HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt!


Hey Everyone.

We’re in the process of updating the Boundless trailer to capture everything that we’ve collectively achieved in the past 18 months: features, builds, worlds, hunts, EVERYTHING! This will include all the latest features but also some of the best player made beacons, environments and settlements.

But we need your help! So please HELP!!

We want to capture an “Epic Meteorite Hunt”.

We think there is something unique about the organised community hunts and we want to capture them. With the support of the community we want to organise a particularly epic hunt. Everyone is invited. Please come and help us capture the awesomeness of hunting. In a perfect world we’d be able to get over 50+ comrades involved.

When: Saturday 9th June. Exact time TBD, but late in Europe / early in America.

Please confirm if you’ll be able to attend a hunt on Saturday the 9th below.

Where: We will put online a brand new universe and Steam beta specifically for the hunt. The universe will contain new worlds specifically for capturing the hunt and show off the game worlds.

How: We will provide all the gear required: weapons, tools, buffs, food, etc. Everything. (Think “Guns, lots of guns”.)

We will also provide everyone with max level characters re-skills so that you can skill up. (Think “I know kungfu”.)

Please let us know if you can attend.

Oh and ps. FAME AWAITS!

Details for taking part are here:

Prepare for the Epic Hunt
HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt! -- DETAILS
HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt! -- DETAILS



I am game for an epic hunt!


Yeah I’m in! :smile:


Holy carp, sounds cool. I’ve missed a bunch of hunts so would love to join in!


I’ll be their!


Sign me up


Yeah ill be there and ill help preparing and organizing it.


I am game!


I’ll be there to complain about holes :slight_smile: And remind everyone to loot the meteor!


i want to go :))
but, noob question, what you man “Exact time TBD”? :blush:


I would be happy to attend on my 3 week old toon and supply my own weapons :slight_smile:


Sounds like fun I’m in for an epic hunt


I’m in. Please :slight_smile:


I’ll be there


Count me in! :panda_face::bow_and_arrow:


Yes! I wanna go! :woman_technologist:


Finally an event that actually falls on a day off from my job for once.

I am totally down for this.

@james Are the items going to have durability turned off? That way if we’re getting smart stacks of slingbows of each gem type as well as grapples, and tools, food. etc. I think it would make sense. We’re basically going to be picking up mob drops while exploring and hunting down filthy creatures with absolute prejudice. I only mention this cause if there’s new drops during this event I’d like to have the inventory space to later on look at the items.

Pretty excited for this event. I wonder if this is also going to give us a sneak peak to any new creatures along with new biomes! :smiley:


im in as well. This sounds awesome.