrong way :frowning: - too expensive to sell and too cheap to buy. But I just mentioned it for discussion.


That’s beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

/eye of the beholder etc


Isn’t Gleam just a poor alternative to a lack of light emitting blocks though.
If there were other options then I suspect we would see less gleam…

Nobody will want a tower made of lanterns as they are ugly but neon type blocks that could be crafted, the power source cable blocks [not in game and cannot recall their correct name] do have a light effect on them , if something similar as well as other craftable light blocks were introduced, gleam could be nerfed to -100 prestige per block :smiley:

Would be nice to see those gleam towers suddenly improve.

tl:dr The lack of interesting blocks especially light emitting blocks has a part to play here. It’s ok to discuss nerf and normalization but that should come when a fair amount of new interesting block types has been introduced.

I personally have no interest in the prestige but I know some do reading these posts.


Well I think, they should Remove the Prestige- Warden Relation and put a new binding from Prestige to some Skills. For example: If you Reach Settlement Status you get the Permission to build a new Sort of blocks, or maschines or something special. For the Warden: If you build your own Settlement you should have the possibility to give a “settle on my border”-permission. With the possibility to say “yes” “no” or “only friends”. In addition you could give something like a politics option with “votation for warden” and “no votation”. This way every problem should be solved. People which want to stay on their own could, People who want everyone to join them could, people which want a votation for warden could do this. Becouse If Prestige is only skill points for a building it has nothing to do with the leadership.