HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


Currently ‘working’, so you may actually be in the lead right now.


My hint is, before thinking about a land speculating feature, we need a system for getting more possibilities to manage our settlements.
There should be also a management setting for settlements, that gives their inhabitants the possibility to set a flag for „non speculating“ on the whole settlement.

Why i think so, because i expect a very negative influence to especially themed settlements, where bad minded player just plot area there to extort their settlements.


This should only be implemented if the protection system is as well. Without the protection system this would be exploited far too easily and would cause a policing nightmare for you wonderful devs.

I would like the option of building unique houses in a growing hub and offering them to other players for coin. I love the idea of transferring ownership without having to completely unplot something first (the current system). I would be ok if this required guild membership to do, and I would also be ok if it wasn’t for coin.


With Guilds coming, will this idea be implemented?
I would like to Sell, transfer and rent plots.


i agree with the idea of transfer plots.
And also with the idea of selling them for coins. but with some rules or the game will broke.
As @DonBab said that dont change mecanics, but cahnge properties more easily.


I think it’s a horrible idea! I’m part of Mt. illumiNaughty. We have SEVERAL beacons places by a well known griefer. [Removed - naming and shaming is against Code of Conduct ~ Stretchious] Anyway, this player has blocked ups on all directions for the sole purpose of making a player “pay” for crossing him… even though the player doesn’t even play the game anymore… my point is, I have reported the beacons as they are in violation of the coc, and NOTHING has been done about it.

In a perfect, kind world, the idea could work, but what will happen is people will end up plotting tons of space for the sole intent of holding it hostage. The [ removed ] of the game will thrive and nothing will be done about the griefs… and for everyone else, it will be a giant pain in the butt.


I think people are going to hold land hostage with or without a transfer function. Implementing a transfer function allows an enforced trade to happen, instead of one person having to trust the other will hold up their end of the deal after the first person gives away their half of the trade. Trading property for money is already allowed. The only question is: do we want to enforce the trades or not.


I like the idea

People are already working around to do this anyway aren’t they? Might as well make it official.


If I transfer my beacon to someone else, it would be for free, when I stop playing the game, in the hopes that someone can do something with what I started, and maybe can maintain it instead of me.


I can see transferring beacons being ok, as long as people do not abuse it. Do not monetize it though, whether that is with in game currency. It also invites RMT into the game, where people set plots then go on third party websites to sell them for real money. Would the community want to invite those people into the game?


I like this part as well… would just be nice to be able to transfer between alts without replotting. I like a realestate side as long as there are enough controls to prevent griefing, monopolizing, and abuse. I’m not sure that’s possible though.


I think it’s going to cause a bunch of problems with the trolls of the game. You know who they are. But for me as a builder. I’d love to get coin for my work.
I have people ask me to build at there settlements all the time and as much as I would like too. It’s so time consuming and I’m always short on plots and for no coin or possible foot fall coin. No thanks.
So if you’re looking for a builder.
I can be hired. 10k/hour 5 hour minimum. Paid in full up front. Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Contract building is exactly why I am in favor of this system. Say you are an awesome architect in game, well known in fact (not me, i’m honestly barely more than average). Someone who has lots of coin wants to buy this person’s services. You can, right now. the buyer can own the plots, or the builder can own the plots. The thing with this is, if you need to transfer plots/sell the beacon it has to be done completely manually. So both players have to be present, and one has to make sure they can manually attach all the plots (without missing a section since it would then be regenerated). Not something you want to do if you spent a few 100k coins on your pretty new castle.

It does open up a lot of room for trolls and grievers to hold land around someone for “ransom” although currently they can do this already, just will make it easier to get the land from them if they were so inclined to deal.

I think a prefab system is the natural solution to both of these. You build the house/statue/whatnot in one place. A person is interested in buying it from you for their settlement. You “box” it up into a prefab crate. you trade that to them for coin. They (assuming they have the required plots and the area necessary is unclaimed) place it wherever they want on whatever planet they want (I feel that prefabs should only be cut and paste, not copy and paste, as that would ruin the allure that everything in game is completely hand built by someone). This I feel gives more power to the talented builders, and prospective buyers, without granting extra convenience to trolls.


Yes I like the pre fab idea as well. And the no copying. So if someone else wants the same thing you have to rebuild it. Which makes sense. Otherwise everyone would have an UltaMech.


Clearly because they are awesome and who wouldn’t want one guarding their settlement.


Sad part is I’m going to destroy this and rebuild it at my base on alder. That blueprint idea would help a lot. Lol.


The sanctum editor is marked as “the first step to a prefab system” or whatever in the patch notes. So I don’t know how many steps, or how far out it is (probably after exo planets for sure, maybe alongside or just after farming?). Probably too far out for your desires, but something like it is being made, even if its not exactly what we are talking about.


When it comes to ‘Land Speculation’, I see a Boundless version of the US house market crash of 2008.


Yeah I won’t be waiting on that. I’m on ps4 as well so I probably won’t get it till after pc.


We have pushed the developers a lot to build a “contract” system. That is the better way to solve the contract builder scenario. The person could plot the area they want, give the builder permissions after they have hired them via the contract system.

This requires no transferring of plots from one person to another. All can work in the game as is and not cause the problems that “selling plots” will create with a supported game mechanic as already outline in the posts in this thread.

A contract system will add a lot of the game and is the better investment in time.