Land Claim issue


There are 30+ planets, his 5x5 plots aren’t even remotely puttin’ a dent in dirt, trees, foliage, or plants, there’s hundreds of thousands of those blocks all over the Boundless universe. The devs have confirmed if what you described ever happened, they’d just release a new planet.


42 according to boundless crafting(:


5,000 coins is not alot and can be afforded. Seller seems very reasonable so I see no issue here


Unfortunately i read all of yours, none of my quotes make anything you said fall out of context. But we agree at least that this is going nowhere.


I did a lot of searching today on all of the most heavily populated planets and as far as I can tell all you have to do is move away from the cities and the planets are huge there’s plenty of gathering area left everywhere if your business savvy enough to sell plots of land in a city where land actually has value then more power to you and good job!


Indeed. During the evening, I turn on builders mode and look up to the skies. The majority of the planets are empty.


There was one guy to build at one of our town, and as our member for 50$ US dollars / plot lol
Our guild members told me they already report that guy, but couple weeks later the beacon still there.

So real estate depends on how you manage it.
i mean if only small area i think its fine.
But if some one plots entire diamond area and sell it for money.
This is the really bad behavior to play the game.
And that will be pay 2 win.
(You can buy plots to plots the land, and turn it into money)
This should be something add up to the rule.
I don’t even call it a business in this game.
It just annoying other people, and sellers won’t get any benefit either.


This doesn’t make any sense man. If someone is shelling out cash for Cubits to buy plots with and then claiming land to sell for coin… it’s irrelevant. Being a real estate broker in this game is a horrible way to make coin because of how much space is available and how much future space will be available. It’s just horrible. Land isn’t something that’s needed more than a 3x3 diamond hammer. Selling plots for coin isn’t P2W.

If the person is selling these plots for actual real money then I am sure that violates some sort of agreement that all of us didn’t bother to read but agreed to anyways. I can’t think of a single MMO out there that hasn’t made it a terms of service violation for practicing Real Money Trade in the game. It’s exactly the reason why so many MMO developers have banned people who either buy game currency, sell game currency, or both. The benefit to risk ratio in doing RMT in Boundless is pretty unbalanced nor should it ever be balanced to begin with. $50 for the game on top of whatever is spent on Cubits to get the plots to plot the land. Then to try and find a buyer. Just not worth it.

Just keep in mind that during the Alpha and Beta there were some individuals who wanted to sell off builds they did for coin. I remember one of them went for 10 million coin and if I am not mistaken someone did make that purchase but needed help plotting it up to save it from regeneration.

There’s nothing wrong with selling plots for coin. Although selling empty plots for coin is kind of pointless even if the spot has some sort of good view. The whole resource hogging part of it too is dumb and won’t work.


Here’s my question, why do you expect to be able to mine resources within are around a major settlement? Just because you don’t want to travel 10 plots from a portal to chop down trees isn’t their fault. Yamerika is the 2nd biggest city on C’Merika, it’s called expansion. Im a atlas maker, and I can personally tell you there are plenty of GIGANTIC open areas to farm in. Not only in C’Merika but every one of the other planets. It’s not about keeping you from taking resources, it’s about expansion. And making sure someone like you doesn’t mine a hole inside their area or deforest a potential prime real estate area. In my settlement every expansion, we increase our borders at least 3 plots wide all the way around us each time. Most stays untouched until we terraform and plot for shops. My option is just quit being lazy. The time you took posting this, you could have walked 2 more regions out and have gotten everything you need. Just being honest.


The upshot is that there is room for all kinds of different playstyles and approaches in this game.
Sometimes, if you see something that might not agree with your practical, moral etc viewpoint, just try to move on past and enjoy the game.
Apologises if that sounds patronising but sometimes peeps (including myself occasionally) get so caught up in the details that we lose sight the larger picture.
Adapt, move on and have fun.


Well, it wasn’t but know you’ve bumped it back up :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait for it…


So, firstly, this is just the start of a prediction that I made long ago that some players (not all, mind you) would encounter over the course of the game, and the potential problems that come from current systems in place in and surrounding them. With that “I told you so” out of the way, let’s get to the meat.

This issue, which arises because of an investment, and a misunderstanding between the OP and the seller. Where I agree whole heartedly that retention of prime real estate can lead to P2W situations, I will avoid that avenue of discussion in favor of the more direct root issue: New players are gettin’ boned. That’s kind of the only way to say it, but I will explain what it means.

To me, anyone who is trying to construct a building on a 5x5 plotted area, or even requires that area to farm, is a newer player. Even if they are not, the function of land in respect to the direct spawns impacts the greater issue of resource allotment. There are ways around this, many, many ways, but for the average player, it may seem like a bar in their way of advancement.

Let’s do a little roleplaying, just to get in the frame of mind of a new player. You are out there in the wild, with only a handful of friends who are willing to get the game just to try it. You need to get your resources, and you’ve done most of the tutorial. So, you’re at least familiar with most of the key concepts of the game, and the rules that constrain you. So, you’re whacking away at the ground trying to get your fibrous leaves, and your lumber. Whack, whack, whack. Suddenly there’s a hiccup in your rounds, and the area you were looking to farm or build on is taken. You see the sign that says the land is for sale.

So you say “Okay. that’s awesome. An entrepreneur. Neat-o.” Walk around. Whack, whack, whack, dink. "Oh, another plot taken. “Well, damn. I’m already pretty far away from my base. I can go back, but it’s going to cost me some coin.” It’s cool because you can always go back to your home beacon, even if you go into debt. So, you port back. Drop your stuff off and go back out. Whack, whack, whack, dink. “Another one?!” Walk around. Whack, whack, whack, dink. “EFF!” Etcetera, etcetera. “This is a persistent issue for me. I wonder if it is for other people?” (Insert post.)

Whoo. That was a momentous day.

As a point of interest, all the suggestions that people provided are valid. There’s a lot of ways around this. My favorite is crafting a Warp Augment, slamming it into a totem, returning to the sanctum, pressing ‘B’, then picking a place far, far away from anyone else. That’s kind of my go to, as I like to be left alone. That option does cost some coin, but it’s a very small amount. I’m not going to get into the value of coin based off of individual budgets, but, objectively, 100c objectively doesn’t take long to get.

So, I completely get where you’re coming from, OP, trust me, but this issue actually has a lot of work-arounds, and can be overcome. I’m sorry if that took a long time to say, but in this regard, with the amount of paths available, it’s not a P2W issue in this case, but, rather, it’s more of learning the ropes. Just learning how to get around it, and who knows, if you have some spare coin later, you may just want to buy that guy’s land.


I don’t think the problem is as bad as you’re making out. There are literally thousands of plots available - more available than not - and being disheartened by large numbers of players plotted around you is just a matter of perspective. Another player might deliberately settle beside all these other beacons in hopes of making friends.

So while it might be an issue for you, it may well be a selling point for others. After all, there are plenty of single player sandbox building games; this one happens to also be an MMO.

There’s also a system in place that adds more planets as they’re needed.


I don’t see problem with claiming land and trying to sell it when it is done inside game. Still because transfer of plots is problematic as it can’t be done on trade window and player could get scammed on it too easy. These two things are to me already showing as two warnings before doing trade like that with someone I don’t know at all.

Right now that game property estate is trust based I try to stay out of it.
I think that many of cases players want to just protect their area from malicious activity by plotting it and I believe that asking joining settlement they might actually give it for free instead of asking coins for it because those would actually want their settlement to grow.

Some busy areas might be worth to trade, but too much area that is claimed in profit purposes just makes area uninteresting enough to stay. It has been blocked heavily that is to me sign of upcoming ghost town because by limiting players possibility to expand settlement normal way that game would allow.

Like wrote many times in this thread Boundless is full of free land and unlike in real life it can be always made more :slight_smile:


There’s literally thousands of plots on an individual planet… Go somewhere else.


Advice for everyone, not just OP. If you want to get out of a big hub quickly to find resources, just take a player portal located on the same planet. Most of these players portals aren’t as huge as cities and you’ll easily be able to navigate to unplotted territory to farm. You’ll even give some of the smaller builds footfall for using their portal :grin:


Slightly unrelated, but some following this thread may find useful - please consider where you plot vertically too!

I have a slightly large-ish storeroom about 6x5, probably going 9x5 soon. It is exactly 1 plot below ground level. Reason? I can still farm surface resources on my roof :yum: Also, others can farm there if needs be, plus the really sexy part of my build is hidden from view. A bit of a downer on tourism, but also doesnt lure random squatters to come throw down gleam towers (no offence to gleam tower magnates)


I’ll chime in here as I am a brand new player and I’m already encountering some of this. Some people that I talk to on a Facebook page have had this problem too. One guy is reporting that he was building his first little house and was purposefully walled in by another player who showed up, bought all of the plots around his house, and now he can’t do anything with his plot.

I picked a spot that I thought was far away from everyone, but it turns out I’m less than a five minute walk or so from several other people (guess I couldn’t see that clearly enough on the world map from the sanctum). Luckily, the one person is now my first friend of the game and he has been helping, but he’s also limited since he’s new. Every other planet that I’ve visited I see the same thing - I can’t go anywhere without seeing houses, cities (or whatever), and portals dotting my HUD. This would indicate to me that you really cannot ever be that far away from someone else. Either that or I just haven’t been to the “right” planet yet, whatever that means (and it’s probably higher level planets that I wouldn’t survive on for very long). But let’s skip this too shall we?

So I’m wandering around in explorer mode and hopping portal to portal. I’m finding all of these amazing cities and shops that I can only assume were built during the beta PC version which were left in place. I only have the basics - crafting table, extractor, and the advanced crafting table (or whatever it is called). I have these because I followed the tutorial windows that have since vanished. I don’t know how to make the other machines that I need to advance (and yes, I can research it online, but it would be nice if the prompts in game would have continued). But fine, I’m on board with doing research. So I find out that I need all of these advanced materials that are not available (apparently) on my home world and are extremely hard to find on other planets.

What’s the response? You’re a sucker if you waste your time doing all of that, go buy it instead since planets are covered in stores already. Fine, only I’m new and have hardly any money or anything else to spend/trade. It also doesn’t help if someone has already come along and claimed certain plots that may have held needed resources (which sort of goes back to the OP). Effectively, this is not an option for me at the moment. But wait you say, just craft another character and go that route. Well that’s fine, only I don’t have enough cubits to buy another character slot at the moment (spent what I had on a slot so that my daughter could play) and at the rate I am progressing, I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to get enough cubits to go that route (and no, I’m not buying them).

So with all of that said, the issue does need to be looked at. New players are at a disadvantage when trying to exist in worlds where people have been building and claiming land at for the last year or two. Existing players who have more money, cubits (whatever) than they know what to do with must have forgotten what it was like to be walking around with less than a 1000c and we can’t simply buy our way to success. Some of us cannot spend all day long grinding this game out either as we have other life issues to deal with.
This issue is further exacerbated when you have people laying claim to areas “just because” and given enough time, it is going to be a huge problem (if it isn’t already). Instead of trying to help out new players, all I hear is “friend me and buy my stuff” and that’s not really helping anyone in my opinion. I like the game, but like others, I sort of see where this is heading.


Well, I will say this, your assumption that anything was built in beta transferred over is incorrect. Those builds, which I was a part of, were on entirely different planets, and not at all transferred. That aside, your opinion does further the point of the OP in a very well thought out manner. I would love to hear more opinions from new players to either affirm my beliefs or assuage them. +1 to you for your excellent points.