HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


Being able to sell beacons would allow large beautiful builds to stay alive and active as it may pass hands onto those willing to fuel it.

Plus as a builder, i would love to create homes and be able to make money that way!


I absolutely love the idea of selling plots and builds. It gives good builders incentive to do so. Imagine building an in-game real estate economy! Of course, there needs to be regulation and such, and it won’t be as easy a task as most people may think, but it would be a welcome feature.

Here’s a list of things we may have to take into consideration:

  1. Beacon Permissions: We’ll need a more advanced system of control when it comes to this. Imagine building a neighborhood with cookie cutter homes and allowing people to stay in them. No permissions to build but they can still get a percentage of footfall and tax income.(if applicable) I–for one-- thinks it gives builders a real way to make money. Maybe even implement a renting system to allow builders to make some REAL coin just by building places for people live in. So many more cool ideas to expand on this but i’ll leave it there.

  2. The Acquisition of Plots for with no Intention to Build: This could lead to some really off-putting results. BUT, I feel like I don’t really have to go into detail about the issues surrounding this because it’s already an issue that’s being considered at the time. I think we need something along the lines of voting to remove a beacon in a settlement. This can somewhat be seen as a double edged sword because on the one hand, you don’t want players building giant eye soars in your settlement but you also don’t want communities having the ability to kick you out of your own spot… no matter how “ugly” it is. This could be a tough one to figure out, but i think with enough communication whether it be manually or autonomously, we could alleviate some of the frustrations that would come with neighborhoods built like this… Now there’s an idea… instead of just having a “Settlement”, maybe you could have a “Neigborhood” mechanic, where the warden can change the overall behavior of the plots connected to it… making it behave more akin to something that supports a more “Communistic”—if you will— community… further supporting the “cookie cutter” idea mentioned above…:face_with_monocle: MOVING ON

  3. Player Choice: Everyone is going to use this mechanic differently. Some will use it as a way to make money by contracting out their ability to make things that look good, others will use it to be a menace and control land that has important resources. In the end, I think continuous expansion of the universe will alleviate most of these issues for us… We need more than one planet to get diamond on; More than one planet to get amethyst on. We’ll simply need MORE SPACE. That way people who want to engage with the community can, and those who want to live on remote planets can also do that. “Only drive into town when they need something” type deal…

I could go on about this kind of stuff. I love building game mechanics. Troubleshooting potential issues that could arise because of them. Either way, I’m excited to see something like this IN-GAME. I think it would further expand the depth of the universe.


It’s because it becomes a defence against abuse.

Before it’s a feature, it’s not clear if it’s breaking the CoC depending on the case, (Eat all the land of 3 sides of a player to force them to buy to expand in one of those directions.), and most people will see it as abusive and wrong.

But as soon as it becomes implimented, it’s a feature, it’s encouraged, it’s how it is meant to be used. It isn’t abusive anymore, it’s playing the game how it’s designed and meant to be played. Circling 3 directions around a player to extort money now becomes a playstyle and tactic to get money. It’s now viewed as being smart and using the system, instead of abusive and wrong.


I believed there would always be a specific amount allocated to the gems habitat eg:under mountain within each chunk.
So if that’s correct, wouldn’t plotting around a resource be easy enough? You wouldn’t know exactly where they’d spawn but you would know the perimeter they wouldn’t spawn in.
Unless i’m completely wrong, I haven’t read anything on this I just assuming


This world be super useful! It’s always risky trying to transfer plots/beacons to another player since it leaves the area vulnerable to other players taking it. Plus, land speculation is something that already occurs with the current system. It would just formalize the system a bit


Blueprunts sound effen awesome. If you could make a blueprunt of your build and give it to people.


just wonna ask to trow in a thing to fully remove all plots in one go would improve life alot :grin:


i feel unable to answer any of the questions for the one reason. beacons with low or zero prestige should not be sellable.
otherwise this will encourage lazy players to find resource rich areas and but beacons everywhere in the hope that they can cash in. you as Devs will also be swamped with requests to remove unfair beacons. it could work , but only if implimented alongside the perimeter protection mentioned in another post.
Can you imagine the chaos caused when someone like Ultima want to expand their settlement, only to find themselves surrounded by zero prestige beacons. too easy to abuse at the moment.


When will buying and selling beacons be implemented into the game? Can we get a estimated release date?

Thank you


It’s not even been confirmed if it will happen.


No… just deffo no. I dont wanna see people running in bigger cities to stalk beacons. And then asking money for it. Who came up with this brilliant idea.


Would love this. I would quickly be able to easily transfer plots to my friends and guildies.


The problem I see with this is that there are many players who can afford to throw money at the game and have 1000+ plots available. These players will plot up every inch around major hubs and cities to make it even more difficult for new players to find a reasonable spot.
It will also lead to an increase in people messing with others builds and a rise in hostility.


There are already those of us who have thousands from just playing. I could spend my saved cubits and be at 5-5.5k plots right now, and I have only bought 216 out of that. Now I have a 35% bonus from wayfarers and delux, but that is still over 3.25k plots without any bonuses.

I’m less concerned about whales and more concerned about constraining fun things on what if situations. The longer the game progresses, the more plots players will have and the more money whales will need to keep up.


Correct me if i’m wrong, but i’m pretty sure you can purchase plots. If this is the case, then it would be an absolutely horrible p2w system, and really hurt the enjoyment of the game.


the two things I want before even considering transferring and selling beacons would be unplotting beacon in one go like someone else mentioned… and I really don’t get why at least and alt of yours can’t extend plots for another char, I want to be able to use the plots I get on an alt on my main beacon without having like 3 beacons around, I want it all under one characters beacon


I’m not able to read everyone’s replies as time doesn’t permit but one thing I do want to mention is that I hope that there’s a max amount you can buy a plot for and it can’t just be set to 999999 or something like that because that would just encourage griefing and I think land speculation might be a good thing but it should be regulated in a way that there’s a max amount of value per plot may be based on Prestige or something like that or just a max amount like 15K


If this happened I’d love to go grab random lines of plots around the outside of every major town to sell back to them. I’ll be rich :sunglasses:

Maybe stick little gleam towers in each plot or just 8x8x8 bright pink and green blocks for the lulz


This will also allow, people who make sculptures etc… the ability to sell their work.


I havent bought any plots and amongst our alts we have the capability to have thousands of plots if we wanted to spend our cubits in that manner. I don’t see this as P2W at all.