HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


hmm. . What I would do is when you plot one plot in a column you actually plot all of them to make it cleanest. So if you do not have enough plots it would not let you take any plots in a column of plots.


Yeah, I think that could work. It’d probably add a little work to code it to test whether an entire column can be ‘unplotted’, but that make sense as a solution. I guess that logic would also have to apply to putting down a beacon inside and existing plot and converting it to a ‘new’ beacon.

It really is a pity that you can’t share vertical space (even with the same user), though I know there were technical reasons why.


Needed more then ever now?


Here’s a brainstorming idea to put out there. Sorry if its been brought up before and it would need a lot of work before being able to be implemented.

The idea is to have a physical (actually digital) deed item associated with a beacon and its associated plots. You could click on a menu in the beacon and it would give you the deed and freeze all further changes to plotting associated with that beacon so that the deed remains accurate. That deed could be sold, traded etc like any other item in the game and if a new player acquires the deed that player could record their new ownership of the plots controlled by the deed’s beacon by recording the deed at the beacon or some registry of deeds place. This recording would use up the deed.

In conjunction with this it would be great to be able to subdivide plots by adding new beacons and designating the ownership of a subset of plots of a larger plot to a new beacon. That way you could make a large lot of many plots and subdivide and sell off parts of it as you build houses for example.