HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!

Only if someone buys the plots from you for that price. Land speculation is still a market.

I know for sure that I would not participate in land speculation. I’m just not a type of person who looks for other people’s beacon and plot my land next to it in the hope of gaining coin. It’s almost feels like an extortion to me.

Please be mindful that it doesn’t mean that I condone other people to engage in land speculation. I don’t mind what other people want to do, it’s their business. However, knowing that other people could purposefully surround my plot just for coins, I would definitely feel frustrated to be put in such a situation.

This is also a game that you can completely ignore the economy. I don’t even have coins to spend on aoe hammer, let alone being force to buy plot.

Please forgive me if I appeared being small minded, because I know I am, and I’ll be happy to accept critism/advice on my thought.


Honestly, I really think having the ability to sell plots for cash is a terrible idea.

Its only going to encourage people to randomly plot near big cities, arguing “but i’m going to use it later” to avoid being punished.

People shouldn’t own land simply to sell it to others in future, and this mechanic will only encourage just that.


He said that intentionally blocking is against the code of conduct not extortion. James said these would be new dynamics potentially introduced into the game How do you separate intentional blocking from land speculation? If I am speculating, then I am plotting land that is viewed as valuable by others. Either it is close to existing settlements or infrastructure or has some other unique feature. If I plot land adjacent to yours and you had wanted to expand there am I speculating, blocking, or trying to build something? If I am willing to sell the land then my intention is not to solely block you which would be against the CoC. It is to get you to buy the plots from me. That is not blocking, that is speculation which the majority seem to support.

It might be a fine line, but by introducing a mechanic that makes this easier, it does seem to support it.


The other problem is, someone plots up a ton of land, gets Gleam Club, and then leaves the game for 6 months…

I don’t know, I think encouragin’ this only makes sense if a lot of other parts of the game are changed.

ESPECIALLY if footfall remains and isn’t replaced with a universally easy way for people to gain coin.


It doesn’t matter the price. It is still taking something that can be bought with real cash and selling it for coin. And it might be happening in game now but doing this would set up a system that encourages it which is not the case at the moment.

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It’s allowed as it’s expensive in the plot cost to do a large area.

If people / guilds wish to do it then they are free to do so just like they are able to do this to build cities on but instead it’s used to protect valuable resources and this is easily fixed if it becomes a problem with more higher level worlds that is needed or a reduced resource regen rate but that would be something that could hurt everyone depending on how it’s done.

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This has been discussed over and over again since the game was conceptualized.

Beaconing a resource is not against CoC. If you are out and about and want to come back to mine a plot later and place and fuel a beacon for now, that is totally fine.

Walling off resources is also fine, provided you have the plots for it. World regen may not occur very quickly and resource distribution might make the “walled off” bit run dry after not too long, but that’s on the person who spent the time and effort on walling it off for forgetting about resource regen.

But charging money to make someone else mine gems you found vs. selling the gems…I don’t see much difference except more effort on the seller’s side of things if they beacon things off.

For a noob the footfall plays easily into the journal of the game. I think it’s needs to stay… at least for noobs. I only make 120 coin from it per day… it’s not much but it does help.


What if another system was created to replace footfall that gave you more coin?

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The difference for me is who came first.

If you place a beacon next to my build, you are blocking.
If you place a beacon a few plots away from my build, you are speculating. If I then build up to that and you’re in the way, I wouldn’t see you as blocking and I’d need to get in touch with you to buy the plots then if I wanted to keep moving out that way.

Like being a Landlord?

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Some sort of plot tax or coin based plotting fee might be good solution. I think it still shouldn’t be too expensive so that players could form communities easy enough.
Maybe footfall or rank of settlement (hamlet/village/town…) could be tied to plot tax somehow and (part of) it could go to warden of settlement who could set value of tax.

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Of course, all for it. Or if the beacon/realestate option helps to get control of the run away economy absolutely abolish it. Prob now is can’t afford to progress with mats availability, prices and strip mining, resources hoarding, and lack of tier 5 planets.

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Then anyone that built next to a portal hub is blocking by this definition. Anyone that built next to a road is blocking. This does not work as a definition. What happened to the if you want it plot it idea?

Link it to city prestige

I think the biggest issue is with Question #3.

I love the idea of being able to transfer plots for friends / guilds as it’s been mentioned it’s a pain right now and even more so because of how the tax epic works where the person with it has to own the beacons also for it to work sadly.

The problem is there is no way to have a transfer only system and not have the ability to have some kind of way to profit off it.

If you set it up where people can only transfer them to people “for free” they can always make people pay first and this could cause people to get scammed so making it some kind of way that you set it up as a trade in one go where one person gets the plots they want and the other person gets some kind of payment would be the safest.


Unless I’m mistaken, most portal hubs have designated shopping allies or town areas that are split out by roads. The owners of those hubs have purposefully left plots alone so that players can claim different areas.

Otherwise, if you have things like what happened on Serpen for the first Aqua hub where scores of beacons were placed to profit off of footfall and made it so the Ultima people couldn’t make the hub larger, then yes, I’d call that blocking.

Ultimately it’s going to come down to the people who report. If you think someone has intentionally blocked you, report it. If that person is a resident who is living in plots you didn’t claim because you wanted someone to live there, maybe don’t report them.

This would be P2W, no way around it. That doesn’t mean I think it would be a bad system, but no one can deny that this is the clearest path yet to converting plots, obtainable with real money, into in game coin without having to develop them at all. This is still possible through “informal” plot exchange, but I think there’s real danger to making it easier.

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It’s happening on Serp… I have coords of an entire base of a mountain from mantel to altitude of 35+ that’s been plotted completely around the perimeter of all of the diamond hot spot from an atlas.