HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt! -- DETAILS


  1. There is a Reskill Loaf if you need to reskill.
  2. Don’t take any RAGE or FOCUS skills - sorry - but they’re broken. It’ll likely crash your client.
  3. The emotes are broken for some players - sorry.
  4. Once you enter the world - head to 0, 0 - where there is a free shop and portals to the other worlds.
  5. Steam Beta code: nRS2WRtrC3NCn5V8Nhof

Your characters are copies from Live.

We have presents for everyone who attends the event. These will be sent to Live via the gifting function next week.

Firstly we really appreciate everyone who has offered to attend the hunt. It’ll be awesome to capture some high quality footage of the game and players in action.

Below are the details of the epic Meteorite Hunt.

Date: Saturday 9th June


  • US West coast: 10am to 2pm
  • US East coast: 1pm to 5pm
  • UK: 6pm to 10pm
  • Europe: 7pm to 11pm


  • 1st hour - setup:

    • Special Steam beta code will be published for everyone to access.
    • Download beta + sign in.
    • You will have access to your current characters. But it will be a totally new universe.
    • You will all spawn into the same world.
    • Pee yourself at the awesomeness of the new worlds. Cry a little. Pull yourself together. Then burst into tears again … it’s all so beautiful. Hug someone close to you. Find a mirror. Tell yourself to get a grip. Lion face. Lemon face. Lion face. Lemon face. Return to your PC as if nothing special has happened.
    • Met up at 0,0.
    • Weapons, Brews, Bombs, Foods, Torches, Atlases, etc will all be provided.
    • Get on the Discord. (Not required but will likely be fun!)
    • Turn up anytime during this period. The actual hunting will not start until the next hour.
  • 2nd and 3rd hours - hunt:

    • Hunt for as long as we’re having fun and until we think we have enough footage.
    • Try to be there at the start, but we’ll collect any late comers as best we can.
    • Please still attend even if you can only spare a little time. You might still be famous at the end of it.
    • We may try a few set pieces depending on the footage we’re capturing. Being on the Discord will help.
    • The first rule of the Epic Hunt is you keep up with the leader @virresss.
    • Everyone already knows the second rule.
  • 4th hour - spare:

    • Just incase.

Please let us know if you’re planning to attend.

  • I’m planning to attend - tears of joy
  • I can’t attend - tears of misery

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Please please please please please - don’t crash!!


to late :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Off to buy diapers


I assume, @James you will be providing diamond / ruby grapples as well for people to be able to move around in hard terrain?


njargh, right in the time I’m at work :confused: … I hope to see a wonderful video afterwards.

Will people be allowed to stream or record the hunt for themselfs/youtube/twitch?

looking forward to it!!!

Excitement shall be had by ALL!!!

I dont have a character higher then 7 at the moment, but I really wanna join. Is that still possible?

I’m looking forward to this. :rofl:

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Doesn’t matter it will be on a separate beta build and all our characters will magically be lvl 50

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Expecting to see a few of these badboys on the day :sunglasses:

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Will they? I think we just get our current level, but skill resets

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I really want to attend but won’t know for sure until the day so put me down for a possible maybe please :neutral_face:


Even if you die you can still have lots of fun… In the first major community hunt we had (way before meteors) people were running around with totems killing wildstock because thats all we had… 40 people beating on a creatures to take them down. :slight_smile:


this is a very important step. :smile:

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I will be available :grin::grin::grin:

Will our chars on the beta server have the same skills and level as live? Or will we get a boost or get to respec?

Curious about this as well.
Are the characters fully synced or just a copy? For example, will item damage/usage sync back to the live world?

Can you bring loot back to the live server?