Highlighting the Miner vs Hunter

So I’m not specifically spec’d for either miner or hunting really…just abilities as and when I need them.
I spent a couple of hours running about, half an hour trying to find gems, then on to normal mining. I had about 150 copper, 65’ish gold, 2 titanium, 25’ish silver and about 80 iron (I think).

I went to @OmniUno’s shop and sold the ores. I got about 1.2k for it all. Okay, not terrible, not great, but it’ll do for re-buying gold hammers when required.

Whilst I was there, there was a lvl4 cuttle agro’ing overhead, so I popped upstairs, killed it after a minute, and it dropped a rough diamond. 270c right there :\

Of course this is all based on Omni’s shop prices and such, but it’s just a little mad I think. I’m not saying I know what to do about it, I just thought I’d throw this in the forums to highlight it a little more :slight_smile:

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1 soft coal ~9c
1000 soft coal - 9000c
at tier 3 planets you can drop up to 3 coal per node.
With 55% luck it takes about 40 minutes to mine 1000 soft soal.

Actually it’s not balanced at all :slight_smile:


I must disagree with your assumption that you can find 333 coal nodes and mine them in 40 minutes. That means you are mining one coal every 7.2 seconds. I have never found a coal node every 7.2 seconds after going through the rock. In a an hour, I have at times managed to find about 400 coal and that is a mix of soft and medium. That would probably fetch 4500 coin. About what it will cost to replace the diamond hammer I will wear out mining for the coal.

Well it’s just coal for me at least its found very easily usally in large quantites, I dont think one coal every 7.2 is very hard, if you have at least some points towards mining and luck.

Also, dont use expensive hammers mining coal, silver does just fine

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I think people are discounting a few things here…

  1. Many people mine in caves where it is easier to find resources versus direct ground mining. And not everyone has cave locations on Tier 2/3 planets.

  2. Many people have upgraded their damage power and speed on block hitting. Not everyone can afford to put skill points into that when they are lower levels.

I am not sure what level @Jyanin is but whenever we talk about things like this we must also think about differences in levels of people. Game balance needs to be there for low level and high level people. But we also need things that keep people interested in the game especially at low levels so they don’t feel like there is a glass ceiling in the game.


Sorry, forgot to mention level. Only 24, just giving the ‘how it feels’ kinda post :slight_smile:
Considering those two things are the only semi-sane way to level, I find them reasonably important :slight_smile:

I use iron or copper. I do not find enough silver or gold to use them for everyday mining. I carry a gold hammer in case I find gems or titanium. I normally go through 3 or four copper and the same in iron when mining. So at a minimum I need to recover enough resources to allow me to replace what I use for mining, plus have something to sell, plus be able to make some of my own chisels since I want to build.

As a dedicated miner on my alt character, I found mining progression to be quite balanced right now. I started from iron hammer -> Titanium -> and now starting to use Gem hammer (the heavy one) at level 25. I skipped some hammer tier because I don’t think they are worth it. They swing faster but does lower damage hence I don’t think I’m getting my investment back in time as they broke faster. Just to clarify things, I have 0 sp in crafting. I buy all that I need and I sell all that I got so I had a clearer view that those hammer that swings faster is greatly underpowered in terms of ROI.

Now, I don’t know what is the standard of good income in boundless but at level 25, I have 70,000 coins and happily created my first house by just buying everything I need :slight_smile: (just a shame though that I just need to buy the chisels then I’m no different than any builder character). Lots of unfortunate events (deaths) are accounted for for that income so if I’m more careful, it could be better.

Other way to probably make my income higher is to stay at lower tier tools but this is really a battle between “higher income but invests more time mining” vs “lower income for lesser time mining”. This is true because the price hop between tier tool is quite large but I think it’s fine.

Now, onto the topic of hunter side. I think they are fine right now but will be more imbalanced as more mobs will spawn. Even now, I still think mining is more viable than hunting mobs. Other factors, I don’t think a character specializing in mining should be able to just easily kill mobs. I was a pure miner but during The Great Hunt, a level turned me to a good hunter suddenly wielding gold slingbow from stone with max power. Feels weird like I had an identity crisis. (Shameless plug again: Progression based on what you actually do. I really hope this will be a thing before 1.0 hit :pray:) Another one, mobs needs to be more creative and harder and something in hunter skill tree will make them easier (like dodge, grappling mobs, etc.). Currently, if you have decent “A” & “D” sidesteps, you will be fine in a battle. Giving them high hp and insane damage feels like a cheap way to make them “harder”. Good to know that we’ll be having more mobs planned to make hunting better :smiley:

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I think @Lawrey is right, i’m the shop owner where he sells lots of his stuff and i try to keep profit margin of about 25% on what i sell. Right now i sell silver hammers 380, gold hammers 400, titnaium hammers at 900 and gem hammers at 2600. I buy soft coal at 8/each and medium coal 17/each so if you do the math, you can buy a gem hammer from me by selling about 350 soft coal or 150 med coal. It’s not that unbalanced.

I think the point is to find reliable shops on the different worlds as merchant don’t always need the same things. As an exemple, right now it is a bit better to sell copper to Omni’s shop as i have too much of it.

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And this shop is where?! :slight_smile:

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Can be accessed in SWProzee’s portal hub (the one at Septerfon). I think it’s on either green or red side of the hub. The portal takes you to Therka and you’ll see a “Shop” right away (that’s Karo’s shop). For Doom’s shop, you turn left (downstairs) from portal then turn left again.