HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


I have multiple times wished that transferring beacon ownership was a thing, but never wanted to move a build because portals make the location usually irrelevant. Just my 2c :smiley:


I always wanted alt permission level on beacons allowing replotting, removing the beacon and collecting coins with any alt from any beacon.


Create an alt faction in your own guild, align beacons to that faction, give control to faction, also check the option to have footfall go to the guild. Then any of your alts in that faction can collect the footfall coin which is then send to the faction. Then you can give yourself the coin from that faction…


I know that - but that is a work around and not as plain simple like having those options written straight into every single beacon I place.


It would be nice to be able to transfer beacon ownership to/from alts and have collect footfall permissions.


How is this an honest question? No I mean really? Do you not see how this is pay to win?

As a Free-to-play player I could earn maybe a few hundred plots in a couple of months. That would give me enough plots to make a rather large base, or several smaller bases.

As a pay-to-win player, I can drop a couple hundred dollars, buy a few thousand plots within an hour, claim pretty much the only good farming spot (in its entirety) for Spicy Beans, and significantly cripple EVERYONE’s entire ability to forge items.

How does this make the game fun? Letting one person literally cripple the game for the ENTIRE rest of the population that plays on all planets. Yes, you can still farm spicy beans, but you won’t be able to do so in any good quantity. Already people are popping up and claiming all of the good farming spots for key resources. This is a huge negative for most players and ultimately will cause the destruction of your game if keep allowing it to go that way. Because who is going to want to play if we can’t actually get into the game and do anything because certain individuals have literally walled significant portions of the game.

My question to you is this… Is this type of gameplay actually what you guys are after. Because if it is I’m done playing now, as are most of the people I play with. No casual player wants to play a game where they literally cannot access half of the game content because greedy pay to win players have basically purchased key aspects of the game with real money.

Yes, this may boost your sales short term, long term it will destroy your game because once the pay to win players have had their fun and chased off all of the players they are there just to annoy, there isn’t going to be anyone left playing the game. Your pay to win players will leave because there is no one left to annoy, its all just pay to win players left and that isn’t any fun for them. They basically need to grief other players for their enjoyment, and you not only allowing it but actively encouraging it will ultimately destroy the game. It is absurd to me that you can’t seem to even see what the consequences of that action will be, especially when it already has such a large impact on the game now.

If you do plan to go this direction please let me know so I can find a different game to play. I just don’t understand how so many game developers are so short sighted that they consistently destroy their own games for a little short term profit.

Instead of focusing on pay to win aspects of the game, how about doing things like focusing on gameplay mechanics that are actually fun and contribute to people wanting to spend time in the game which will ultimately result in more in game purchases in the long run.

How about fixing the mechanics that are super grindy so that you stop chasing your player base away. Making games more grindy, and then providing ways to pay to bypass that grind is exactly the type of behavior that is currently destroying the gaming industry. And if you haven’t noticed yet, while players may accept this for a short while if you push it too far, they will push back and your game will die overnight. None of us wants that, all of us would prefer to play a fun enjoyable game that actually encourages us to want to play instead of feeling like a second job, only to have pay to win players swoop in and literally buy up whole planets.


Maybe you misread the title? This post is about transferring the ownership of an existing beacon, optionally for in-game coins.


So I would certainly like to be able to xfer beacons. If it is included to sell and possibility of extortion, there needs to be an easy way to report abusers and make sure action is made.I actually came across this, where a huge section of what appeared to be THE hotspot for diamonds, was completely surrounded by someones plots. I tried going up and over around and under to get to it, to no avail. Wish I had thought about it at the time, as it was clearly intended to block off the diamond zone.


If you’re talking about on McRib and it’s the one I think it is. There’s a few different ways into it. One of which is a public mine. Believe la famila is the one that has an entrance near it(the entrance is slightly outside the hotspot but there’s no plotted area stopping you from getting in.


This is a great idea, but does need a system to help prevent griefing. My idea is that you are only able to transfer beacons with 100+ plots in them. This size is moderate, and would mean someone planning only to profit would need to dedicate a lot of resources to it, and then by that point it’s more like an investment instead of griefing. Beacon token would be great so you can also warp directly to a friend’s beacon you have never been to. Transferring a cool build to a friend or someone to keep while you are inactive or who needs a small base to get started would make this game better.


my self if i was to go that route i would say 50 at most…100 is a lot of plots my build in PS HQ was only 40 and that was a 4 plot wide house build.


Love the idea. I mean it is already happening to valuable locations - people plot near major hubs and sell the land via de-plotting. This just removes an abuse ability.

I would like to be able to build a few nice homes/workshops and sell them to get people to move into Anvil again. Hard to do with the current system.


I do like it… could be really handy to have some sort of “cart” where you could back your beacon and move it to x location.

Although im worried theres going to be people who have thousands of plots and start keep hoarding the land. And then selling it.


That can already happen. It’s just more tedious to transfer beacons. And if you think about it technically Ultima already did that by plotting the giant area that is now the hub and sold plots to people.


Well yes true.


Do we have this feature yet? I want to trade plots between characters and beacons. :). Thanks Dev team! Lol.


Not yet. I too am still waiting for this feature


Some of us are still against it if you transfer between different people because of the camping and other extortion parts that then become a tad easier. From one ALT to another ALT is fine even though people can still do it manually. So it seems like a lot of coding for a smaller reward.


Yes I don’t mean in this way. I’m referring to plot transfer. Like I give with a click of a button my beacon and plots to my alt. I want to consolidate. And or give my beacon to another player without and fear of missing plots. For example some plotted areas are impossible to deploy without breaking a lot to target them.


I honestly would love beacon transfer. Or at least I think so. X, what do you mean by camping? Are you implying that it would get worse with a plot tx option? What if you could make a deed, and trade it like any other item (think portal token). I think i get the extortion bit, but i get nervous transferring more than 3-4 plots around popular areas…