HELP! Help us capture an epic Meteorite Hunt! -- DETAILS


I would send it if I could … even my mobile is better, but since I am at the end of a village here where I work my mobile connection is only 25% online and then only with 2-5kb/sec … so I have to use this old stonemade “machine” ^^


Its Up, but its just raw Uncut Video, if the Devs want to use anything of it.
Sadly twitch ate the first hour of preperation and fun :confused:

(I have most of it as .mkv if needed)


Had a great evening with everyone there, nice discussions as well.

Checked out many of te 55 new planets and moste are awesome! Some were a bit rough though, seemed like generation glitches.

A random selection of screenshots:

(More available)


Yeah, one planet had a color scheme that was pretty reminiscent of unicorn poop, and that made my eyes hurt a little. But there were at least 4 other ones that stood out to me as potential new build locations.


Tangle seems pretty cool. It can slow movement speed of things that are running on it. I don’t know if there ever will be some sort of anti-creature defense for settlements after launch but Tangle blocks could be part of that. Same goes for Thorn blocks that are suppose to damage things that run into it or touch it (didn’t work on the event test server).

I don’t know if there ever would be some sort of mob invasion event that is triggered after so many hours of a settlement reaching a certain prestige level on level 2 and higher worlds. But if that ever becomes a thing I think it would be nice to have ways to deal with the events in a number of different ways (craftable guards, turrets, static defense, etc.). Even more so when pvp worlds come into existence after 1.0 is released and beyond that.

That’s pretty much the impression I got from the Tangle and Thorn blocks. Thorn could be used very similar to barbed wire or even an electric fence. :smiley:


@james thank you so much for the hunt. I think this was the best community event we have had because it really showed all of us coming together to help you developers.

Obviously, I think I speak for everyone when we say that if you all need something like this again whether it be for videos, infrastructure stress tests, world trials, or whatever that we all would love to step forward and help.

I think everyone enjoyed seeing how BOUNDLESS the universe can be with the planet system and the distances we need to cover to explore it (30+ blinksec). So great job!

On a more personal note regarding the planets: I liked the new worlds but did have some concerns in that many we visited were very hard to navigate and unusual in their make up. I loved that in some context and think it is absolutely critical to make the game exciting and different.

In another context, though, what concerned me was that the more normal planets and planet colors might not exist any longer… There is something about the planet universe that we have now that feel more natural. I really hope those planet “designs” do not go away in the new universe and we can at least see the palette color and mountain feel even if it is a new world.

I get especially concerned with the atmosphere effects that will be applied and how that makes things feel and look. I’m sure you all will work to balance things I just felt it was important to note it so you all were aware that many people were mentioning the same thing.

Also, the starter planet we were on seemed way too flat but I know some of the other starter worlds were not online so I just hope that we have the same normal type of mountains at least on starter planets.

I guess to sum it all up, I’m sure everyone wants completely crazy planets but definitely a bunch of normal “earth like” planets as well across all level of planet “hardness” of starter to super extreme.


Well said. Also definitely agree about having a few ‘normal’ looking planets.
And as you said, it’s wonderful seeing some of the structures created in random world gen, but getting across them, well, that was an experience :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to think that perhaps if you max out some atmospheric protection talents, then you’d get the ability to make ‘armour’/items that other people without the skills, could use to stay alive on certain worlds…obviously that have a finite use ;p


There will be a spectrum of worlds from Level 0 (Earthlike) to Level 7 (Otherworldly). The worlds we explored on the Hunt were deliberately the higher level and hence more extreme otherworldly landscapes. We deliberately explored these because we wanted footage that contrasted what exists on the current Live worlds.

There will be many many worlds with Earthlike palettes and biomes.

By atmosphere effects - I assume you’re referring to the day / night cycles and the sky colours?

Or are you referring to the particle effects that could be played throughout the different biomes?

There are and will be mountains on starter worlds.

But we require a spectrum of worlds and landscapes and biomes and palettes and effects, without this I fear that all the worlds will feel alike which will give players little reason to explore the universe.

This is exactly what we’re doing.


I didn’t think of those things and more meant the harsh atmosphere that we will need to have skills assigned to so our skin isn’t eaten off or we die because we can’t breathe. :slight_smile:

I’m completely on the same page and kind of why I did the post because I was fearing the same thing. I figured you all would have it covered but things like this came up in some conversations I had so I felt it was important to mention it. Variability and wide range of dynamics for planets will certainly be important so things don’t get old.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this so people are aware of the plans.


this saddens me.
we are NOT on Earth!! I totally get that the starter planets should look like earth. It’s a perfect place to start but when I go to another planet I EXPECT to see odd shaped landscapes (they don’t all have to be impossible to navigate, just impossible to fathom on earth). I don’t want to see earthlike “trees” I want to see weird shaped growths (there were still a lot of these and I loved it!)
probably the most disappointing thing for me while playing boundless was getting to another planet [ok I’m leaving out starter planets because the intention is that they look like earth even though I was disappointed landing on Solum heh] (Alturnik, Epsilo, Septerfon, Elopor, Andooweem…) ALL of these looked just like earth to me and I almost couldn’t tell the difference. (septerfon = more water etc.) even Munteen was almost too similar save for the lava lakes.

Nasharil was a masterpiece of a planet. wacky colours that somehow jived with each other even with such a high contrast. it somehow worked.

there were a lot of worlds that I liked on the hunting server but my graphics were messed up so I couldn’t screenshot most stuff that I liked, but I’m going to hop back on and check out the new set of worlds and try to get as many screenshots as I can.

heh sorry, I am obsessed with colour and colour matching. you should have seen me in high school lol.


And this gets to exactly the point some folks have made and that @james said is in their plan, in terms of variety…

Epsilo and Elopor are my two favorite planets. I only go to Nasharil when I accidentally walk through the wrong portal.


To be honest, there are going to be players like you who want more “out of this world” colours so to speak and then there will be people like me who prefer more neutral Earth-like world. This is why we need variety. Just because there are going to be Earth-like planets, I don’t think that’s anything to be concerned about. :slight_smile:

I would even be so inclined as to speculate that the game would probably not do as well if there were no Earth-like planets. If you look at games like No Man’s Sky, people tend to gravitate towards the lush paradise planets.Aside from a minority, us human beings tend to prefer what we’re used to by nature.




It’s an excellent occasion to make awesome paratree prefabs. How paratrees could differ from earth-like trees? Is it havn’t foliage? Or foliage didn’t form tree crown? Let’s think about :wink: