HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt! -- DETAILS


Did you maybe log in on your Browser while you followed the Link to get into the PS Discord?


I can’t see any area to put any sort of code into


Try to login both from the link and from my computer, get stuck in a loop send me around…


Yeah had that one Time too, close everything, Browser and Discord and Open Discord First… That did the Trick for me


Right click boundless in steam library, hit properties. Then there is a betas tab, and there should be a box there.


What Will said and then you get this:


Thx worked, got into boundless chanal.


James is on the official one…


Thank you willcrutchley that was very helpful, found it :slight_smile:


Awesome, glad I could help :stuck_out_tongue: and now, we wait!


We’re using this discord


Updated OP with details to access the event.


Thanks for the instructions, download is going!
Will be joining a little later, somewhere between 19.00-20.00.


For those that do not know - you select boundless and right click properties. In there is a beta tab. Enter code then click check and finally select the new beta code in the entry.


Guys, the game looks so beautiful, I loved the new planets, thank you for let us be part of this event.
I want a house on the blue forest :slight_smile:


That was fun :slight_smile:


Inform us when some of the footage hits youtube. Want to see stuff in motion! ^^


Youtube Needs a few Minutes :slight_smile:


thx … but I thik I have to wat for the youtube upload cuz the pc at work here is to slow to show twitch videos ^^

Pentium 4 3gh with 2gb ram, no 3d video card, a mainboard made of wood (stone would be to high tech for this speed) and Win7 32bit (at least it’s win 7 ^^) … don’t forget the innovative internet connection with under 2mbit download and 0,7mbit upload ^^


Wowowow, 1995 called, it wants its Computer back xDD