Land Claim issue

For knowing what you need to make the other machines have you looked in the knowledge tab? …and have you leveled the appropriate skill points to be able to? … The knowledge tab is extremely helpful, although there can be a lot of back and forth on it when you’re looking at what you need … so many recipes need multiple resources that need to be crafted first etc etc … just to make lanterns you need glass and torches, glass needs sand and silty soil baked in a furnace which obviously means you also need a furnace and fuel for it … The torches need flint, tallow and sticks I think which means killing animals etc so you either look for drowned ones or make a slingbow …then you craft those 2 together I think in a refinery but you also need spark so therefore you need spark cores and spark links as well as some fuel for it …so that’s quite a lot of stuff you need before you can even start making your lanterns … but all the information is there in the knowledge tab, it just needs a bit of digging and tackling each step one at a time. All the basic machines are pretty easy to make, it’s just the tech components you might have to buy if you can’t survive on any of the higher tier planets. … Just wait until you start making your own power coils, then it gets a bit trickier …I still haven’t even started on a single one yet and I have over 1000 hours of time in Boundless so far (that’s all pre 1.0 obviously) not all of us are interested in power leveling and rushing to get the so called end game stuff, I personally prefer to just play at my own pace and enjoy the game, it’s much more fun that way :slightly_smiling_face:

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TY your the first real person to touch on the real issue I was trying to talk about.

There are 42 planets. I don’t see how a few people claiming land is an issue. It will take A LOT of money to even claim a large part of a planet. People can still get plenty of resources from many places…

If you haven’t moved your base or house in Boundless at least 3-4 times you really aren’t playing the game. :slight_smile:

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Hopefully this is the last post made here. By anyone. The Devs are fully aware of the situation and are taking votes as to how players want it to be going forward. From yes let’s sell, to heck no we won’t go, even a third option to trade only, no selling. I wish I knew how to link things in post. GO TO DEVLOGS AND CAST YOUR VOTE IN THIS ISSUE. Bye!! :grin:

HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!. Best I could do for linking to the polls.

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Your complaint is about resource gathering being interrupted by beaconed areas. Again I’ll say, quit being lazy and stop expecting to be able to mine 10 meters from a portal or within an active and growing settlement. End of story. You just sound salty because everyone is calling you out.

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Just to be clear. I now consider this matter to be closed as the Devs themselves are addressing the issue at hand. My view point therefore no longer matters. Just go to the above mentioned link and cast a vote as to how you want the game to progress.

I disagree, as a miner, I need places to mine. If I continuously have people mining my area I will have nowhere to mine myself. This is not only a valid business tactic, but mining tactic. Some people use their plots to build big structures, I use it to save resource dense locations. The good news is, as was mentioned above, as more areas are plotted, more planets will become available to ensure these resources are always available for other miners to find.


would be nice mecanic for citybuilders trade off there builds to miners gatherers non builder so to speak
but if someone does it in a city they not part off thats lamo
think as like everything it has darkside but stopping it becuase off darkside is def no good look at human historie lolz
if it is allowed it def needs a real good code off conduct with things that can be allowed to report etc

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s just plotted but home beacons. So unless we can get more players I’m not sure how many more planets they will launch since each planet requires a certain number of resources to run and has a cost. However that being said the tactic of plotting around resources is Mentioned on the website so the developers seem to believe this is a legitimate way to play

That’s not true. Servers aren’t free. This is only true if the playerbase increases, but it hasn’t, it’s decreased, so the more you plot up and reserve for yourself, the less there is for everyone else, and the devs won’t make enough money to’be able to afford new planets especially if people are plotting with XP-earned cubits and not store-bought ones.

I don’t understand, planets are really big, what resources aren’t you able to get? The only thing I can think of are wood or foliage which perhaps, are not available on other planets. So, grab a beacon and walk away for a while, you will find another forest for sure, then use the beacon to plot only one plot, and after that anytime you need/want wood, just go to the Sanctum and you have to spend 100c to get there.
I don’t see where is the problem with the resources.

Sorry man, my point is same as you.
Maybe my poor English make you think i am support the idea.
But I am same as you, i don’t want this system to be created.
It will cause a lot of trouble and really hard to improved it once they place this idea to the game.
Also, your case is kind of different, you want to protect your mining area.
But they are talking about to sell this area.
How many hot spot in one planet ? I will say only like 10-20 (really large gem mining area)
Once people start to plots those areas to sell, it will be really hard to all the miners to find gems.

I do agree we need a better system to transfer plots, but i really don’t feel its a good business to sell beacons and plots.

The best system to run the real estate is to create something like blueprint items,
so people sell their building design (house , not include land), instead of sell entire plots.

Also you can use the blue print items to move your finish house to other place easier.

I’m pretty sure the planet roll out is based on plots placed and not population. Maybe it is a combination. Perhaps someone could clarify this. It is an automatic system from my understanding. @james @Steggs101

Based on the original point of the topic this is why I am against the idea of people being able to sell plots unless you are restricted to the number of plots you can have. This is the last thing I think we really need polluting the worlds especially since in this case they aren’t even building but rather taking over a nice spot.

One of the planets I live on has beautiful lush forests. The entire area is beautiful and there are maybe about 7 of those forests on the planet. Being that much of the planet is craggy and riddled with holes I really can’t promote an early bird method of domination of vista views and beautiful landscapes.

I don’t think throwing more planets at the issue makes things much better for with the coming of newer planets only divides out current community populations. Have watched it a couple times now. What happens when there are 200 planets? I see older lonely planets housing forgotten civilizations.

It is also linked to population from what I remember and not just plots. I think its home beacons and some other items since every character has a home beacon. If it was just plots, as we advance and people have been building, we should have seen planets come online like they did early on when the player base was growing and we got new t1 and t2 pretty frequently. It would be good to get a clearer answer from the developers, I do agree.

I with you that this is a problem, however I’ve been complaining about a similar issue on Serp where players are plotting out entire resources there and the only response I get is that it’s part of the game. So as much as I will support and like every post you and others make about this it will sadly fall on deaf ears.

Resources will not respawn in plots. And with the new recipes there’s Ash, mud, and clay to collect for making bricks. Peat soil for alternative fuel for when coal is scarce. Silty soil and sand for making glass, plus all the plants for resources that spawn in. There more on the top to get than you realize.

And just to be clear none of these things spawn below ground.