House for sale

This is something that @exswiss asked me to help her with this so here we go.

@exswiss is a trusting person and loves to build in any game she touches. But Boundless has really gotten her on the ball… well like any other game when she builds she’s off to build something else when she is done with one. Well she dose not want to ash her builds anymore. Instead she would like to try and start a little business of selling/trading her builds.

I have personally have bought her build with in game coin. And she has made a trade with another player as well who is also a friend of mine.

So me and @exswiss got together and I took a video of her whole place and she told me the details, which are also in the video. If anyone is interested she is willing to try and auction off her build witch isis starting at 250,000 coin or in trade value.

How this works, is the bid starts at 250,000 coin or in trade value, and you can bit by typing your amount in chat. The auction starts now, And ends 2023-11-16T07:00:00Z2023-11-18T19:00:00Z

And this will not be her only build that she will sell/trade because of the love she has for building. :heart:


500k is my offer anyone gonna beat that?

are you suddenly short of money, @HOST :wink:

my bid is

but not dollars…1 million pixel coin only :+1:

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maybe you have a lot of it recently… :wink:

my bid is 1.1m

Due to recent comments and responses, the house will be given away or ashed. Thank you to all that appreciated my efforts.

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That’s sad

@Tiggs this post is done due to serten circumstances.

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