HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!

Definitely agree with this. It won’t halt it, but it would certainly be needed to at least staunch the potential for p2w complaints.

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This will be a good way for people that can afford plots to be allowed to support the games longevity, since others feel the game didn’t make alot

Is this because you think people would claim the entirety of Tier 1 + 2 worlds? I think @nevir did some math showing that this would cost upwards of 60,000 USD. If someone wants to spend the money to do that, I’d say let them and then instead of buying their plots we can just have the devs use the money to get another server for a new T1 or T2 world.

Like a land tax? Also needs to penalty for non development under a certain amount prestige, perhaps no footfall unless unless minimum amount of prestige or a bonus rate applied to footfall after certain prestige levels. Also changing tax rates and footfall based on land zoning which could be dictated by what’s on the plot… dang this could get complicated but fun! … could also have real estate epic skills! Lol sorry getting way to carried away!


The funny thing is people have no real understanding of how large the planet is it’s in the hundreds of millions of 8x8 plots per world the thread stated one line of 8x8 plots around the planet is around 576 plots, that’s just one line wrapped

I see land tax mentioned twice or so now. This would be a fantastic idea and a great money sink that many of us have been complaining is sorely needed to keep the economy inflation in check.

I would greatly support a land tax system being applied. Have the tax scale based on horizontal plots. Not against vertical plots.

This is a great idea if it can be implemented.

Not that one person would but that it would be something so many were doing that yes a group would end up taking up the whole planet. Not even saying them working together to do but just as a bunch of people grabbing up the good places. Also it would encourage those that grab stuff right next to where people are building. Which I just see leading to even more headaches. We already see it a little bit happening in the forums. I think that would just get worse. Also the fact that you can pay to get plots. So you would be able to pay for something that you can turn straight into coin in game. You might as well let people buy coin.

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This sounds really interesting! I’d love to be able to easily transfer beacons between my alts, so maybe that could be incorporated somehow.

I’m in favour more for the idea of developing plots and selling the result, rather than just dealing in more attractive locations…which obviously has a lot more potential for griefing and conflict. What I’d most like to see would be a system linked to length of time owned as well as prestige: give a long timer before being able to sell a newly acquired beacon, which is reduced by adding prestige (and increased again by removing prestige). You could also set a ceiling price per plot based on beacon prestige, to discourage people buying land for the sole purpose of profit without development.

Not if they make it so that the buyers have to have the required plots to purchase the beacon, per @Stretchious’ suggestion.

Any other cases of buying plots merely to stop someone else building breaks the Code of Conduct, as mentioned by James. Any cases of buying plots in a pristine area to be sold to someone else is, well, exactly what this idea is all about. If you’re designating “good” and “bad” areas by the views, then I can see how this would hinder new players. But they could spend the coins from their first objectives to buy a “good” beacon plot and go from there. Resource wise there should be no real issue.

Get rid of Footfall, and I’ll support it.

With footfall? No way.

A desireable location should be desireable for reasons other than an artificial coin generating mechanic, that feels P2W and as I’ve explained in other threads, the footfall mechanic encourages people plotting up land for speculation based purely on footfall, as opposed to some organic reason like proximity to stores or a nice view.

Edit Replace footfall with a different mechanic, a choice of 3 dailies that give you coin, somethin’ to allow new players a reliable way to earn coin. If you’re going to allow transferring of beacons for coin, then suddenly plots have worth, and that means you don’t need footfall anymore. Why should a plot generate money by doing nothing anyways? Put some gleam, get to 10k, and you earn money just by stepping on it? It makes no sense.

With this system, plots then have market value, and it shouldn’t be further complicated with footfall market value also.


I find it amusing how certain people on the forum have voted considering some of the topics that have come up this year that they flipped out on. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Footfall helps us noobs get started and learn the game… so I don’t support elimination of that, potential to turn us noobs away.


True. But I think having more than one way that coin is generated out of thin air is a good thing for the game. So far the only ways to get coin are feats, dailies, footfall, a shop, and doing contract work (supplying resources or building). The last one probably not so common now days.

@james / @Steggs101 I fear you all are taking this feature down a road that will only cause more conflict among players and increased problems on a COC level.

We already have enough land fights and this just will add to it.

We have plenty of ways to earn cash in the game and do not need another one that immediate creates more problems because it is basically player taking away from another player. You can see this in the direction of this poll about extortion as a feature. It will almost be impossible to balance the fine line between COC rules and “well I’m just trying to make money with an in-game mechanic” feature that promotes “selling land”, etc.

We already see people taking land and selling it, blocking resources, etc. So now anyone that tries to create something can easily be locked in and forced to purchase it or move. Basically increasing bully tactics. Sure we can already sell plots and I know many people make great money on this, but that requires a different amount of effort in at least having to unplot and replot. Now it would just be a click and it is transferred…

Reserving land for “building purpose” or protection from people encroaching on you is fine. But, when you start adding money and “reward” for doing these things because you can sell the beacon it only adds to fights.

Lastly, since plots are able to be purchased it increases the ease for people to leverage and take advantage of this function. Sure we can “earn our plots” but that requires game time. Cash is easy to get for some and can be used to increase the earning potential in the game. So you are kind of even pushing the P2W model even more with this feature.

The feature we NEED is just being able to transfer beacons to ALTs we own and to guilds. The other features you are trying to bring into this increase conflict (which is bad) and will just remove players in the longer run.


I don’t think you understood what I said. I was thinking that buyers would have to have the available plots in order to take a beacon. To me that part has never been in question. However if I took my cubits that I bought and grabbed up a bunch of plots and sold them for 1000c each then I pretty much just took really money and traded it for coin in game. Because I paid for those plots with cash and turned them straight into coin.


I’m not suggesting an alternative coin generation mechanic not be put in place for you.

It’s not so much as footfall as it is being near hubs to set up shops and convenient locations to get around with or a way to get people from your location with a portal to your city.

You honestly do not earn a ton of coins from footfall for the most part as you can from decent shops and building can be expensive.

I like the idea of being able to sell land and builds to people, but what I really want is to be a landlord. People pay me rent every week like 500- 1k coin to live on the settlement grounds and be closeby to stores and people. I am planning on making a MASSIVE apartment complex on my settlement and it will complement players with machines, furnaces, storage, and a small amount of fuel. Instead of worrying about losing the items I have implemented in each apartment, how about you add the option to rent? To where they can use the machines, but can’t break it and run off with it. They can use storage, but only them can use it during the renting period. I say you should add an option of being a “Landlord”. I really like that idea. Puts a lot of emphasis on settlements. Settlements out there really aren’t settlements. Its just a neighborhood of clunky and awkward homes.


Yes and I have to say i feel like this is being done so that people will pay cash for plots. Not as something that will help the game to be better.

What about players wrapping plots around and over resources? (gems being one) I ran into a hotspot last week where a player had done this and was wondering if this is allowed…
Anyway, couldn’t players wall off mineable resources then charge coin for access to guaranteed deposits no one has mined? Worse, what if large guilds did this?
Other than that, I don’t care one way or another, i’ll never be a participant in the system.