Hillarious Quirks


Fifty-one Shades of Yellow:

Bonus XP is granted for all actions. Small chance of cursing the next spawned exo planet with yellowish gleam. Effect is cumulative.


The Hamster Wheel: Your hammer explodes into its base components, positive your drop rate increases by 300% for seams.

The probability of the quirk activating is based on the number of hammers you have crafted to mine mats to craft more hammers to mine mats to craft more hammers…

My hammers would like break on equipping. :tired_face:


Topsy Turvy - when equipping the particular Forged item, it would be held upside or, rather, in a wrong manner which, in turn, negates damage, increases durability consumption and energy consumption.


Quicksand quirk? If don’t move you start sinking into the world?


Pants: Pants.


I want shorts more than pants.



Male character speedos? How about footwear? Bet my feet are dirty as hell!!!


I’d like to have the option of wearing both at the sametime!


I want speedo, knee high socks and sandals :joy::joy:


This very nearly caused me to post a borat picture. I would have had to look at it though and the memory is rough enough…


Thong swim suit was borat. Bright yellow if remember right lmao


What about a mantle top instead of a coconut shell top? I’d sport that on all my characters


Doesn’t work on PS4! Only things we see reflected in water are the sky and the planets! (worse, if I build a roof over water I can still see the planets in it!!!)


Well, now you understand why I call out any player that is standing on my Noms 'n More shop stands! As if they would do that at home too! shakes head


The ‘up’ quirk, an anti-gravity quirk where you slowly but surely rise sky bound and have to occasionally grapple yourself back to the ground (you did remember to bring a grapple, right…)


the planets are square too!!

the positive (for PS4 players): you can see your own reflection
the negative - your head is a cube


I kind of miss cube head Steve :rofl:


Down But Not Out: Effect can take place once a day. If you would have normally died, you pop back up at the nearest safe spot, no exp penalty. However, your health is capped at a small sliver for the next 20k exp or next, true death (stays even if you unequip item). And so it is funny, maybe make the character actually look like they were all beat up. :wink:


For tools… increase Effectiveness for one group of blocks while decreasing for another… so you could have a hammer with increase Effectiveness against soil and decreased Effectiveness against wood etc ^^

Edit: well that’s not really crazy or anything… so “Blind as a bat” you can no longer see light but instead see the world through sound / echolocation ^^