HELP - Griefing reports

Please report all griefing events in this thread.

We’re gradually improving our in-game logging so that we can start to track and understand how best to deal with griefing once the game is live. We already track players and their activity so we should be able to identify the responsible players.

It goes without saying that we have zero tolerance for nasty and obnoxious behaviour in our player community.

Please report:

  1. Where: Server and coordinates.
  2. When: Estimate time of griefing, for example: May 1st, between 1pm and 4pm BST.
  3. How: A brief description of what happened.
  4. What: Screenshot of the result.

I understand why this behavior is frowned upon now, while beacons are a hassle to request and not currently available for players to place. But upon release, will you still have this mentality? For some players, part of the fun of a game of this nature is finding abandoned buildings or unprotected areas that can be pillaged. As one of those players, I wouldn’t call it a nasty or obnoxious behavior, simply the result of game mechanics and lack of protection on the part of other players. Merely wondering what the stance is on this for release so I have a better sense of the game to be.

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I certainly hope they will still have this “mentality”. In my opinion, it’s because of people like yourself that we need a system like this in the first place. You think it’s right that after someone has spent time building something, you can just come along and destroy it?! You (hopefully) wouldn’t do that in real life, why would you in a game where it’s already been clearly stated that it’s frowned upon?

Edit: This will be my only reply on the matter.

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I think this really comes down to a shared definition of griefing. Where does playing the game stop and griefing begin? At a totally theoretical level - griefing feels like playing the game not in the spirit that was intended by the design.

Competitive behaviour on a PvP world, searching for any angle and opportunity to compete, feels like fair game. Bend the game for your advantage. But doing the same things on a non-PvP world to players who have actively opted out of this level of competition would feel unwanted.

So without talking about specifics, if your gaming isn’t nasty or obnoxious then I don’t think there would be any problem.

  1. Players who remove their beacons will be opting to give up their land - feels fair game.
  2. Unclaimed land can be claimed by other players or it will get refreshed by the world generator.
  3. If you want to pillage then you’ll be more interested in the generated dungeons and monuments filled with protectors. These will offer the main challenge and rewards. Or if you’re feeling really bold - go take on some of the titans :dragon: . Classic - pick on someone your own size :slight_smile:
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Wonderful, clear, and fast reply. Thank you for clearing this up for me. I definitely can agree with all of your points and and different scenarios and will keep them in mind as the game continues development. I also will not reply to anything else in order to allow this thread to fulfill the purpose it was given upon creation.


how generated? random? from a preset?

what challenges, puzzles? mobs?

what rewards? drops? boss loot? end of dungeon chests?

you canno just post something like that !

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Where: Agabab 52, 74, 437
When: April 10, 2015 - May 10, 2015
How: Tons of blocks placed (and structures destroyed) throughout the city.

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I wouldn’t call myself as a “griefer”… but if exploring the worlds i find i structures built (for example) with Gleam blocks that i haven’t found yet, i would take 1 of each color i’m missing, and if i have time i replace them with the “i” option. That’s just cause i need 1 block to use as infinite. When this option will be set off we will have real problems…

Personally i imagine a solution like… If you don’t have a beacon placed, when you set your “home position” you automatically have a small “protected area”, let’s call it “Natural Beacon” area (like 15x15), centered in your position.
If you set another “home position” you automatically lose the last “natural beacon” and place a new one.


Only speaking for myself, if you (general, not you specifically) have time to break a block because you need it, you have time to replace it as well. If it isn’t replaced, then it is a form of griefing.

And what if two or more people have their home set at the same/overlapping locations?

//unpopular opinion here

I think everything that the devs made possible should be allowed. Maybe except of building swastikas,d!cks and swearwords all over the place (to name the usual things immature player do).

As i have imagined the “Natural Beacon”, it can’t be cast in an area already occupied buy any other form of beacon

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@Ardos, @Zouls, @Tarahyumaro, @Vastar
Hey, would you guys mind taking your discussion elsewhere? I’m afraid my actual griefing report will eventually be drowned out by replies that are better suited in an independent thread. Thank ya, thank ya. :smiley:

EDIT: Did not mean to notify Clexarews. Was only using his reply as a reference to my question.

Ok thanks for the report. We’ll check it out. (Might be tough as the date range is so wide.) We’ll let you know what we discover.

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Yeah, I was hesitant to post it because of how long it had been since I last visited(That estimate was extremely rough too, haha). But nonetheless, thank you.

Definitely share the details. We need to make the griefing tracking more robust. (Have you requested a beacon?)

how can you guys do that? i think it is, but would it be too much to in the code tag who placed a block so only you guys can see it?

its a double edged sword for me if you give anything like this to the community, because while it will help to indentify griefers in any way, it would also be a bit of a bummer if you want to act like a ‘‘secret architect’’ making for example awesome dungeons within a cave and you want to make it feel more itneresting and fun by hiding who did it, it would kinda suck if everybody could see who made it. but indeed…

The tools are really for us to understand what is happening in the game. The worlds contain lots of data, and we need a way to capture roughly what was changed and by who. We’re not planning to expose all this information to players.

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Alright. thank you. in case you need help ingame when you get more players later on in developement just give a shoutout, happy to help in any way i can :smile:

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In the end, that’s why I decided to share it; to help out your development for griefer tracking. I have just one beacon there protecting my house, but left the rest of the city unbeaconed so that players could build homes there. It was only a matter of time before someone came along and did what they did. :neutral_face:
I’m not nearly as bothered as the griefer hoped I would be though, lol.
If they find any of my other projects I’ll be sure to report the damage without hesitation. :thumbsup:

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