Hillarious Quirks


Chicken walk quirk, complete with clucking


Very interesting. Ill keep adding them as i think of them. We can have the “Possesed” quirk where you keep transporting around a small area (so people dont abuse it to travel far away easily). Itd be too terrible as if youre lagging around so it limits your ability to play. Also, it plays weird visuals on screen every time you warp.

We can also have a quirk that randomly drops the item youre holding (or whenever you try to use it).


8 bit Proportions Quirk: You temporarily turn into one of the developers from the TV show Code Monkeys.


“Out of Body Experience”: Forces third person view and changes your character color to a ghostly white. Adds a high % of physical resistance since you’re a ghost. Or maybe removes fall damage.

“It’s a bird!”: Quickly aim straight up at the sky at random intervals. Has to add durability or something haha


You are the meteor. Spawn creatures constantly until they are all defeated. Then you poop oort.


Beam me up, Scotty: Randomly warps you back to the Sanctum.

Sky High: Hallucinations. Think Wild Wasteland. Have a chance of seeing some really weird stuff. :wink: UFOs, giants, strange creatures, dancing Oortians… possibilities are endless here.


“Version 1.0”: Equipping this tool causes the swirly particle effects from before they were patched… and has a chance to trigger on each use.


ohhhh there could be quirks that just make you sparkle all the time. Maybe in various colors according to either the tool tint or type.

In true quirk fashion some players would seek this and some would avoid it like the plague.


“Non-Playable Character”

You look like a Cuttletrunk, spitter, Hopper, Wildstock, or Roadrunner.

“Tool of Legions”

The tool will randomly be effective against different block types that change at regular intervals.

“Volume Control Issues”

Any time you speak it might get sent as a whisper, a normal speak, a shout, or be posted to the world channel.


What’s The Mantle?: Your feet randomly stick to the ground and you have to jump to get free; positive, while you are stuck you cannot be damaged!

Edited to fix wording.


led booths quirk
gives insane power makes ya walk like ya have lead in your shoes you also drown if in water


A shrinking quirk… you can temporarily fit trough a chiseled block when equipped but not using… but when equipped and using the item your toon grows double size so you’re 4 blocks tall instead of 2.


OG Quirk

Quirk that turns you into the original orange block toon from EA.


Minecraft Quirk - suddenly Boundless look that bit worse… you see your reflection in water and find that your head is a cube.


Lawn fertilizer: all grass plots you touch grow to Max height.


Wile E. Coyote: Roadrunners gain a massive health buff and are far more likely to attack, and deal heavy damage. BUT, feather drop rate goes up. :wink:


Can we get this yesterday?


defeated by roadrunner could compete with defeated by lava for the funniest log entry


Being hit with an Acme anvil and hearing “meep meep” might actually be the only way to win Boundless.


Didn’t read all posts but what about a moonwalk quirk? We have slow mo, jump ahead quirks. Need a randomly backpedal/moonwalk quirk