History Question: New Player Light Source?

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So, in a trailer and in the dev art category, I saw this cool shakeable light source thing. Obv. it was pulled from the game, but does anyone know why it was pulled? I feel like I’ve asked before, but can’t remember the answer I got?

I remember having that, I remembered it stopped working at a certain lvl or something, but I still continued to carry it with me and randomly shake it about for fun :smiley:
I have no idea why it got pulled from the game tho :frowning:

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It was called Light Cube. Here is some answer why it was removed.


Thanks! Not my favorite answer, but good to know!

It would be nice if we could have something like the light cube again, but it be craftable and made out of gleam, allowing for color variation.
I like gem torches, but they have a high pitch hum that irritates me…

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