HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt! -- DETAILS


I think it would be helpful if people could post some screenshots of skill specs for a good hunter, healer, etc. So people can maybe respec if needed, etc. Not everyone that will be playing does enough hunts to know what is the best set up.


It’s a copy of your character from live. There will be free re-skills so you can make a hunter build specifically for this event.

It’s just a copy of your character. Nothing from the hunt event universe will make it back into the live version of the game.

Excellent idea! The portal seekers guild has a good couple of pages for this…


I am definitely gonna try to make sounds like a great time.


I have work all day on the 9th :frowning:. But I hope you guys have a blast!!!


Myself and the girlfriend will try to attend provided we are not busy IRL or out doing retail therapy :smile: been training my self hitting ring world meteors solo :smiley:


Is it GMT?

Is it mean what new testing branch will be include expanded universe with and few new planets? Does will be included too? :wink:

Will we have all our stuff copied?


That’s GMT+2 I think, because its BST 6pm, and BST is GMT+1
I don’t think the current planets will be included… all new I expect


I think only the stuff that your character is carrying at the time it’s copied.

It’ll probably be the same process as copying characters from live to test servers.


What do you think about this wording?

Oh, seems like I understood now. It’s a same world for all, not for every personally.


yeah, as in, we all spawn into the same specific world, doesn’t mean it will be old, or new…


@James, could you share IP-address of the server which will be used for this beta? We have some continuous troubles with access to Amazon’s servers. :pray:

Which ports have used by client for accessing to the game server?


I’m confused as to why the ports would matter and the servers?

I would assume the server will be in a zone that would be balanced for everyone at some level of distance and ping time… meaning in UK or East Coast USA.


Because of the Russian server blocking?


confused why you think EU or east coast would be central…

USA West would give the best ping for all folks as Australian folks have the largest issue to overcome and historically there ping to USA West is marginally acceptable…


I should have clarified my statement. Sorry. Based on the test environment currently running it uses East Coast. So if that was expected to give the best results for testing to all of the user base based on the existing infrastructure that the Boundless team is willing to use, that is why I said East Coast.

As for a fully global ping then yes that would be issue for AUS people. But, at this point I do not know enough about the underlying infrastructure of Boundless and why the servers sit where they do and what data centers, etc. So I had to use existing information and some of the design.

In any event I was just trying to get a bit more clarification for James so he maybe had more information before he responded.


I would imagine that the servers will be on EU ones this time, as this will give the lowest latency for the dev team to record the hunt.


Probably a really stupid question but how do we log onto these servers on the day …do we meet somewhere on current live servers and then go through some portals specifically made to get to the new world’s or do we have to log on from completely outside the current game?


You will be given a beta code, that you enter via steam. This will download a specific version of the game that automatically connects to the hunt servers.


Ah ok … any idea how soon before the hunt we’ll get the codes to allow for downloading etc?


I would assume around the time of starting, but I wouldn’t know, sorry