HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt!


I will attend the hunt!


HarryHotpants and me will be there :wink:


Awesome! Depending on the exact time, i should be able to come ^^

Prepare for the Epic Hunt

I’m up for it


I’ll be there! (if the chosen time will be friendly :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hopefully something like 9pm UK / mid afternoon US.


I’m west coast usa so moste likely will be early for me. as long as it’s after 8am pacific time I am golden.


I will try to participate with all of you !!!


I agree with Jeff around 8 am… I assume some effort will be put in to try to find a time that isn’t crazy early for west coast people like me. I’d like to attend.


8am would only be 4pm here, by late I was expecting about 7pm, so more like 11am.


I’m E Z. that would work gr8 4 me.


The event is great… but what happens with the lood? :open_mouth: can we take that to the live servers? :wink: and everythingw e harvest there XD But i’m in!


Ooooooh, I will try and be there!


video it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yeah! :+1:
you must record it!


Depending on the time, I am for sure down.


be there 100% also with recording the stream :slight_smile:


say no more


Well, maybe a little more. We still need a final time :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 if I can)