HELP! What is "new content"?


My list for 2019 year:
The lower the item on the list, the less priority it is for me.

  • Advanced character customization, more faces, torso, foots and arms (!!included tails!!)
  • Generated dungeons with loot
  • Oort ruins / temples for exploring
  • More furniture! (columns / bookshelves etc)
  • Climbable ladders
  • Melee weapons
  • Clothes and armor(?)
  • Underground biomes (not just rocks. Want to see organic “alien” biomes, acid lakes(?) something more dangerous - underground worms)
  • Water creatures and biomes
  • Possibility to make own flying island via machines


Just to elaborate on my earlier improved combat point i listed in this thread. The skill changes may be the hardest but weapons are already in the game.

**Change the rage epic-**something like each time the tank takes damage rage is built up. When you reach a certain number you automatically receive a buff that lasts X seconds. Resistance is increased and you do an automatic (low damage) aoe that increases your threat and makes enemeies more likely to target you. Rage brew turns into a brew you consume increases charges and make this effect happen sooner (cooldown of X minutes on drinking a rage brew)

Change the focus epic-each shot/swing attack that lands increases focus that will then increase your damage for X seconds. Drinking a focus brew will automatically activate this effect and have a cooldown of X minutes.

Change healing mechanics-need more thought to this. trying to keep this in boundless world logic so no healing staves, etc. Add an augment or boon to healing bombs that will track player with lowest % of health in the area you throw the bomb and it will heal them and those around them. Or a totem augment, similar to revive augment, that shoots a beam at players and travels through them in a line. All players in the beam’s path will receive a heal and a heal over time effect.

The melee weapons are there. New epic skill that turns your axe into a battleaxe, a hammer into a battlehammer/mace or shovel into a scythe.

Battleaxe=increased crit chance
Battlehammer/mace=increased damage
Scythe=mix of both
These weapons would also have a different weapon model when equipped and only have that visual when epic skill is active. Or make these new recipes altogether.

Slingbows are already there for ranged combat. This isn’t something I’d expect anytime soon because I know there’s a lot of balancing and whatnot but hopefully there’s a new idea here that hasnt been mentioned in an old thread somewhere. (Im sure there is)


Craft armor use shards to match what environment you need protection in. higher tier protection requires more mats/shards for the armor.

Place each individual piece of armor in centraforge to get higher levels of physical protection and special abilities like glow, feather weight, double jump, shock absorbing boots, lava walker, repair, water walker, ect.

Wingsuit for the people who want to live in the sky
Dive suit for those who want to build Atlantis.
Armor stand to display are armor so we can stand back and go yes that is awesome.

Armor should be repairable the fact you would have at minimum
4 wing-suits 1 for each environment type
4 dive suits 1 for each environment type
7 armor sets 1 for each environment type
Plus all the buff forged on the armor sets
Their would be no shortage of sales

Would need a way to NAME ALL FORGED GEAR.

New weapons
Long handle sledge hammer
Blasting gauntlets / forge them to make them healing/ buff/ revive gauntlets for those who are in the supporting role./ cast bubble force fields on people in battle stuff like that.
Taser grapples drains endurance while attaches to a mob. Attached to long and it starts hurting the user.
Plus a elemental version of each weapon.


Two new Ideas I thought of.

First, I would like a craftable “prize chest”. A chest that is immune to regen, even without a beacon. Maybe make a 3x3x3 cube around it immune as well, and limit the number each player (not alt) can craft.

Once it is emptied, it disappears and the person who placed it is notified.

It would be a great way for players to leave random loot for other players to find.

Second, I would like an “item chest”. I would like this in two versions, a “listed content” chest and a “Blind chest”.

The “listed content chest” would be for bundling items. No one is buying flint for 1c each, but they may buy 100 for 10c. It is also a good way to sell kits. Maybe you don’t want to forge but have all the ingredients. You could sell a “3x3 AoE” chest with everything you need. Or you could sell hunt bundles for the equipment and consumables you should have to hunt on certain worlds.

Place the chest in the shop stand, fill it with whatever you like. (in that order so it can’t be used for extra storage) Then name the chest (maybe). When a potential customer hovers over the chest, the contents are listed.

A “Blind” chest would be the same thing, but customers have no idea what is inside. This would be fun for things like Storage Wars style auctions or you could sell "20 chests contain 100 soft turquoise refined sed. blocks, but one of them holds an extra prize!!

Just ways that you can give players the ability to create content for each other.


For me personally, new content would be:

  1. Being able to create clothing and armor
  2. Different face looks, expressions, etc.
  3. Create more decorative items, like flower pots, paintings, vases in my house instead of building it out of blocks :slight_smile:
  4. Farming and I know this one is coming
  5. Taming pet’s for hunting, mounts, etc.
  6. Fishing, yes I do love fishing as a woman. Let’s not forget maybe some boat’s as well.
  7. My 7 yr old son would love some dungeon’s near by because he prefers laying the, " Smack Down" . Even on our planet of Angel 1 would be nice .
  8. Lore , books, maybe some npc city telling me something about why I’m on this planet besides the website. :slight_smile:


For new new content is things that add another activity to do in game. Farming and books for example. Farmer and author professions. For me what isnt new content is things that however are new dont add another activity but simply extend it or expand on an existing activity.


More, new, hopefully exciting things to do. Some examples already in the pipeline would be the hunter and farming, but there are many other frequently suggested ideas.

Personally? I would love to take some of the pressure off the dev team’s hands if there were tools for the players to develop emergent content. For me, the simplest way to do this would be to have a craftable item that can be placed in player beacons (like a mob spawner) that allows mobs that naturally spawn in the world where the player is building, to spawn inside the plot where it is placed (within the player’s beacon), with the same (or perhaps slightly adjusted) parameters for in-the-wild spawning. No super fast spawns.

This could be crafted with the respective mob trophies, plus whatever else the metrics say needs to be drained from the system (as usual), and of course, only mobs of the varieties and levels appropriate for the planet where the spawner is placed, can spawn, so no spawning say, Mighty Hoppers in Tranquil Worlds, or anywhere else that Hoppers would not naturally spawn. Roadrunners should not have their own spawner.

Additionally, to keep (as much as realistically possible) from having players exploit this, some logic could be added where if a single spawned mob is unable to path to the player, the spawner stops working for X minutes.

That way we could make our own dungeons, and cool dungeons would generate footfall and repeated traffic, players would have a reason to build, explore and adventure in those player-made dungeons, and all involved would be happier. Constant stream of new, emergent content that takes the pressure off the dev team.

I’m pretty excited about the already announced upcoming features, particularly farming. In addition to those, I would also like to see, in order of priority:

1 - pants
2 - Tier 7+ planets and their respective tools and materials
3 - paneled glass meshes that @jesshyland mentioned in a topic I made the other day (one of millions of topics about the exact same thing) - preferably both with and without borders/frames.
4 - ladders
5 - one-way portals so that we can have many input portals leading to a single output portal (those should only work either when placed on the same planet, or even better, within the same settlement if the game logic allows for that). For display purposes the output could round-robin the inputs on a timer. They could be two-way if this was used, but that’s optional to me. The multi-input-per-output part is what would interest me.
6 - Since Oortians have mastered the use of portals, it would be very nice if they figured out a way to use this technology to remotely access storage blocks and such.

Low Priority - If at all possible wider doors (not necessarily making four doors side by side work as if they were two halves but actually larger door models, like garage doors and bunker doors and things of that nature) as well as more varieties for existing doors and assorted furniture (pneumatic versions that automatically open on player proximity, forcefields, hidden doors disguised as regular blocks…)

At some point in the future:
Those flying fortresses looked neat.
Some sort of logic circuit type thing so that we could remotely control doors, spark generators, machines, etc. Would be neat for even more dynamic player made dungeons.

Edit: Iterating on the player-made dungeon idea: spawners could use the meteor scaling system, increasing in difficulty if a group of players is nearby. A beacon-specific scoreboard could be kept for each participating player, with points added for each spawned mob killed, and subtracting (or resetting if it’s a single player) on death or upon leaving the area, and a craftable ‘loot box’ could be placed at the end of the dungeon with scaling rewards also similar to meteors based on planet tier and the score achieved.

Loot could include tools and weapons with completely randomized forge effects (including defects and quirks) with partially consumed durability, or just be similar to meteor drops. An arena variant of the spawner block could also be made (perhaps crafted using all mob-specific spawners as ingredients) which would create random meteor-like portals from which any combination of enemies could spawn, in increasingly more difficult waves, with the reward in the ‘loot box’ for those scaling based on the number of waves defeated.

  • We can buy coins for Cubits.
  • That there will be NPCs to sell and buy everything in Boundless for Coins
  • more stable servers
  • fairer distribution of raw materials on the planet and not everything good only in US
  • to build and decorate much more blocks
  • much easier forging system


That’s not new content and will make me quit the game as soon as it’s announced

So no more player stores needed? Another reason to quit playing for me then!

I really would love that, yet, it’s not new content.

What exactly do you feel is better on US based planets? Because I would not know! Besides, I don’t even look all that much in what region a server is unless I see the UNPLAYABLE message which is usually on the AUS servers.

I would like to change this one to:

  • why do EU planets not look nice like the AUS ones do, Kol Huroo is a waste of space if you ask me!

True, but that is what they will be adding over time anyways, it’s a given…

Not needed, people can learn it now too, if it would be dumbified so everyone can do it there would be no reason to sell forged items anymore!

I will also demand much easier recipes for food and brews! Heck, gimme that debug screen that people on testing have so I can ask for stuff and I simply get it!

Make Boundless more fun for you, right? Right???


There are quite a few things on this post that sound like amazing ideas! Seriously, all of you have such creative ideas it’s actually fun to read through this!

(Kinda off topic, but wanted to get that out there) :slight_smile:


New features thats not just a remake of still available Content:

  • New decorative Elements as seen in some old Pictures.
  • New Blocks with smooth lines, means this overlapping textures as in many natural blocks
    Per example the 4 new blocks don’t have overlapping textures to prevent hard lines in seemless textures.
    Thats very disappointing, because it could look way more nice with the texture blending feature
  • New Receipes for all the almost non used Materials
  • New Creatures and Surface Stuff
  • Finding more secrets
  • Stuff to create player driven dungeons
  • Prestige fixing for natural builded Settlements


I would like to see some type of mini game or games implemented to play with people or an ability to create them. Things to enhance the social experiences and make the game more fun for interior designing. I think there’s a lot of things from social MMOS that could thrive in Boundless and keep it fun


this too sounds like a promising idea
trove had a system of bouncy spheres (because the forums censor ■■■■■ >.>) and ball-detecting blocks so that people could make their own sports, might be worth of taking some inspiration from it


WTB PvP or a huge increase in PvE… Complete with dungeons at least 20 new mob types… etc Maybe random world bosses, that drop really rare loot etc…


New blocks to build things with, new creatures, new materials… Things every player can play around with, whether they’re hardcore survivalists or casual players.

New blocks like the poles and beams, as long as they don’t require a ridiculous amount of components, secondary passes through various machines and humongous crafting time, basically reserving them for the players in big guilds (like the decorative marble/mozaic/gravel - super-enriched bounding agent causes me endless suffering).

I think the game could also use a rework of the blocks which have 1x1 repeating textures, like refined stones, compared to basic crafted stones, which textures expand in a 2x2 pattern.

Also, actual clothing would be nice. Getting tired of the dirty diaper.


A big “new content” update would be so awesome!

New skills - fishing, farming, flying…
New blocks - water, lava, plasma, granite, limestone, oortstone, frameless glass, VFX blocks, anime leaves blocks, number blocks…
New decor - ladders, new doors, pre-fab trees, barrels of toxic sludge, floor grates, metal/gem/stone furniture, lamps, small wildstock/hopper statues…
Local teleporters
Hoverboards, hang gliders…
Weapons - laser guns, light sabers…
Temples / Dungeons / Towers - with treasure boxes. rare blocks, or other goodies
Odd new temp/small planets or moons such as: all black & white, everything is metal, strange atmosphere like low gravity, one big meteorite with a boss/treasure inside…

What do you want in boundless?

Oh man, I’d love to go fishing and catch transparent plasma crystal fish(or something :laughing:), or make a beautiful space farm!
Yes! All the blocks+decor+pets+planets, and floating sakura leaves please
I need a hoverboard now lol
New varied weapons+dungeons would be awesome! Treasure :star_struck:


Yes to all of this!! :blush:

Also, I need this explained. 0o I’m an anime nerd and I’m still confused. But I also just woke up and the oreo-flavored coffee has yet to kick in. :coffee:


Races, customization (like you guys talked about doing for yearsssss), equipment (shoes, boots, shorts, pants, shirts, caps, hats, etc. you know like the stuff you see in that trailer), mobs, titans, guild created dungeons, player created dungeons, actual dungeons.

Shouldn’t be very hard, maybe something other than just creating meshes?


End game! Dungeons, etc. Please see End game