Highest Activity Mall

Looking for anything specific or just whatever you want to sell?

Whatever you want to sell :blush: come visit any time

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Naughty mall small but still efficient


Gyosha Mall is the behemoth, there is is no question…any other opinion is foolish.

Phoenix Mall, DK Legendville, and Naughty Mall are all contenders and better in different respects and have been around for almost as long.

Other malls are up and comers and possibly quite good in their own respect.


I keep saying it, but markets it’s where it’s at tho! :slight_smile:


Well I am no mall owner…but have a few shops around…best sales is in naughty mall. Best footfall is in Phoenix mall. Best portal that seems to get people is portal seekers. Hunt hive and tnt are very close too… that’s only from what I do…everyone has different opinions some are mall owners so they are bit biased…Lol. but I guess we are all biased to some degree…


Went to Nova yesterday looking for 5-6 very specific things. Not a single one of them was for sale on the entire planet :frowning:
Should say i visited every single T1-3 planet yesterday, on a crazy shopping spree, and Nova was the only “high traffic” area that didn’t have any of the things i needed, which was quite surprising tbh.
On the other end of that spectrum was Biitula, that had most things, but at 2 or 3 tiems the price of every other planet. They be crazy on Biitula :stuck_out_tongue:

What were those items?

Soon I am going to try and attract more people to open shops in Nova Golda…

Spark Sac
Thermal sac
Hopper cores
Hopper eyes
Creature mantles
Volatile Blood

I wish the malls were on a smaller number of planets. If I could start again I would build Legendville mall somewhere near Gyosha mall.

If anyone ever wants to open another mall in Legendville they are totally welcome to :blush: there’s ghost forest mini mall and ski lodge mini mall, it’s good for shoppers that they are same planet so people can price compare :blush:

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I would like to have a market stall at Nova Golda market. Ill be online this evening and pm you if possible.

If those would be for sale at the market I would buy them all :rofl:

Nice! I should be online I suppose depending in what timezone you’re in…

Lol, oh for sure, but i was in a situation where i was willing to pay almost anything for em, and i could do so on most planets, just not “yours”, cause there werent any :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually ended up paying 150 per hopper eye on Biitula, it was insane! But there’s also not a single hopper eye left on sale in the game now, below 150c, i bought em all! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is intriguining when I have storage full of creature parts and a pre-existing shop at Nova Golda :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it would be cool to have a main shopping planet that is hopping with malls/markets.

It seems everyone is spread pretty thin right now though…we need lots of new players to join the fun :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m super duper interested :stuck_out_tongue:
PM me if you are willing to sell, can avoid the tax.


come over to us the Hamburg Mall has been open since January 1st and there are wonderful bare shops to visit

Me too! Me too! :smiley:


Hamburg is new best mall!

Hamburg Mall is beautiful as well =)