HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


This is allowed. Just find a different hot spot.


I much rather see a feature in the game that helps support other aspects of the game, such as building blueprints, a quest or job assignment board, fishing, farming, etc. than something that people are on the fence about.

I don’t think anyone who has played the game has even asked for this kind of feature to be even run through a brainstorming session in the dev office.


I know it’s a game dynamic that can be done, buts there are others. It’s sets a precedent and if you ask around a lot of player annoyed and being turned away from this. Tier 5 is limited as it is and economy is being effected by it. It’s another form of blocking…


When did building next to someone turn into blocking. Blocking would be surrounding someone so that they have no direction to go at all. Cities build up by people building next to each other. I don’t see this as griefing in any way or something that CoC says shouldn’t be happening.


I don’t think this should be implemented until private servers or you risk alienating the remainin’ people who hate any conflict whatsoever.


Or just not do it at all since nobody asked for this kind of feature to begin with.

The idea is cool in concept. It’s just not needed for this kind of game. In fact, this kind of feature brings back the beacon problem during Alpha where you see beacons all over the place and it was hard to find a spot cause there was a beacon every 100 blocks from each other. It was crazy stupid.

There’s a whole Trello board full of ideas that people have come up with that the devs can pick from. If this was on it, it needs to be removed along with other ideas that are going to damage the health of the game.


In my mind it’s all about intention. If you place a beacon next to the north of me (cardinal direction chosen randomly) and I’m only expanding south right now, then I wouldn’t say you’re blocking. But if you see a bunch of unfinished builds and progress being made on things to my south and decide to cozy up not just a few plots but along my entire southern border, I’d say this is blocking.

You’re right that there’s no clearly defined definition of “when X happens, that is blocking”. I’m merely offering what I think it is, which is based on 3 things, primarily.

1.) who was there first
2.) were plots intentionally left open for other Citizens
3.) do I (or any beacon owner) see this new neighbor as being someone who is blocking me from a project I’d like to do in the future?

I mean, there’s a reason the plot mode is activated when you hold a beacon in your hands. If you want to avoid any potential instances of blocking, just don’t build next to someone else unless you have their permission first.

Speaking of…I need to make a new suggestion thread.


The issue with this is I plan to sell it for 10,000,000 coin. So the price can be so high that a person cannot pay and hence you are actually blocking them.

So you really cannot prove original intent versus communicated intent. This is why this is a bad idea to promote this feature through more options that are dev supported versus a more manual effort of players just doing it.


Actually, people have asked for it in the past, and in light of recent issues arising with land claims etc., I think it’s an important issue to address.


Nevir provided me with ththe total plot count and I did the math;)
Almost 10,000,000 cubits, or over $67,000 USD to plot an entire planet. If someone wants to put that much into the game, I say let them have the planet!


I agree with you. You can never prove intent. I might have the plots to build on, but do I have to build on them in a certain period of time or lose them? Not under the current scenario. So what can the developers really do? Nothing so it ends up being a lot of conflict for a system they intentionally put in place.


This is useful to bring up.


I get $62,348.96 USD to purchase enough cubits to plot a planet. Assuming no plot buffs (example an oortian gets 3 times the plots so the cost would be less).
So I would agree it is unlikely anyone would spend the money and the time to plot an entire planet.


Im not sure why you assume that nobody wants this. I am as we speak building 2 different bases with 1 more in the planning stages to form a portfolio for a base building business. People seem to really like my builds and I really enjoy building so why shouldnt I be able to make a profit off this?

Your all panicking over nothing. nasty people will always find a way to exploit other people no matter what the rules are. Your only thinking of the worst that can happen and not considering the good that could come of it simply because it isnt something you want.

It would be like me saying, well player A is selling diamonds for 800c but player B is selling them for 2000, clearly we need to get rid of shop stands because this is exploiting. Thats ridiculous.

All the things you are fearing already go on and adding a mechanic for simple plot trading isnt going to change the amount of people who try to exploit others enough to say dont do it.


what about rentable beacon rights?

would be very nice for owners of a market area to rent beacon rights to others.


  • Person A got piece of land, i.e fully equiped workshop a workshop
  • Person B gos to the beacon, pays an amount of coins
  • the beacon now is still owned by PersonA, but personA loses the permissions to use the machines in the beacon, and also the permission to breakdown something in the beacon for a time
  • if the time is running out, all things are back as before.

in the meanwhile personB was able to use the tools and workshop items, shop stands or whatever provided by the beacon of personA

person A can set a value how many coins per hour or something, so persons could share they
shop stands on market places, portals, workshops etc for give time to others.


i hope someone does it!
would be a nice income for wonderstruck =)


This must be one of those Richard Moves I keep hearing about. Letter of the law and spirit of the law. I thought this kind of thing might be a problem back when purchasing plots was announced.
I don’t like any kind of mechanic that encourages people to speculate on land, especially on other’s builds. It just means people have to hold off building plans until they can plot the entire base + protection ring of plots.

I can see a use for it for builders but I’d prefer contracts or similar on the customer’s land rather than this which is a stupidly clear path from £ to plots to Coin.


One idea to help address the abuse cases here: provide some mechanism for moving the contents of a beacon. That way players can pack up and move as a last resort, if they’re being overly briefed.

This would also make for an interesting sandbox opportunity (players could sell “prefab” builds, but it still requires the effort of building each copy), etc


It would be nice income for Wonderstruck

Not to go too far off topic, just rent a planet. Even at $50 a month, you would have the planet rented for 100 years. unless you are doing it to be a pain to the other players.


It’s not a bad idea, a way it would be nice is if you are building a city and providing roads, you can pre-claim plots and spots and even out the terrain, my number 1 gripe in walking through most cities is going over a plot someone else has claimed who hasn’t decided to fill in a tunnel to the underworld and you end up having to grapple out of it.

The regulation and prices are something that would stabilize itself in time.

It would be nice if the option was given to put an offer in on plots, so that the owner would be alerted to it.