HELP! Sculptures and Builds that capture CREATIVE?

Hey Everyone.

I want to take a few screenshots from the Live game that I can use as part of the coming Sovereign and Creative Worlds update. I want to find some Sculptures or Builds or Chiselling that are the very best creative building in the game. Something that is super creative.

If you have any suggestions it would really help!

I need the World and Coordinates if possible.


ps. We’re super close…


@james, @Damagekai jedi temple on arie is an absolute masterpiece grand scale, great colours and nice lighting to boot.

Don’t have the exact coordinates but Dora’s green marble coloured shop right next to the main RTG hub on arie has a portal to it downstairs.


@georgegroeg has done some great things. Also really like Lake but I forget who owns it


Most things by @Apt fall into this category


@ work, will send favorites tonight :blue_heart:

I’d suggest people give planet location coords to help the Devs.


@Apt’s stuff. Everything that he has ever done haha! TNT Antar portal.


Go to @Apt estate, close your eyes and point at something. :wink:


PS guild hall:

maybe once the infinite storms issue is fixed…


I see this I think @Apt and @georgegroeg lol


PS cardass hub:


Wolf and Unicorn, Refgar, -543N -65E Alt 65
Purple Dragon, Refgar, -619N 54E Alt 65
Squid, Refgar, -861N 165E Alt 67
[Also the Coral Reef] -897N 161E alt 57
Skull Island, Refgar, -922N 170E Alt 65
Indian Tents Refgar, -822N 17E alt 68
Castle, Refgar -954N -188E alt 65
3 different tree types Refgar, -537N -127E alt 65
Green Dragon Refgar, -507N -346E alt 65
Temple and Sumo, Refgar, -685N -591E alt 65
Rainbow Bridge, Refgar, -571N -636E alt 64
Planets/crops planted Gellis -343N 1248E alt 66
Golden Temple with “benches” Sorissi -1544N -300E alt 65
Tardis [Because why not?] Sorissi, -1254N -334E alt 74
‘Clouds’, Sorissi, -1287 -295E alt 116
Market place, Alder, 1828N 847E alt 67 [Just look around this whole area is so awesome!]
Random storage, Alder, 1878N 772E alt 65
Rock Formation, Alder 1839N 794E alt 69
Tree Formation [potential for how to spawn gleam], Alder 1740N 739E alt 69 [Look up]
The Dark Bridge, Alder 1700N 1012E alt 71 {ps. Go read the sign]
This whole area, Antar VI 1092N 2130E alt 120
Wildstock, Antar VI, 1092N 2209E alt 101
Illuminated caves Antar VI, 1092N, 2283E alt 60 [Look around]
In game calandar, Refgar, 2244N 1765E Alt 55
The Pirate Ship, Maryx, 1708N -113E Alt 71
Sling and Jump, Alder -1026N 433E alt 33
Bomb Wars, Alder -1056N 520E alt 33
Nessie, Maryx, 215N, 1233E alt 65
Ant, Sochaltin I 691N -1671E alt 102
“The Endless Maze” Sochaltin I, -312 -866E alt 66
Sanctum, Sochaltin I 714N -1634E alt 100
Lightning Bolt, Sochaltin I -822N 1338E alt 64
DeathStar Island, -954N 1157E alt 252

[More to come later]


PS hunters courtyard:


ps shop:


Thanks ghandy :smiley:

Sadly I’m not online at the moment nor am I likely to be for the foreseeable…or tomorrow if rentals come out lol

Adding coordinates here would help james a lot I think. I can always edit my post if you add them here

Not done but maybe you will be able to get some nice shot in there, coordinate in last screenshot.


Olympus temple/sculpture - Pheminorum, right through TNT portal there (-1514, 244)

@georgegroeg of course has a TON. :smiley: A lot in the Alder settlement around 1860, 865, but definitely the Alnitans robot/mech creation at -490, -56. Oh, also the Jingleheim sculpture at around -512, 145.

@Apt’s Pyrrohocoris estate as a whole, Antar IV TNT portal. 1092, 2160.

Autumn Dell on Trior has some really clever, beautiful designs… dock area around -2100, 961 might be a good area for a capture. Also the castle a bit north of there.

Semtex’s place on Cephonex has some beautiful work, but can’t find a portal now, will keep looking, for that and others.

Edit for another: The carnival rides at Rivertowns on Arie - around -1834, -1774.


May be too simple but I had to use like 3 or 4 chisels to achieve the dragon head portals in our Twisted Dragon Hub. Upstairs above it we used quite a few on the house and our guild mate used a lot on his shop in the Twisted Dragon Shopping Center upstairs above the hub.

The upstairs is nice too with the shops, fountain, custom made tree by us and JokerFarm and house. You can feel free to use shots from the workshop too ( we know you can get into locked doors LOL)