High Ridge W.I.P

This is still very work-in-progress. This is High Ridge. It is on Storis II, Southwest of New Oortia. 157n-1540e. Feel free to continue the road if you are so inclined. Just two rules.

  1. Follow the obvious pattern of the road. All of the materials are locally sourced.

  2. Try not to be overly gaudy. No massive gleaming cubes of tastelessness and no giant towers of overcompensation. Just try to be a little subdued. Otherwise knock yourself out.

Oh, and be nice to my neighbors. :slight_smile:



Nice furniture, that meeting table looks nice for how small it is. Good luck on your growing community :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The orange in the church is terrible. I plan on redoing that with offworld mats.

I really like lustrous wood. Night Orange and Shadow Mustard are my favorite natural looking woods. If you donโ€™t like lustrous wood you can use a chisel forged with the transformation buff to change the block between other woods of the same color. Then you can have some of those natural looking woods in the type you prefer.


Yeah, thatโ€™s my preference, too. I need to be more well traveled and get some new colors. :smiley:

Small update.

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