HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt!


hahaha i will book off work sick for it lol


Damn yeah ill be there :slight_smile:


I just booked the entire day off of work for it!
@James will weapon forging be included, or will this take place in the live version of the game? I’d like to support via health/energy bombs and revive totems.


im up for that


also now that i think of it @james will we need a char slot free for the hunt(to get the max level char)? if so i will need to move some plot ownerships around.


This will be on an entirely new set of worlds (working much the same as the current test worlds) where you will switch to a different beta version and have a completely independent character from the live version of the game.


Will whoever had the original hunts when meteors came out find the spot where the meteor took out the whole group of people as it hit them. I think it was @Jiivita that had it?


Yes. I’m. Coming. Sounds. Amazing.


That day is my fiance’s birthday, so I will likely be out of town! I hate that I won’t be there, so be sure to get good video and screenshots for me to admire! :smile:


I am game.


i am taking the day off and sending the famaly on an adventure. :+1: :smiley_cat:


I will be there.


Sadly I will miss the epic hunt… Happily I will be in Japan.


I am SO in!!
but new worlds? dang, thats gonna take us a while to prep for it…

Ohh ok sweet!!

:scream: :star_struck:

Okay this is gonna be literally the best hunt EVER


You can count me in!


There is a large chance that I could join, so please add me to the list. :slight_smile: I’ll let you know in advance if I can’t partake.


Unless i get called up for emergency duty, you will have my bow!


Omg - looks like I am off for that one! Thanks for not picking next weekend as I’m working :sunglasses:

So, if no personal stuff gets in my way, I’m in. :tada:


Sounds fun, I am in.


My connection always goes to :poop: on community hunts with constant rubberbanding so that pretty much rules me out :sob: