Land Claim issue


This is against the CoC. If this happens to you, report the player and the situation will be handled by the developers.

Everything was taken off-line after the beta. We all had to start fresh from early access on.


So you mean to tell me that all of the in game stuff I am seeing now was built since the September release date? I guess people have more time on their hands than I do :wink:


That’s right. Bare in mind a lot of players had been waiting for release day for some years now, and had been planning their builds during beta.

I was around during beta, but unfortunately missed early access and release due to work, but yeah - plenty got done in that first month.


I think real estate is viable. If someone’s selling a 4x4 plot shell of a shop in Lambliss’ hub/shopping district, that’s fair game; desirable and there’s a queue of people lined up for it.

A prestigious spot in the heart of a capital - also legitimate and desirable.

Plotting a lot of land in/around/near to disrupt someone’s built with intent to extort them… not cool.

Sadly, not illegal either.


Okey, well, lets start with that.
This is portal seekers map from around the release on PS. As you can see, some planets were added:

Yeah… well known issue :frowning: I think everyone agree 100%. It is actually better than it was cause now you at least can see what each planet offer so some (small) progress has been made.

While in general i agree with that, (un)fortunatelly this game is based on grinding. Now, not to go too much into detail, we don’t have quests, storyline or any other thing that would allow different ways of progression and the only thing we can do is different ways of grinding. On the side note - building huge projects I’m also incorporating into “griding” aspect. And don’t make a mistake assuming that older players don’t have to grind. Most of us absolutely do grind every day. Only very few peoples don’t have to do it and are 100% merchants. Most of us just “outsourced” grinding which does not interest us to other players using request baskets and selling stuff.

Well, looking at how much planets where added from the release, imho this will not be a problem anytime soon and if private universes will be a thing, it will be even less so.

Heh, even us old players tend to have this problem. Right now imho we have vawes of gatherers, who go, grab everything (or nearly everything) and those of us who because of timezones goes just after said wave. This is only my working theory but I think that according to hours you play, you either have a lot of stuff to gather or huge problem to find anything useful. Excluding weekends. Those are just “barren earth” times :stuck_out_tongue: I know I exaggerate, but only a bit.

Whoever said that is actually a sucker himself who cannot find ways to get it or egoist who don’t care where his profits are coming from. This person has a point - buying stuff makes it dozens of time faster - but it is not the only way. Playing alone is crawling speed, playing in small group is slow speed. Taking advantage of all the shops will get you to current end game hundreds of hours earlier (and i don’t kid with hundreds). I’m playing strictly solo, have 300+ hours and still not all my machines are powered - mostly because I didn’t yet had to get them. And i have quite a lot of fun playing this way.

Hmmm… that is a problem and here i will be the sucker who tell you, you messed up. Its similar to making unplayable builds in WoW or other MMOs and yeah, I know, sucks. Can be fixed but it is penalizing in boundless cause you need to grind few levels. Actually I never understood why we need to buy alts with cubits, why not just unlock them on some level or just let you have unlimited number from the start. Maybe this should be revised, maybe not, don’t know.

Well… No, you won’t find completely empty huge patches of land anywhere i know because a lot of people want exactly the same thing. Maybe Level 6 is emptier cause it so big pain in the backside to build anything there. So well… people do what you want to do, so find most desolated place and settle there. This is exactly what i did too, lately, found an empty island and started building. And i do have few neighbors who weren’t around when i started.

Yeah, unfortunately this is unacceptable behavior and should be reported.


The universe and everything you see in it started brand new in august, absolutely nothing other than early access player knowledge and connections is left over from the beta stage.


To all that think merely going away from the population centers solves the problem, this has not been my experience. On Trior, I found a spot at least a 15 minute walk from the portal hub. I plotted over 100 plots (and did not create a portal) to have room, be able to expand and to have a place among the trees. I go back in a few weeks to find that a settlement is now there, with portals and quite a few people. Another few weeks and I get asked (nicely) if I would be willing to turn over my plots to the settlement. They actually did offer to pay for them, I refused payment, but did release the plots. My point is that saying it is easy to find a spot that is empty and will continue to be remote is not as likely with the player base.


And that’s because everyone is sitting on T1-T3 planets, T4+ are full of empty space. Of course there are some settlements, some really nice, but they are mostly empty. People prefer to build on easy planets, I do too, because with portal networks, going to any higher planet cost you literally nothing beside few seconds or minutes of your time.


Also it becoming significantly harder to build on T4+ planets because blocks are much harder to break, hostiles mobs are harder to kill and all your alts need the same atmo skills.


I agree with Elrood. The lower tier are always going to be more populated. Construction and landscaping are easier; you are not fighting off mobs while you build; and in the case of the higher tier, you do not require atmospheric protections.

So to have privacy or not worry about people grabbing land and trying to sell it to me, I have to have all these other issues? No thanks, prefer to wait for rented planets. At least then I do not have to worry about someone grabbing plots and trying to sell them to me, or blocking my build if I do not grab all the plots I need on day one.


Everyone is right, there is nothing in the CoC to prevent someone selling plots for coin. There might be an issue exchanging them for real world currency based on the Eula, but that is not the issue here. I do wonder if these activities while seemingly allowable are really good for the game. I am not sure how the developers can really do anything about it within the game mechanics. If we decide that real estate is a viable source of coin, do we encourage people to buy plots with real world money in order to make coin in the Boundless universe?


But I agree. I moved from Beservona to Niia ze… whatever, just because building on Beservona gave me no benefits at all. I’m just saying that hoping from planet to planet wasn’t as easy and costless, I’d probably move up the tiers and not down. But since staying on T1 gives you benefits… no wonder they’re might get overcrowded.


For knowing what you need to make the other machines have you looked in the knowledge tab? …and have you leveled the appropriate skill points to be able to? … The knowledge tab is extremely helpful, although there can be a lot of back and forth on it when you’re looking at what you need … so many recipes need multiple resources that need to be crafted first etc etc … just to make lanterns you need glass and torches, glass needs sand and silty soil baked in a furnace which obviously means you also need a furnace and fuel for it … The torches need flint, tallow and sticks I think which means killing animals etc so you either look for drowned ones or make a slingbow …then you craft those 2 together I think in a refinery but you also need spark so therefore you need spark cores and spark links as well as some fuel for it …so that’s quite a lot of stuff you need before you can even start making your lanterns … but all the information is there in the knowledge tab, it just needs a bit of digging and tackling each step one at a time. All the basic machines are pretty easy to make, it’s just the tech components you might have to buy if you can’t survive on any of the higher tier planets. … Just wait until you start making your own power coils, then it gets a bit trickier …I still haven’t even started on a single one yet and I have over 1000 hours of time in Boundless so far (that’s all pre 1.0 obviously) not all of us are interested in power leveling and rushing to get the so called end game stuff, I personally prefer to just play at my own pace and enjoy the game, it’s much more fun that way :slightly_smiling_face:


TY your the first real person to touch on the real issue I was trying to talk about.


There are 42 planets. I don’t see how a few people claiming land is an issue. It will take A LOT of money to even claim a large part of a planet. People can still get plenty of resources from many places…


If you haven’t moved your base or house in Boundless at least 3-4 times you really aren’t playing the game. :slight_smile:


Hopefully this is the last post made here. By anyone. The Devs are fully aware of the situation and are taking votes as to how players want it to be going forward. From yes let’s sell, to heck no we won’t go, even a third option to trade only, no selling. I wish I knew how to link things in post. GO TO DEVLOGS AND CAST YOUR VOTE IN THIS ISSUE. Bye!! :grin:


HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!. Best I could do for linking to the polls.


Your complaint is about resource gathering being interrupted by beaconed areas. Again I’ll say, quit being lazy and stop expecting to be able to mine 10 meters from a portal or within an active and growing settlement. End of story. You just sound salty because everyone is calling you out.


Just to be clear. I now consider this matter to be closed as the Devs themselves are addressing the issue at hand. My view point therefore no longer matters. Just go to the above mentioned link and cast a vote as to how you want the game to progress.