Highest Activity Mall

I’m a fairly new player and I have been exploring around the portal network looking for players and active shops. I have stumbled across many seemingly abandoned shops/cities/malls. I am very interested in starting a shop but I want to place on in the highest activity area so I have the best chance as making sales. Any suggestions?

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gyosha is a good mall. Legendville mall is better in that it has space without having to contact @majorvex or any founder. Legendville if you wanna start from scratch. Gyosha if you want a kick starter


@Grepster if you are looking for a spot in Gyosha Mall I do have one shop plot available… just join their discord if you are interested and pm me :slight_smile:


The Naughty Mall in iLLumiNaughty, of course! :nerd_face::+1:
We have mall spaces available. We also have kiosk spots open in The Village… we also welcome shops built in town.For sure lots of options for shopping and shop keeping.


Shame there aren’t any shopping centres for us Brits.

Markets, better than malls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nova Golda Market on Trung, the busiest market in the game!

Access from TNT, PS Lamblis and Ultima Eresho and many other places.

There’s even a dedicated request baskets area called Coin Converters.


Trung is in Europe…


for malls.
Gyosha mall -> Gyosha ophan
Marrah Mall -> Boori

for markets
Nova Golda -> Trung

also Special mentions to
Yamaska -> Minorengle
DK’s Ultima Tree -> Eresho (connects pretty much any shop worth visiting)

in my opinion ofc.


I think Gyosha Mall has the most traffic, but it’s a bit of a maze layout wise. You’re totally welcome (as are all) at my mall, DK Mall Legendville :blush: it’s a close second after Gyosha Mall in size and traffic, and it has a lovely forest theme. Let me know if you need help finding it. @Grepster

Also I pay people 25k to open a shop!


Gyosha Mall owned and operated by MajorVex on Gyosha Ophin is my 1st stop for all my shopping needs!!

I have a really nice shop that was about to Regen and saved, All setup with shop stands etc (you can remodel it would be YOUR shop!) and it is available to You for the grand price of FREE. Interested I can come over to the mall and hand you the shop…just let me know!

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so now I see why I cannot give the shop away! are you secretly paying them an earthyam to take yours! lol

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From my foot fall measurements (I’m only really in 3 malls, so my data is incomplete). DK Legendville mall is highest raw traffic, Gyosha Mall has better throughput of sales than Legendville, and Sunken City has the most space available (where my main store is).

I get equal foot traffic with less items on offer in Legendville as my mainstore in most time periods. I get a higher volume of sales in Gyosha per visitor (fewer visitors than either of the other mall locations). I get the most raw items sold in my main store (sunken city), but its not a fair comparison there since it has the largest selection and a lot more portals leading to it.

So since you are new, I recommend DKs legendville mall (I think he will give you some coin when you open a shop there too). It has the best potential for exposure to your new store, and while you might not get as many sales as Gyosha at first, you will typically get more traffic.

It doesn’t hurt to have a small portal from your shop leading to a shopping hub either. I know I typically attract about 4-7 additional people a day per each of these portals (low traffic times), DKs Ultima tree, or a nearby Portal Seeker Shoping hub are both valid places to look if you get to the point of opening portals. (the ultima tree is only one location, so not always convenient in portal size needs, while there are other shopping hubs that are much closer)

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who accepts earthyams now a days haha… tbh it was a shop that completely regened and luckily someone was looking for a spot. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was actually able to give the 3 story shop to a pair of nice folks from the “Sith” Guild literally 30 minutes ago! Hopefully do very well with their new enterprise!


Good evening in a few days, a beautiful mall will open. Pictures will follow tomorrow

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Which planet?

Thanks everyone for their replies. I got a small shop spot on Gyosha Mall on 3rd Street stall #39. It’s basically empty right now b/c I have to go craft everything and then load it up :slight_smile:


Planet arie

Oortian Outlets for sure!

Gyosha Mall is the largest mall by far. If you want a shop that generates a lot of footfall it is a solid choice as well IF you have a prime location. Phoenix Mall is a highly active mall designed to get in and out quickly and focused on high footfall traffic, which let’s be honest, most shop keepers want to make coin to begin with =)

DKs Legendville Mall is nice as well given the above criteria.