HELP! What is "new content"?


Pretty much the things I would like to see have already been stated by everyone else. But one thing that I’d like that really isn’t new content would be a 4th skill page. I have a lvl 48 alt but I don’t like using him. I’d rather just use a 4th skill page being as I am a high enough lvl to make a 4th one out


I have over 600 skillpoints to spend on a character that already has 3 maxed out skillsets, I too would love to use those skillpoints!

As for the questions, well, what new content is has mainly been covered by others, just want to emphasise a few things.

New content is not more cosmetic items (tho, they are certainly very, very needed), new content is indeed new blocks, but I rather you save them up and release Boundless Blocksgalore version with 60 new blocks in 1 fell swoop then trickling it like you do now. 4 blocks can be forgotten about and people won’t even then count it as new content.

So bigger updates!

Guilds is a big update, that’s for sure, there’s some new content here, but most of it really isn’t. What is new is the helix machines, we have to do new things to make new things and we have to rethink some ways we do stuff but mostly this update handles a lot of stuff behind the scenes that don’t really feel like content we can play.

We need more consumable items, new items, lots and lots of new items! We need to decorate our homes and bases with lots of stuffs, and they should be usable as well!

As for what I expect, well, farming sounds like a big update, an actual content update, not a few blocks here and there, no, actually something new to do!

I want more of THAT in 2019!

But also more QoL changes.

  1. As to be expected, a DnD/AFK/status option :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. a change in the food items, it’s beyond slly we have all these foods that most people do not use becase they lose the buff of teaching/persisting pies (more below)
  3. more, more, more blocks! more recipes, more consumables
  4. more creatures, more planets, T7 and T8 planets, etc., etc.
  5. more interactive blocks, so that we can have light switches, secret doors, etc. not redstone, just lots of interactive blocks

As for foods, as I mentioned before, why not put food in 3 categories:

  1. super duper special foods that give a buff over a period of time, teaching and persisting foods fall into this category
  2. foods that are an alternative for spending skill points, floating, invigorating, shielding, protecting, etc., etc.
  3. the non cooked meat/yams regular foods like stews, porrdges, meatloafs, meat pies, etc., etc.

And let these have buffs that can be active at the same time!

This will make sure people have a need for more than persisting/teaching and cooked yams/meats. Right now all the other items are barely being used. It will also allow players to play around with their skillset, now everyone has elemental protection skill points spent, this can change when protection pies can be active with a persisting pie while mining and frees up points to try something else out.

One can come up with so many things for this game it’s crazy! It’s a lovely game and I want to keep spending a lot of time in there but it needs more stuff for me to do!

Anything that can been seen as more stuff to do is ‘new content’, that way it’s clear that some cosmetic items for our characters are not, always hate it when other games try to make you believe cosmetics is content, well, it’s not, doesn’t make me play differently, only changes how I look…


New content, for me, is anything that is new to the game - such as the new guild system. Even though the guilds functionality integrates and expands on some of the other pre-existing systems in game, it’s still classed as new content as it brings in new playstyles and functionality to run guilds, separate to the existing systems.

  • Farming (obviously, as it’s already on roadmap).
  • Creatures - Hunter, Ground basher, stone thrower, giant worms … possibly also water creatures, passive flying creatures.
  • Timed event planets - possibly either to obtain new resources & colour blocks from the planet itself or for pre-built dungeon style gameplay (this could be instanced for more replayability).
  • Decorative props - as interactive as possible (i.e. Being able to sit in chairs).
  • Player crafted wearables which aren’t tied to the cubits shop.
  • Possibly some form of physics based machines/contraptions - not as open to abuse as minecraft’s redstone, but still fun to play and experiment with (push pull fans etc.).
  • More polish and options to existing systems, such as character customisation - faces


Additional items or systems in game. This does not include tweaking existing recipes. That is not new just annoying to me. Specifically new blocks, new machines with new functionality, new mobs, new tools, and new planets be they temporary or permanent. I would agree with prior statements that I also do not view the guilds themselves as new content. They do offer new content with the helix, but the rest is expanded permissions.

1 - Private/rented planets.
2 - Farming
3 - Decorative props for builds (a lot more of these please)
4 - Protection zones


New content to me is something that provides a new challenge which was not faced before.
I would love to see something like dungeon content or boss content which has to be completed with a group of friends but provide a limit to the amount of people able to participate so it doesnt end up like meteors: too many people make it too easy and boring.
It would be awesome to have a boss content on a seperate instance (accesible through a portal?)
For example a boss fight with player limit of 5 people - defeatable once a week. And everyone can register to it or you can come with your group of friends
This boss will then need to bring a true challenge to be defeated and all 5 people will need to do a decent job at avoiding damage and their class (healing, fighting or tanking/luring the boss) in order to defeat it. The reward could be a finished item such as a decorative small statue related to the boss as a defeat trophy or something similair… just as an idea.




Specials, Lances and Ground Bashers throughout 2019 :slight_smile:

Oh, and finally decorative poles and other stuff @Minyi concepted and @jesshyland meshed.


Item Sinks

The economy desperately needs item sinks. Prestige items or blocks that take thousands of materials to craft per block and would cost 50-500k per item and up. Something to get people buying stuff again, and to fix the oversupply problems in the game. I’d gladly put out a few million in request baskets if there were something worth crafting. Some ideas:

Super advanced coils giving 5000 power each (required for some new recipes)
Thrones or crowns taking thousands of gems and gold per craft
Windows taking hundreds of glass per craft (without those annoying grid lines)
Mosaic tile floors taking hundreds of stone per block
Blood altar taking hundreds of blood and marble
Gemshard altar taking thousands of shards to craft
Wood inlay taking hundreds of wood and glue


Where would you get that assumption from that lightening and graphical changes are because of cross platform?
Seems more like a development choice then just because you can play with PS4


I would except some performance issues just to have my game look that again


Would it be possible to introduce a block with creature agro? Could possibly come in three styles - trap door, pedestal (think loot stand), and proximity block. The first two would only agro when you are right on them and the last would be a radius. Also, beacons would have to be functionally designated as “Dungeons” to place any agro blocks. Specifically because the actions of these blocks should be able to result in player death.

Trap door: includes a mimic function to match the adjacent block at placement

Pedestal: triggers a random event upon interaction, designer gets to pick the level but now necessarily the specific creature spawn. This should also be how each player obtains the designer placed loot. A storage mechanism could be integrated to release a percentage of loot at each event completion, to include coins. This would have to be tied to messaging on the beacon to let players know a live dungeon is available (we wouldn’t want to not have loot after a crawl).

Proximity: should also include a mimic function and the designer should be able to set a radius up to “X” distance. This might even be set to maintain a specific persistent creature presence level with a respawn timer.

To prevent griefing and abuse, a beacon designated as a Dungeon would flash a warning whenever a player entered, similar to the settlement notification now.


The concern here isn’t that things are no hard enough, it’s that, as with all block games, the limit is more about what you know than what you have.

If you have no shadows orbs for example, then find where to get shadow orbs. They aren’t hard. You can get them as of level… Let’s say 6, or 8-10 if you want control to avoid mobs. Just buy a grappler go to besevrona and sprint to a glacier. Boom, done. It’s easier than finding silver on a t3 for example.


To Do List:

  1. Flying (gliding). That way glide towers can become a thing; makes for an awesome way to travel. Higher quality “wings” have different traits - more speed, glide time etc. I don’t care if it’s wings, rockets, winged shoes or an umbrella.

  2. Airships. Who knows what that means… something expensive and cool to build. Mobile base of some sort…?

  3. Something repeatable to fight/complete besides meteors. Anything.

  4. Player made dungeons that others can try…? Infinitely repeatable and won’t cost you dev time once it’s running. New content daily.


I only been on since ps4 came onboard…I have seen new content. So no problems there…9nly thing I want us more glowing mushroom…damn things…Hahaha


I want classes

Also remove forging = win


Some core features still haven’t been released for this game, so i wouldn’t know which direction you guys will be going in order to ask for a type of content tbh. If you guys will have an overhauled combat system, actual weapons (not just some stupid bows, and a fist. I’d like to see different swords, pikes, lances, polearms, axes, etc), the promised titans and end game mega structure thing (forgot what they were called), and some more pve /pvp (dungeony type and vs arena stuff) then i think you could take any traditional MMORPG as an example of new content. When the actual vehicle core things (again, forgot what they were called) come out, the occasional new vehicle type would be cool to see. Other than that, we need clothes, and armor. Both cosmetic, and armor type. Many different armor types and styles/looks depending on play style for ex. Then you could have new armors and weapons every week, month, or year for ex.
Just some of my opinions.


This exactly. Classes would be a much better system for this game and building alts. Classes don’t even need to be locked to skill points. Maybe if you are the miner class for ex, it will be easier for you to get mining related skills as opposed to fighting skills. Or there could be professions like in WoW, where you can choose two or three and build those as you would see fit aside from combat skills.


And craftable, NOT purchased with cubits.


Exactly. Maybe you could still purchase auro or some minor cosmeics with cubits, but primarily craftable. Imagine the boost to the economy this could bring. Building armor and these new weapon types should be end game for the better gear, which would mean alot of people would be encouraged to specialize in and sell these items. then, people could go to armor vendors owned by player just like in any MMORPG, and select the armor that they like the most.


I really like this.

Base classes that provide specific things for a character.

Also, forging is horrible as it is. I do agree it needs changed, just not completely removed from the game. Perhaps balance between creatures, weapons, and tools need to be overhauled. I’d much rather see small buffs to items from the Centraforge than complete monstrous items that can cleave worlds in half.


To me new content is simply bran new things to do, play with or experience. A few example to me would be things like mounts which we can grind for or tame and raise, new game experiences such as titans or something dungeon like which we can continually repeat and completely new things such as unique gear or weapons. I don’t think new blocks or decorations or even planets are really “new content”. More than anything I think of them as reskined old content.