HOUCHUS is offline?

Oh, I just replied to someone else that had this issue. Could you also submit a game log just after this message appears on screen?

how i can get to game log?

Go into Main Menu, select Support and open the Report tab. You’ll find the options here.

done, thank you

One of the US East servers is down. We are looking into it.


I can’t reconnect to a USE planet (Gyosha) - logged off for half an hour and says still connected. I was about to start a thread, but could this be causing it? Thanks!

Someone mentioned that world in the other forum topic linked above.

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Gyosha planet is offline I just checked I can connect to the rest

#edit when it tries to connect it says timed out connecting to server

All 3 worlds should be back online, if you can’t connect to any of them you may need to restart your client there’s some info about the worlds that has changed and is cached in the client until restart.


Yep, back, thanks! :slight_smile: