HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt! -- DETAILS


Yeah. By IP-blockings from Roskomnadzor all internet service providers was forced to blocking lot of Amazon servers. So, some of my people was solved this problem, but it still actual for many others. And for me too, huh. :pensive:

So, I negotiating with my internet provider to resolve this vexed trouble for Epic Hunting tomorrow.


Hey Okkelinor, i don’t know if you are breaking your ISPs ToS with that, but it sounds like you could use a VPN…

Best paid one i tried was

And as Quick and Dirty Solution you could use +

I hope i don’t break any Rules with this Post, i didn’t checked. But if, i will delete it instantly :wink:


Thank you. I will set this way because my internet provider said “It’s not depend from us, so we cannot do anything to help you:rofl:


Wow, Quality Service xD … If the “Normal” VPNs don’t work, try one of the Stealth Ones, those can even Penetrate the Great Firewall of China :wink: … But are often muuuch slower.


Hoping to be able to make the last hour and a bit. Ill hop on discord when i log in and find out where your all to


try to friend someone that’ll be there, that way you can jump right to that friend when you get on


there will be no sleep tonight! I’m just to excited!!!


All aboard!!

:cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :train: :train: :train:


I still can’t figure out when the hunt starts:(
What is the GMT time for it?


It starts at GMT 5pm


I believe its either 5-9 or 6-10pm gmt… either way if you wait for the steam beta key you know the hunt is going down :sunglasses:

E: Thanx will, 5-8 UTC + extra time


Its 6-10pm BST, which is GMT+1, so 5-9 (technically 5-8 because the final hour is a reserve hour)


When characters will be copied? I overslept all busines and didn’t finish my preparation. :sweat_smile:


Thank you, that makes sense


I think they’ve already been copied by now, but we are being provided with weapons…


I have a special plan, so yesterday I made some warp augmentations and didn’t take them from the compactor for now


Yeah, its a good idea. I might do that just in case they do another copy.


@james i may have missed a post but can we stream it??


No problem with people streaming / capturing footage.

It’s encouraged!!


Hopfully the last hour everyone is still there… im really excited to check it out but im not able to join till then :(:sob: