Hillarious Quirks


I just heard about the quirk that makes you jump when you are trying to hit something. So I want to think of other quirks that would be a riot. I’ll go first: a spanner is required in your off hand and it never stops spanning. :joy:

Aaand go…


How about a quirk for tools that you randomly stop and do a short and funny dance.


Try a wonky trigger chisel and you will hate your life.

Ominous Sounds quirk, that would randomly sound like a hopper getting ready to explode. So you never know if death is imminent.


There is a quirk that makes random sounds on use, one of my personal favorites


“Ye Olde Tyme” which makes everything in sepia and look grainy.


A fireworks quirk !!


That sounds more like a boon to me lol :smiley:


Random emotes. I’d laugh my tail off at a random mooning or facepalm… though other players I’m near might not so much. :grin:

Nap time. Player occasionally lays down and snores for 20 seconds or so.


Deflation or rubber tool. The item flops over in your hand likes it’s a deflated balloon or a rubber tool.

Or a helium tool… your toon floats up higher into the air as the durability decreases

** corrected my autocorrect :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I just came back in here to say we could have “friendly AF” where you wave every time you pass your reticle over another player. Maybe needs a better name lol.

Also off topic i really want a “bow” emote. A nice bow with hand waving and flourishes.


“Lemon” quirk. Parts occasionally fall off of the forged item. You must unequip the item and requip the item to put the parts back. When all parts fall off, effectiveness is halved.


Bubble shot: occasionally your slingbow will shoot out a stream of bubbles.


Good idea, could give us a curtsy emote too! :slight_smile:

Another quirk - Zombie Apocalypse. Gives character zombie physical traits, greatly increases power and damage, lowers intelligence and speed. All attempts to chat or emote come out like zombie gibberish - “Braaainnss!” “Grraahhh ggrrr…”

Edit: On the emotes, could also make an Instigator quirk to go along with it - uses the insult emote on everybody you pass it over another! I suppose some might really get annoyed, but I’d laugh hard at someone mooning everyone in a crowded place like Ultima. :rofl:


“Sleeper” quirk. Its what’s on the inside that matters.
The higher the forge level, the more misshapen the tool looks. Bent handles, rusty look/texture, mismatched colors, etc.

Credit due @GenocideAngel


Better! A wonky trigger UNchisel!!! all that awesome chisel work poof


oh no a whole new bevy of ways to mess up your base are incoming!


We need to have a building competition but the builders have to all use really high damage wonky tools only.


If we are going with cringeworthy quirks - Poor Maintenance Quirk (spanner): randomly causes 10k wear on all machines and coils in a 3x3x3 area. Positive, good hit causes duct tape to appear on machines reducing wear by 25% until next repair.


Except AoE spanners wouldn’t actually work for years…


Well the positive effect obviously wouldn’t be AOE. :thinking: