HELP! What is "new content"?


New Content:

Anything which keeps players engaged with the game. Guilds have been a good start but that should have been there at launch.

2019 Content Needs:

Tools to let players/guilds create interactive content like branching storyline quests, mysteries, haunted houses, etc. Also expand signs to include in-game lines to make maps and runes for interactive content. Also signs on which can be placed in-game screenshots for art contest and interactive content creation.


can we get some pvp in the game at any level. few planets or something where we can compete with other players over. or some kind of a system non combat that’s more pvp oriented. Guild wars of some sort… anything. I enjoy the game have over 1000+ hours in. Thanks for the all the work you have put into this game. I still think it has a lot of potential but believe it needs something like that for the longevity of the game.


Although I think it’s going to be a healthy thing for the game, it’s pretty far off from being implemented. I don’t even think they’ve worked on any sort of pvp system at all. They still have the PvE side of the game to fill up before moving onto things like PvP.

I want it too man. Just gotta be patient. :beers:


I want a little Spitter running next to me and following my commands.
Guard / Kill. I want him to starve and grow
If his can be will kill - will be even more interesting
To change him color of, drawings on the body

I apologize for the error - Google translator.

Poll: What new content do people want?

Stable servers
NPC’s to sell item
NPC’s where you can buy item
Private planet
a much simpler forging system
much more blocks to build, such as decorations, tables, benches, flowers … etc


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