HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt! -- DETAILS


As well… are we able to port to friends on this beta?


sweet ill record aswell just incase i catch anything good :smiley:


Will it be in the same place as the testing server?


Even if we finish before the last hour, If they keep the servers live I’ll hang with you the last hour exploring.


Thanks :smiley: super pumped to have a look around and see whats new


In the end i will not be able to be in for the event :sob:


Should be. We will have to enter a code in the box below the normal dropdown list, but same place.


You say “All aboard”, @James but where is the code or test client?

I think it would really help everyone if we had some clarity on the process. I know you said the first hour would be getting everyone ready, but to stop all the questions, some more detail on the steps, etc might help.


The process is the same as test beta, put in code download login. From that point we meet a 0,0.


The process, as explained earlier, is that the code will be published in the first hour, which is reserved for everyone to get ready.
I think the train thing was a reference to hype train? Idk…
Yeah, meet at 0,0 which is clearly marked… You shall see.


i am ready to hunt :slight_smile: it would be my first time experiance and fun with folks:grinning::grin:


For any one wondering when the evet starts look at this calendar for your time zone


Waiting, with a new opened cool bear in the heat an music on max…


Which discord is being used officially? I assume the regular one?


I still have no idea how to join this hunt … looked on steam, can’t see anything there … it’s easy for those to say it’s the same as logging into test server but that’s something a lot of us haven’t done either.


Can’t we all just use the regular discord for Boundless? Instead of this portal seekers thing


We are going to use the portal seekers Discord the one we usaly use for the hunts


Right click boundless in the list to the right, go to properties an the beta tab.


My discord say i am at another place, cant log in…


You will get a code to enter into the area @heureka talked about. This code will be given out when the hunt begins (in an hour)