HELP! What is "new content"?


SNOW SHOES to help us walk on ICE!


Apart from farming which I’m intrigued to see what form that will be as I’m guessing it won’t be in the traditional sense that a lot of people are expecting, this is Boundless after all. Aquatic content, firstly and very importantly transparent underwater glass.
Aquatic mobs, placid ones like wildstock that only retaliates when attacked but down in the deep cave water systems are aggressive ones.
On lava planets there could be lava eels that stick their heads out of the lava and spit fire and there could be fire salamanders that can come out of the lava for a short time to attack you. Both these can be killed by grappling them out of the lava for a certain amount of time (this could require group effort particularly for larger specimens)
Some form of scuba diving equipment plus breathing augments, buffs etc to extend underwater swimming.
No water source buckets like MC but pipes and pumps etc which I’ve touched on in another post.

As many new building blocks as possible (you can never have too much choice) and some form of interactive blocks (switches, sensors etc)
This list is not exhaustive but that’s more than enough for now :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: And decorative items (preferably functional) …I Initially built a house, it even has a few log fires in it with a chimney stack. After finishing it I have never used it because it wasn’t big enough or practical for the workshop which is now a sprawling mass built underneath. All the alts all use the workshop but there is no practical use for the house which is a pity because I like it. Even some stuff just to decorate it with would be welcome so it doesn’t feel like an empty shell.


Get rid of the skill system we have now and give us a skill tree or a node system

The system we have now is all or nothing when you get to epics that prevents really any depth of character skill customization.

A skill tree would allow players to really fine tune their characters

A sphere grid is essentially the same thing accept it will send you down a more direct character build path be like you go one way and your character is going to end up stronger with side skills of skinning animals and removing eye ■■■■■ then if you need some building skills start moving in that direction.

If anybody has played with these systems before they work and they give your character a unique build there would be no limit to the hieghts your character could achieve the only limit would be waiting for new content to be added for new branches on the skill trees or new sphere grids.


Content meaning: a reason to continue logging in to the game to get a sense of enjoyment or fulfillment, otherwise why call this entertainment?

Things that would bring my family and I back to the game:

  1. Daily quests - sometimes likento have some structure to follow. Not always but it’s something that would encourage/give reason to log in.

  2. Farming in a typical/normal fashion. ie: raw ingredients for food etc. this would also include animals to ‘harvest’ materials from such wool/linen.

  3. personal worlds: still, the one reason we purchased the game in the first place only to find out afterwards there isn’t even a hint of an idea as to when it will be available. We don’t want them connected to the universe at all. I can’t emphasize the disappointment that remains at this being unavailable months after release when it was promised to launch at 1.0. Edit: the fact that all these changes continue to occur with the core game when they were manageable via configuration on the client side leads one to believe personal worlds wont be happening any time soon which really discourages any will to keep tabs on the game. There needs to be a heart to heart discussion with the devs and the community that went in on Boundless with the expectation that we’d be able to have our own worlds.


Oooh, maybe tree climbing shoes to fix electricity lines.


I think this could work fr this game in particular. Maybe you could even have free respecs until a certain level to ply with the skills, and after you know what directions you would like to go in terms of skills, you will have a permanent path towards your perfect “miner” for ex.


Basiclaly like Path of Exile. It’s an amazingly well designed system.


Animals/creatures/minions that walk with you or live at your house


I would love to see randomly generated explorable structures. Perhaps the slow disintegration of abandoned builds will fulfill that craving


Pets are everytime a good idea :slight_smile:


New Content can be hard, if it is all put on the creators to make it.

We can also make new content if you give us the tools to do so. I would like to mirror @Kirinvar 's request:

Gift Stands - Give out items, limits/has an input

I agree that Redstone, or automation can be a problem if endless an self sustaining…but you can create things that do Specific tasks that prevent endless loops.

Auto Unlock a door -
This would allow mazes to randomize their paths and solutions. It would allow dungeons to have contingent systems before allowing you to go forward.

I would also like to see writable books added so we can write lore/interesting things to find.

With just the above, it would be such an amazing improvement to the builders who want to add content for the player base.


In my eyes new content would be:

  • Titans
  • Temporary Worlds
  • Dungeons/Instances
  • Randomly generated NPC quests with rewards
  • Farming
  • More blocks -> I think most people would love to see a significant number of decorative mesh blocks
  • More enemy types & variations
  • complex boss fights

Not really “content” per-say, more like improvements:

  • The guild system
  • Being able to buy and sell beacons
  • Fixing AOE spanners
  • Adding AOE chisels
  • Adding more slots for forge ingredients

I think the game needs a balance of content and improvements. I agree the game is maybe a touch low on content, but without the solid gameplay mechanisms behind it, content can get ugly. Keep up the good work, and keep polishing things!


It would also be good to craft a backpack to get more inventory for a short time. This would make it easier to move to another plot


I keep seeing a lot of stuff like events to bring community together etc, but can we get something for the solo player?

I mean, really, what did the guild update bring to us solo players? The new blocks were kind of a let down and very expensive to make and guild only brought 1 or 2 of the cheapest buffs because higher ranks are way too expensive to maintain alone. Now I have to join someones guild in order to benefit from the buffs. The overhaul of the chat system was good, I’ll give you that.

What I wish is that there were more stuff that is equally fair for solo as well as group play. Meteor hunt solo is inferior to group hunts. Also, as a builder, I would love to see more decoration/design stuff (more chairs, tables, beds, lamps, fences (or other blocks that can be chiseled so that the pilar is in the center of a block, like fence in minecraft or spark line in boundless), buttons, water, more boulder variety etc. Also would like to have a completely white block that is not ice.

Another thing that bothers me is that it feels like servers have gotten more unstable after christmas. Also would like to see a toggle for weather intensity and sunlight.

Just my long 5 cents.


Don’t think too much about it, PC players tend to give consoles the blame for everything, last I heard they are the root cause of global warming! :smiley:


They had this but as the regeneration algorithm was tied to all regeneration, it affected the regeneration of resources which created shortages. Unless they find a way to separate structures from natural blocks I am not sure if the can do this.


They are and they also cause cavities in your teeth.



One other thing I would like to see is the ability for ps4 players to see their total time played.
Sucks not being able to see this info imo


New content defined, or desired content not here yet?

We have character models, chat, shops, crafting, events/instances, planets, travel, grapples, tons of chiseling designing, aggroing creatures on harder planets, elements, comprehensive skill tree, wide variety of profession choices, alts, cities, wardens, guilds and more.

I took some time today to think about this, and look up quite a few other mmo’s as to compare game mechanics to help answer the question.

A few things I do notice that is missing here for content, that seems be in literally in every other mmo regardless of game style, is 1st Boss’s and then pvp, then some sort of story or at least player made events or story, daily’s, quest, instances or more group events.

We do have 1 event with meteors however. But no dungeons or grouped instances to take down a procedurally harder dungeon with boss. Maybe meteors could drop a more defined final boss. Easier to implement than Titans. A Cuttle for example so strong the entire group has to concentrate and pound on it. Right now you can’t even tell which mob might be the one that completes the meteor. Instead of a final wave with a couple of elites mixed in , a single decent BOss for the final wave! But we still want Titans.

This said I think there needs to be more coin rewards with the loots. And never ever tools or armor drops with the Boundless crafting mechanics. Just good materials to craft with or sell.

So new content is everything from Boss’s, new chat mechanics, quest, pvp, crafted items, armor (even if just for looks), races, travel mechanics, new character models, hair, farming, zones, instances, pets, relationships, buffs, new planets. A lot of these things are in the game and recent added.

I feel the Dev’s have been answering the call for new content. They are intelligently smoothing out current things as well as adding new content. An unpolished plethora of new content is just a pile of unpolished irritation.

so what’s the problem and calls in so many threads about, and why the need for this thread?

Even though this game has so many elements of the other mmo’s, it was first a casual crafter with cool like minded players. It Now has the structure to open it’s wings and finally can handle the more parts, like bosses. It needed those core elements/content like guilds and better chat.

Also it’s player base has outgrown the casual part. With this many players, and playstyles it’s time to add some missing elements that would make this dominate literally every other mmo out there. giving more replay value to a wider audience. More Danger, like planets where you need a protector to walk behind you and protect you while you gather resources because of all the nasty hunters licking their lips at your furry bottom. not just a tier higher of the same animals. Night animals and day animals. Animals that you can see making all those noises day and night that you never see like birds. Water animals.

I literally feel like this is no longer something we are discussing on how to simply improve the game, but something that has the potential to dominate everything out there, with just a few things added.


Portal knights are free now on PS+ for the month. Anthem is coming out in a month. This is going to be a tough time to get new players or keep current players interested. Christmas time was a good time but that window passed.

We need classes, races, and titans. It would immediately make the game feel more action packed and like an mmo.

I honestly don’t think farming is that captivating because we already have a food system. What’s the point? More yams?

Guild battles!
Mini games!
Melee weapons!
A better healing epic!
more class/build customization (for tank, dps, and healer)
Pants and shirts!