Land Claim issue


hopefully this image shows up after posting. I have been running into more and more people claiming land only for the sole purpose of selling it off. This is presenting a serious problem as it makes above ground resources like trees and other gatherables difficult if not out right impossible to get as you can’t build up to get what’s not claimed, nor gather the resources like desert sword plants. Please help find a way to resolve this issue, as is if this continues, players like myself will end up quitting due to the inability to gather resources as players have blocked them off, or are despawning them with land claims, ie Bitula city site built over a large gleam spot.


And before people start in about this spot being on or near this person already claimed land, try going to Trior, entire forested areas claimed with little to no ability to gather the wood there.


Yup, that’s classless.


Real estate is a business and there are no rules against it. However, I doubt they will make good business in this game as land is pretty easy to get and the devs have already announced they will release new planets if things become congested.


im not sure this is solvable they are not breaking the CoC by doing this and there is no change i could see that can be made that would not hurt eveyone in the process


Yup. Not breaking the rules, just tacky.


Geez, this is not a real issue on rule breaking per se, this is about making it to where no one can gather resources.


Kinda the same thing, man. Only way to stop this would be to make more rules.


Hey that’s my sign. I appreciate the selective editing. :wink:

I actually had my home there. Tore it down and moved elsewhere but felt it was a good enough spot to net me some coin. So I didn’t just claim it to sell it. I just refuse to just leave it. I actually paid someone to vacate it in the first place. C’est la vie.

Also, I added you on Discord when you requested, I have been awaiting your response.


I retract my tacky statement


Also, if your concern is actually resources, I can promise you the plots sitting there are blocking absolutely ZERO resources - the plots themselves are completely empty, because as I said, my home was there. Resources below and above are free to gather. There is nothing you could want there but the plots themselves.


And not everyone is going to have money to purchase plot areas from someone else, especially when outrageous prices are being placed on mid to end game items and gear.


I am fighting that fight right along with you. Stuck on iron, don’t even have a single power coil yet.

Anyhow, I wasn’t expecting some exorbitant amount for them. I paid 1k to have some guy vacate one plot. I figured 5k for the full 5x5 area would suffice. I don’t think that is outrageous. I’m not an extortionist. I just realized that it is a good spot and someone would want it. I would say I am correct.


To simply sit there and say pay me for this land, that’s just pure and simple greed. You say you’re done with the land. Then fo the right thing and gather up your plots and move on


Like I said, man, you are preaching to the choir. I am trying to get there too. This is just one way I found to help me get there. Honestly if you just asked nicely I might just give the plots to you :P. Bet you never considered that!

I am not trying to ruin anyone’s fun, just trying to make money however I can so I can get a power coil or something…


The issue has been beat to death in many other threads and the issue is well known. You happened to have presented us with a case where the “offender” was reasonable with a perfectly understandable explanation.

Sorry the reception was not what you expected.


You just prove my point, my ISSUE, is not with this one specific person.


Well, that wadnt his reason, to quote Luke Skywalker loosely “[he] used to live here, you know…” so your primary argument fails there. BUT! there’s hope yet-

All people buy plots with cubits. Cubits you earn in game for doing several things collectively known as “playing the game”,

This only happens when someone plots from the mantle up to height of the biggest block in that 8x8 area, also nooit what has happened here (see point 1). Also note that no owned plot is impassable, so you can always walk over (or around, or under) 8 more squares and try again,

As advertised… ? …

I… am simply not able to follow your logic here. The universe expands dynamically with new, unowned, public planets at no cost to any player, as the developers considered the possibility that they may one day have more people playing than could fit comfortably on the 11 or so planets that existed at launch. This somewhat blinds me from seeing your “pay to play” arguments grounding, i might be missing something.

Lastly, some advice -

I have never seen where gems are needed to plot land, you lost me on the relevance of the servings half of this sentence. As for 5k - there are many ways but I’ll detail three simplest one exactly.

Walk around on this planet (C.Merika) until you find a settlement or a random shop. Somewhere around there (unfortunately you’ll have to move your character around a bit to make this step work) there should with any luck be a buy basket, which contains coin, requesting am item that you could find on this current planet or maybe even a lower level planet. Proceed then (with proper tools for the job, stone or a free totem will do at this point) to gather the specific resource. Once you have enough of it (either the limit of the basket funds or enough to make 5k), return to the aforementioned basket and trade the resource for coin.

The least effort resource that is often bought is soil. Both clay and peat are generally bought for 2c or more. Meat sells for 1-5 coins each.

Hope this helps


It also looks like you are near one of the main towns in merika right near the portal hub.

This will be very busy like it is in most worlds and all you need to do is move away from the central hubs a bit and it will be very open to gather resources.


Real estate is a legitimate tactic and I applaud this person for trying it out. I hope someone pays them 5k for it.