HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


Contract building is exactly why I am in favor of this system. Say you are an awesome architect in game, well known in fact (not me, i’m honestly barely more than average). Someone who has lots of coin wants to buy this person’s services. You can, right now. the buyer can own the plots, or the builder can own the plots. The thing with this is, if you need to transfer plots/sell the beacon it has to be done completely manually. So both players have to be present, and one has to make sure they can manually attach all the plots (without missing a section since it would then be regenerated). Not something you want to do if you spent a few 100k coins on your pretty new castle.

It does open up a lot of room for trolls and grievers to hold land around someone for “ransom” although currently they can do this already, just will make it easier to get the land from them if they were so inclined to deal.

I think a prefab system is the natural solution to both of these. You build the house/statue/whatnot in one place. A person is interested in buying it from you for their settlement. You “box” it up into a prefab crate. you trade that to them for coin. They (assuming they have the required plots and the area necessary is unclaimed) place it wherever they want on whatever planet they want (I feel that prefabs should only be cut and paste, not copy and paste, as that would ruin the allure that everything in game is completely hand built by someone). This I feel gives more power to the talented builders, and prospective buyers, without granting extra convenience to trolls.


Yes I like the pre fab idea as well. And the no copying. So if someone else wants the same thing you have to rebuild it. Which makes sense. Otherwise everyone would have an UltaMech.


Clearly because they are awesome and who wouldn’t want one guarding their settlement.


Sad part is I’m going to destroy this and rebuild it at my base on alder. That blueprint idea would help a lot. Lol.


The sanctum editor is marked as “the first step to a prefab system” or whatever in the patch notes. So I don’t know how many steps, or how far out it is (probably after exo planets for sure, maybe alongside or just after farming?). Probably too far out for your desires, but something like it is being made, even if its not exactly what we are talking about.


When it comes to ‘Land Speculation’, I see a Boundless version of the US house market crash of 2008.


Yeah I won’t be waiting on that. I’m on ps4 as well so I probably won’t get it till after pc.


We have pushed the developers a lot to build a “contract” system. That is the better way to solve the contract builder scenario. The person could plot the area they want, give the builder permissions after they have hired them via the contract system.

This requires no transferring of plots from one person to another. All can work in the game as is and not cause the problems that “selling plots” will create with a supported game mechanic as already outline in the posts in this thread.

A contract system will add a lot of the game and is the better investment in time.


What does this contract system do, I can’t seem to find a thread about it.


It is an older thread from years ago. I think people just gave up trying to promote it.

Basically it is like any contract system or ones you’ve seen in Eve online. Roughly - A person selects the tasks they need or describe the tasks and set a contract price. People apply and the requestor selects one. When the contract is completed funds are transferred or whatever was part of the contract. All members can browse open contracts and select them to execute them. Some could be first come first serve, others could be based on other selection criteria.


Couldn’t this be integrated to the beacon transfer system? Set beacon transfer type to permanent/contract? Or have one of the contract types be a beacon transfer? I’d just like for there to be a method of actually permanently transferring beacon ownership too, possibly for money.

edit: Maybe the latter, so all beacon ownership transfer contracts would be in a searchable form :smiley:


I guess it could but there are those of us that are completely against the transfer functionality because of the base issues it causes with the game. There are plenty of reasons listed in this thread. If we remove other parts of the game that cause the behaviors to happen then I guess the feature could exist… but for many of us we just don’t want it and will continually fight against it.

The contract system offers many more features for many areas in the game. So it really is a side topic and I wouldn’t link it to the beacon component.

Technically people can already buy/sell plots. You trade with the person to get the money, and you select in the beacon to delete plots and the other person plots it. People have been doing this function in the game for years.

This feature listed here in the thread would just be a game feature helping it… and that is why a lot of us don’t like it. It helps those doing that stuff and increases the conflict among players and only minimally helps those doing selling/buying.


Yes I was just wondering if the contract system dev time could also be used, to at least degree, pave the road for the possibility of this feature. The current system does have many inconveniences to it, but as you said, it is possible.


On seeing some of the stuff going on lately, I think a renting system like mentioned in another thread attached to this could solve some problems, even if we don’t have outright selling. However, I also think there would have to be a limit to how many could be rented in order to keep it from going into P2W territory for someone who could afford tens of thousands of plots or more.

So, let’s say we put a 1000 plot limit per account on that. That should be enough for a pretty large market or two, maybe some farm plots when that comes, I think without allowing just buying up everything good. Under this system, everything gets transferred to the renter for the rental period - name, income, and all. HOWEVER, the owner has the right to not renew, and also the right to change the fee for the next period - month to month, or week to week. Also, no reason needs to be given for non-renewal on either side. You pay for that period, it is yours, but after that either party can choose not to continue.


I read most of these messages, but 336 is unwieldy even for me. I will suggest this though, what if there’s a cooldown period for plot transfers. Like you can only transfer X amount of plots for people not on your friends list or in your Guild, and maybe 5X if they’re part of your guild or on your friends list.

Forcing someone to only be able to sell a certain amount of plots within a given time would give them some risk and would tie up their plots so they couldn’t abuse the system as much. I’m thinking like a week or two of cooldown but that could be reduced from being part of the guild.

I love the idea of being able to sell builds, but am heavily concerned about how exploitable it is, and how offputting it is to new players that it makes it seem like a game that they can’t join.


So I’ve been inactive for awhile and have been reading when I can. I think buying and selling plots should still be a thing. Since people would have the ability to grief by placing plots around others, maybe a system could be a plot always has the ability to be bought by other players if the plot. To protect your builds, maybe you could have a way to buy protected plots with cubits a hard limit on protected plots. A griefer then has a choice to either protect their builds or continue to grief someone. The protected plots could also be unrefundable, so then the griefer would also lose cubits when they eventually stop griefing a person.


There are so many griefing plot acts already, these action made the game game feel really stressful for me, I lost my interest when the trolls plot and the land just outside mour land to prevent us from growing.
Instead, the Dev should do something the prevent these kind of act.


atm there are plots at aquatopia embassy i really wonna purchase but the owner is just not ingame anymore would be cool if they had a buy me out option to be honest i also see the point off crazy people doing this as a living and ruining towns


The original question of @James was “a simple method to transfer a beacon from one player to a different on”.

I tries to follow the discussion of this and was not surprised how fast there are “fans” of this and “fiends” also and the discussion went into again talk about “missused plots, blocking large projects …” and such things.

First I did think that the topic would need some more clarification (from the devs which seem to think about this already) about some (a lot) points to discuss in this context:

  • are we only talking about the beacon (and its attached plots) as "some junk of land area?
  • are we considering to also transfer the objects / landscape shaping which have been created on / in those plots ?
  • If objects / buildings are to be transfered, what is their prize (value of all used blocks vs “value of a beautiful structure” vs value of spend hours to create the buildings ?
  • what is the value of the area to transfer (or perhaps part of it ???) to the surrounding players which perhaps may be unhappy if the transfer is done ?
  • Would it be a much better option to allow MOVE the beacon + plots + objects to a different place and there would not be a need to sell anything ?

I personally believe a service (from boundless) to migrate a complete beacon set to a new place / planet may be something that could answer a lot more of the questions regarding that idea from @James.

As long as the existing problems (blocking of planned ??? expansions etc ) can not be clearly defined by rules and MEASURED for needed actions, most of the idea of transfers looks very negative to me. Btw: for what do we really need such large coherently defined plot areas. With the extrem use of portals between stores as I do experience it today, I often walk from one store to the next without noticing that I have changed cities/ planets on the fly. In the first days of boundless I had to run long pathes in large environments to scan shops, now I just hop around and done worry where they are. Large fantastic cities may be nice and nice to look at, and when I do a stroll aroound one of them, they are large structures and no life, activities of players, just simple large lonesome wild west towns (wind and flying around bushes are missing) and I very often see more spitters than players!


We should also with this be able to transfer directly to a alt. I like to do clean up. Lol