HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


Honestly for me coins mean >>NOTHING<<


I think it is fair to stay that it is wrong to assume that nobody wants this. From my perspective it is a nice to have but not as important as the guild features it allows. People still have the ability to sell their plots and builds but just through a bit more manual effort.

There are key people on the forum here that are not panicking over nothing and have years of experience in the game and how people play it. We have very valid concerns because of how “in gave features” can promote people’s bad behavior.

People will act how people act but features can increase that behavior. So we need to be careful about which ones we promote and don’t.


It wouldn’t be such an issue if there were more tier 5 options. Then there wouldn’t as much incentive to plot out the entire resource. But I guess there will always be an exploit in some form.


Good point! We had contracts everyone wanted and this would easily solve that. We don’t need a beacon selling option that way. People can plot the land and hire a builder to do it for them.


A suggestion here.
If you want to allow beacon sell in the game.
the best way is create the other plotting system only can craft by materials.
Means every plots allowing to sell requre to craft with some mid - rare materials.

Otherwise the cost to run the real estate is 0 budget. (for mining spot … etc)
If you are rich in real life you can infinity transfer real money to the game money.
(if this is not pay 2 win, i really have no idea what the definition of pay 2 win lol)

Better admit this game has competition in many ways.

  1. capital war between group is competition
  2. resource is competition
  3. shop business is competition

As long as this is a mmo, there must be competition.

Please do not create the other system can cause more trouble to the game.
Only release it when you guys can make it 100% with no real money involve.

Also please solve the settlement merge issue / re-balance the prestige first.
For beacon & plots, this is more important to me.


And this has happened a few times. . A guild I am a part of has been asked to build for a couple of individuals. We did not need any additional in game mechanic to make it happen.


I see the upsides for builders and explorers. Also for town managers. It would be slick if the beacon could be sold with the owner offline, like portal tokens can be now.

Definitely concerned about the extortion aspect though. I think there will be a lot of grey areas where it’s hard to say for sure if someone is extorting or just playing the real estate game. Is it extortion if I charge a ridiculously high price? And ridiculous, according to whom?


I hate the idea of this, but if it is to be implemented then the only way this will not break the whole game is if all plots have an equal and fixed value, and every plot can only be sold for that value.

Maybe the plot values on a t5 planet can be worth more than a t1, for example.

The idea will just lead to people spamming plots around builds and trying to extort money from the settlement to transfer the plot, and if they are a gleam club member it will just sit there forever getting in the way.

I bought this game at launch as I really like the concept, but the focus seems to be shifting away from exploring, mining, crafting etc to making coin.

Making coin with the goal of making more coin is not appealing to me.

Paying real money to purchase plots to make in game money by extorting other players in game is a real turn off.


While you are at it; Please make it possible to split/merge my beacons without unplotting. :blush:


How is selling 400 stone blocks and 100 bricks and 200 gleam in a shop any different than placing them down on a plot and selling them lol. I really think your allowing the fear of a few people who exploit the system to dictate how the rest of us play.

If you dont want to buy into the economic side of the game then dont, just ignore it. It will be no different for you than if they removed the elements completely.


I disagree, now I have to deal with people plotting next to me in order to solicit payment for the plots. This is very different and the mechanic essentially encourages this behavior.

I think you are looking at a positive way this can be used. I will say that I have been part of a couple of contracted builds and we managed to get this done and paid without having this mechanic in place. It really is not necessary in order to sell a build or to build to order. So why add something that definitely has a downside?


And you havent dealt with people plotting next to you already? I just dont think this is going to exasperate the issue as much as you think it will. I think the people who want to be jerks are already doing so and having this mechanic may add a few more but not a signifigant amount.


my 2 cents on this thread is

a. on the subject of cuaseing conflict

if we start vetoing ideas cuz it could bring increased conflict then the game is done we will get titans and maybe dungons and that’s it nothing else is going to get released has it stands right now prestige is generateing a good bit of conflict and to a more extreme example building its self. the way i see it if they dont allow for transfering then people will just keep doing it by hand like its done now.

b.the P2W aspect

if we class being able to sell land has P2W cuz land it tied in with the exchange then why are things like shops not being called P2W as well i could drop 50$ buy plots to build the shop in no time then drop more cash for extra skill sets so 1 character can make everything

c. pvp

i think we may be rewriting the definition of pvp here scouting new worlds for possibly the best land is not pvp im not takeing anything away form the other players other then coin its not hurting other players unless they maybe wanted to build there but then they just pay the coin if they feel its worth it if not oh well time to find a new spot.

what im getting at here is this could be a cool thing to bring into the game but i fear people may be trying to treat this game has a offline minecraft like game and not a online shared world. runing out of land is never going to be a issue there will always be places to build and if someone was going to block you in for land it was going to happen beacon transferring or not.


Agreed. I think some sort of give and take system should be set in place aswell.

Exactly what, I’m not sure…


You are right I have had it happen already, but at least the developers were not encouraging it. That is my issue.

I will disagree, if they put this mechanic into place, I will take a portion of my plots and try to locate places where I feel I can make coin selling them. Why not? Easy coin and an easy mechanic for making it happen. I do not have to go and unplot an area, remove the beacon, then let them replot and trust they will exchange coin. Now the system lets me do it and makes sure I get paid. Would I do this now. . no. If they say this is part of the game, sure I will.


You are right, if I don’t like the way the game is going I will just stop playing, which will make sad, as I have been enjoying most of it up to now.

And selling plot is different from selling resources, as to make any profit on selling resources you have to put the effort in to gather them yourself (or scour the eye-watering about of shops for something cheap enough you can sell for a small profit) and selling plots just requires a lot of disposable real life cash and then run around spamming plots around cities and larger builds.

The other consequence of this is that will give the large groups yet another advantage, with their seemingly infinite amounts of in game coin they can out bid any one else, buying up plots around any settlement they like the looks of and want to absorb.


NO!!! this is the worst idea regarding plots.
what the hell is the point of footfall if you’re going to lose it for having a bigger plot?!? NO.
just NO.
(i’m not pissed because i plan to take advantage of people, I am pissed because I am a very casual player and I barely can keep myself afloat financially. and no i don’t go out collecting MASSIVE amounts of materials to sell. I collect what I need.)
I can’t stand mechanics like this that make you pay just for having something.
this is why i will NEVVVVVVER play a subscription game. When this game starts to adopt mechanics like this, I am GONE.

However, I am in favour of being able to transfer claimed plots to another player (with an option to involve coin, I can just put 0, they still have to agree before the trade is made so its fair) since I’ve run into this problem before and if it is a big build, or very complicated in how the plots are arranged then it is very easy for some to get missed when re-plotting, especially if any of it is underground.
Of course I do believe the buyer must have available plots and the seller would get the plots back after the transaction.



  • Will the person who buys the beacon area get the plots from the other person or will I as the buyer need to have plots myself

-I will say that you will need to have the plots for the area you want.

-New and old poeple might misunderstand. Like ohh selling my beacon area of 50 plots why not I dont use that area anyway and then looses the plots is a big no :slight_smile:

just saying it needs to be clarified <3


I think we should be able to sell beacons, but I think these beacons should be only the plots gained through xp gain. Plots bought with real money should only be transferable. This would remove the Pay2Win aspect since someone with enough money wouldn’t be able to just buy a lot of plots and place them around to grief people.


I’m torn. I am so into this…and not at the same time. I can totally see myself buying a house/base from @Aanika or @Pseudonym84 ,because I get super confused anytime I build anything other than a box. I also live and game by the “don’t be a Richard” rule (sorry if your name is Richard). Many people don’t do that, as we have already seen. I originally plotted in a totally open space outside the biitula hub…and now I’m surrounded. People built shops and bases, which is awesome for me, but I can easily see how that could have been just a bunch of people claiming land to sell…

Other than that, I 100% support this mechanic to transfer plots between alts on the same account. I buy plots with all my alts, so it would be very nice to just click it from one alt to another.

Maybe another thing that can be added, is like a reservation mechanic? Like in Howrse, you can reserve stable boxes for certain players, maybe we can do that for beakons too…like transfer between alts so no one else snags it before the transfer.

Edit: just reread the post I made and can totally see how I made my point unclear. I meant plotted land. All alts get to keep their separate available plots and must have the requisite number free before they can accept a beacon trade.