HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


Why? And would this really hurt new-mid players?


Yes. Yes it would.

If the game needs a money sink, here’s one. How about Taxes go to the player with the lowest money each day.

The game doesn’t need a money sink, especially when there isn’t even a stable economy in the game that can stablize enough for prices to stop wildly flexuating.


I don’t think you realize, the devs take action against bs like that. Clearly you have not ran into that issue yet.


I’m as divided about this as the poll results. I really don’t know, it has massive upsides and downsides. I guess a large decision like this shouldn’t be implemented unless like 80% of the people agree, that’s my opinion.


And yet, it’s still getting abused, and I haven’t read anywhere about it being resolved. A whole town got forcefully merged and lost it’s mayor and name to another player because he owned more plots than the town combined.

Or someone making a road going to sleep, and waking up to finding the way blocked by a single plot telling him to go away.

Or I remember one thread about two people arguing over land and were trying to surround each other to prevent the other from expanding.

And never once did the Devs comment on those threads, only other players. Nor did they look into the situation and resolve it as far as I know.


Thats not a situation thats resolved on the forums or in a public setting. People can complain on forums about other players but that doesnt do anything, you need to directly message a dev. Also this is not related to the discussion really. If someone wants to troll and block you in, being able to sell it or not doesnt stop some one from stopping you.




I saw that :wink: @CreativeWorlds


I’m not too concerned about the individual player land grabbing. I am, however, concerned about the few large guilds that exist in this game and they can easily exploit this feature to their advantage.

I played Eve Online for years and the major corporations leveraged and exploited the heck out of the game mechanics where it was tough for small groups to exist.


It makes perfect sense but we don’t have the reason.

This is unfair and just wrong. They do care. You don’t understand why they had to release the so you really don’t have a basis to complain. You’re more than welcome to be disappointed but we do not need additional discourse on something that is not relevant to the topic.


I think it’s going to take people a long time to get out of the Minecraft box - a place some keep trying to paint this game into, and for that reason I hope that it continues to maintain a level of complexity.


I agree, I hope it stays complex. But I think we can all agree we need some balancing. I think people forget that MMOs are always a work-in-progress. Ever changing and evolving. The game just came out and you can already see the THE END IS NIGH posters in nearly every thread…

People need to take a deep breath and remember that patience is a virtue. The game just came out.


Good =P
that means the only players that plot in cities are serious about joining / investing in one :wink:

This will also likely increase the quality of the builds too… but honestly i doubt many will be turned away by the tax (im not suggesting an oppressive tax… just something to make players think twice about dropping 1000 plots around a budding town to try and sell lots)

it would also be interesting if a portion of the tax went to the beacons near the plotted land… that way residents would actually benefit from people plotting around them :thinking:


Your idea is probably one of the best I’ve seen to discourage mass beacon plotting.


Overall this would be nice, except the amount of griefing it would generate makes me say no. I can see people hijacking plots around someones town and tell them “buy this plot from me for this much or you can’t expand”. Sure devs would remove those plots for griefing, but it would still happen, and some people would pay it.


That’s fair. At the end of the day, 99% of what is on these forums (forums in general, actually) is peoples opinions, or handpicked subsets of facts that just happen to back up those opinions. Although one could also argue that the idea that this game needs a money sink is just an opinion without some sort of evidence to back it up, no?

I’m not going to argue whether it does or doesn’t need a coin sink as that’s an entirely different discussion (although taxing land sales could also be a coin sink, so the topic of this thread could offer that), but the idea that Havok presented by taxing specifically those beacons that are less developed, the idea I’m arguing against, wont act as a good coin sink.

Good coin sinks are unavoidable, and they affect everyone equally. His suggestion achieves meets neither of those criteria. People who build more in their plots are less affected or not affected at all. Also, I could take my reservation, game the prestige system by building a bunch of ugly floating refined gleam cubes above it, and pay no tax.

A more apt coin sink, if land taxes really had to be a thing (I personally believe they would be more detrimental the game than beneficial), would be to charge tax for every plot in a beacon irrespective of content and prestige.


I think this would just add to the toxicity that is already beginning to brew in this community.


How is something overpriced when people will pay that for it? The goods in a prime location for travel in RL also have a premium for convenience, e.g. airports, motorway service stations, train stations, etc. I’m not a big fan of economic realism in a game tbh but this at least exactly meets my expectations.

I can run around all night spending hours shopping in far flung places to get those things 200c cheaper per item, or I could’ve spent an hour harvesting leaves to make the coin to pay the difference.


My problem is that the solution to everything in the game is ‘Sell/Buy the items you need!’, and the most well placed shops, reward very little money, while taking those items and over selling their price. And to a new player, the lazy, and the stupid, they aren’t going to know that the prices are bad.

Whats more, I thought the community was all about help players, being friendly, and being cooperative.

Not about being a bunch of stingy, greedy, heartless scammers, doing what they can to take away money from people by abusing their shop location.

And people wonder why I freak the hell out on the Devs when they ask about Selling Beacons.

People will happily say they want to be friendly, kind, and supportive. But in game practices, and actual implimenting of intent shows otherwise. That people are already abusing shops to get as much money as they can.

So why the heck would giving them another source of income to abuse, especially plots and beacons, be a GOOD thing?


I love the idea of land speculation. I’m already doing it now, in a sense, speculating on potentially high-traffic locations to build roads/bridges that will hopefully net me some sweet footfall coin, and make travel easier for the locals in the process. The prospect of being able to sell those beacons under controlled mechanics opens up interesting possibilities. Land selling/swapping is already happening in-game now, so I am all for putting the mechanics in place to keep things honest and moderated.

I agree. A mechanic like this should benefit each play style. I don’t want to be forced to build a cathedral just to sell a plot of land. I also wouldn’t want to see players stack pallets of gleam on a beacon just to hit some arbitrary prestige value. And as a buyer, I may only be interested in a piece of land because of its location, not what’s built on top of it.