Hit a Wall - Advice?

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Hi all,

I’ve been playing for a couple of months and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to progress from here.

All of my characters are level 50 and I’ve got a steady supply of iron tools. I’ve been buying AoE gem tools as I can to gather and refine materials and going on plenty of T3 hunts. My issue is that I can’t keep a consistent cash flow to keep purchasing tools or coils - I’m close to being able to brew a few of my own speed potions, for example, but need more power coils for the containers. It feels like my gameplay experience right now is: struggle to make 4k, buy a gem AoE hammer, blow through it in a diamond/silver mine in 20 minutes, wait a few days for another 4k to trickle in, repeat. That 4k usually comes from a pocket of refined gleam I chrysominted.

My goal is to centraforge, but I can’t imagine how I’ll manage to get my hands on enough ingredients. How have you typically handled progression at this stage? What’s the best way to keep things moving? Thanks in advance for your help!


If you go on regular hunts then selling the mob drops and Oort would provide cash flow …
Or if you like to explore and gather then find some good farm spots and harvest those (like beans or opal)
If you go mining you can turn your rock into stone and craft some doors to mint …

This is how I make my Money ( might not be the fastest out there but it works for me , can’t do the same activity for 3 days straight , I need to alternate or I go nuts :sweat_smile:)


Mine mine and mine some more. Honestly, don’t mine silver etc, go mine gems. Galan has billions (not literally) or topaz that sell for 40c plus. You can easily get 500 for a hammers worth of mining plus fossils which sell well. Your doing the right thing, in the wrong place.

I would suggest t6 hunts too, the numbers mean they are newbie friendly and trophies are worth a lot

As an FYI, I made about 30m from mining gems (rift included) so it definitely works.

If you get really really stuck, I can throw you a few T6 hammers to start the ball rolling and take you to a few spots I have saved


as @ghandymarshall said, mining. of all the mind numbing coin farming activities, it is the less horrible. ppl consistently buy gems and metals (you will get mainly iron (baskets at 5-6c) from topaz (galan) and sapphire (houches) hotspots. use persisting pies, make sure your miner skill page is the best possible. and you will get tons of XP from processing rock

This is all really helpful! I’ve been hoarding my mob drops assuming I’d need them down the line - I should go digging in my storage and see what I can find. I’ve yet to try persisting pies too, that will likely help!

@ghandymarshall thank you so much! I’ve yet to find any topaz anywhere - I’ll have to try to find a place on Galan!

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forging normally comes after you have a fully coiled workshop, if you are hunting and mining you should just sell everything you are getting and just keep enough oort to fuel a 1x2 portal to a hub somewhere.

1 t6 hammer should net you at least 100k if you mine in the right spot maybe more.

edit: forging ingredients drop in better quantities off higher tier hunts, so T6 gets you more trophies than a T3.


Tip: you can use a chisel forged with transformation to change diamond to ruby, topaz to sapphire, etc. You can also chisel change metal.


If your on in an hour I can come show you a few places. Even my sovereign that’s utterly infested lol.

On galan from the tnt hub you can find them directly below, dig between 150-180 altitude for best results

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This works wonders on diamond to get Ruby.

Further tip, if you are going to use them yourself for tools etc compact them first, that way it’s only 1 chisel change instead of 36 (or 50) I forget the ratio


In addition to persisting pies, make sure you have durability drain epic. Makes a big difference on how long your tools last imo.

One key thing to remember when mining- if you mine for a while and don’t see many ores, gems, etc then that area might’ve been recently mined and is still respawning. Rocks always respawn first and then the resources fill in last.

Also you can make your own forging ingredients instead of buying them. It will be time consuming the first time because there’s so much to gather, but once you get everything the upkeep isn’t so bad if you plan to forge your own tools only. I haven’t bought a forged tool since I learned how to forge.

You already hunt so that helps too. Join more T6 hunts if you find them because they will drop more hopper cores than T3 (idk if they even drop on T3). Hopper cores are an important forging ingredient and usually what I run out of first, but I don’t really hunt much so that may be why lol.

Sell most of your oort, thats where a lot of your coin will come from. And if you’re still struggling for coin you don’t really need more than 1 or 2 smaller portals anyway. Idek what oort sells for these days 250c or so probably. So one meteor you get 5-12 oort. ~2000c per meteor or more? Someone correct me if I’m wrong there.


I can give you some free really good diamond hammers

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Not this week but like next week most likely

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I would highly recommend TNT’s public sovereign sapphire mining world, Tarlin, via TNT’s shedu tier hub…was getting roughly a ss of gems per hammer without trying.
plus a load of fossils to sell or process then sell or process, craft then sell :+1:


Check out the forging ingredients, which ones you will need, those take mob drops to craft plus a bunch of other stuff. I recommend reading the methodology of forging everything and that will indicate which forge ingredients you are going to need.

:wink: im to lazy to do most of the other activities that are suggested here…
Sure they make good coin.
But from day one (ps4 release) only went out of my way when I needed it and didn’t have the coin.
Like need oort go hunt i guess.
Need that color mining, digging or lumbering it is…

To be fair if you need a steady supply of coin you will have to accept the fact that you will need to spent time on activities that supply the sellable resources. Or gathering it all on your own.

I am usually poor :wink: that said most if not all coin (on average 10k) i make in a week is spent on buying oort (for my hub).
But thats me :grin:

Anyway if you need the coin hunting and selling all the gained mats will give you a nice load of coin.
Gathering resources like beans, orbs, leafs and such followed bij selling will net you some good coin to.
And mining is maybe one of the “best” ways to make a ton of coin (judging on what i read on the forum), but you will have to spend some coins on the tools, foods and/or brews to gain coin.

[ im no expert :wink: like i said im mostly poor,
But have some times the opportunity to sell mats ill gain during the building process like selling iron and copper i dug up when terra forming the land for example]

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Also go to alycon from the tnt portals basically find serpentine portal and go through that until you get to alycon then find the parka palace then go through there tons of gem mines


Yep, lots of gem mines at Paka’s Palace, and atlases for them (when I remember to stock!). :grinning: I’ve found the most profitable mining is on Corrosives, mining along Amethyst/Emerald hotspot border. Gives a lot of good stuff like ores and fossils along with the gems. Although I’ve switched personally to less mining and more to another activity I’ve found gives better return on investment per tool and is pretty fun, breaks up the mining with more variety: Roadrunner hunting. Actually, Roadrunner and Hopper hunting.

In addition to the mine portals, there are also some hunting grounds portals. These all have Gleam Spiral biome, which makes for very easy hunting. My favorite is the Burn world since the lava there gives free kills. Setup is for slingbow damage, speed, and stealth. If you stick to just killing Roadrunners and Hoppers, a good sniper bow (I get mine at EZPZ for 6500-7000) will last quite awhile and turn a ton of profit. If going to forge, could of course use some of what you get too! I found not really worth it on slingbow durability to mess with other critters doing this. Also, tend to get a lot of meteors falling, I’ll either come back later or kill one creature then run, netting dormants.

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People are struggling To do 4k? Are we In first day of launch? If so… Then Maybe… Nowadays theres so many competition etc so even if you make a mudtart you win something.


Thank you so much, everyone! Lots of great advice and help here, I appreciate iit!