How are you organizing your gleam?


With so many colors of gleam (and other blocks), what’s your organization strategy?

(Hint: @a13o, this question is for you! :stuck_out_tongue:)

(But everyone else should post their system as well :slight_smile:)


I don’t have a lot compared to many here, but for wood I have them separated into the types, twisted and such. Then I put the ones that I have the most at the top. For the trunks, they are in one storage in, 3x3 total of nine blocks and the stones are the same, the rocks are separated by type and the bins are in alphabetical order. Same with the wood, the ones that have the most are at the top and it goes down to the single ones at the bottom.
If I get a lot more, maybe build a storage building close by. Can’t put any more in my base, not the way it is shaped.


This has been driving me nuts the past couple days. I’m still trying to figure out the best layout for all these colors.


This is how I have done it so far. I may improve it later on. But it is a start.


I haven’t gotten around to finishing my 16x16 color layout but I’m using it for the time being. I’ll reorganize it someday.

If I were collecting every color of every thing I’d probably go with Stretchious’ idea to follow the color order. Mine is a pain to actually use. More of a set it up and leave it kind of thing


I made a pitch black vault specifically to keep the gleam organized in a 16x16 style similar to @a13o’s cube set up, but I’m cataloging and storing them all in numerical order as I return from hunts. Probably going to do the same with other materials I’m getting after the event is over… just not in a dark room, of course. :yum:


I tried to make something organized!
But I gave up, this is my event storage…


I just organized my gleam using color types like reds, lilacs, or ceruleans, and went in standard roygbiv order. Probably going to expand this by displaying a lighter and darker scale vertically with the main color in the middle, blacks going downward, and lights going upward


Can’t organize event gleam if one is too slow to reach the meteor by the time it’s already consumed by all the other people in hunts.


I try to do my hunts on planets with a low player count for that exact reason


I’ve been doing them solo and during regular hunts. Admittedly I’m probably one of the ppl getting there first during the hunts but I’m not even using forged grapples. Just plain old titanium grapples and a specific build for mobility.

8/8 agility
5/5 attr bonus
5/5 fall damage armor
0/8 vitality (so fall dmg armor works)
5/5 grapple mastery
High jump epic
Double jump epic
Shadow step epic
Gleambow totem
Titanium grapple
Speed brews from meteor reward chest

You’re basically immune to fall damage so once you get the hang of spidermanning around the planet you’ll never lose a solo meteor again.

Energy is a problem. As this alt levels I will probably give him the right mix of energy regen epic and zeal which makes your whole bar refill in one tick. That’s the fastest regen build I know of.

46 skill points and zero forged items so I don’t really believe the claim that this is an event for rich ppl. The one place I think coin gives you an edge is when crossing water, cuz the only thing that matters in water is grapple line length.


Try finding a planet with players who are not racing and stay near them. If they aren’t racing, it will guarantee you get the goods, and just by them being there, increase the size of your meteor.


78 to go…

Nod to @Stretchious for organising inspiration!


Gonna do my organising after the event…too busy chasing gleambows and building at the mo.
Some good ideas here though that I’m going to blatantly steal :slight_smile:


You should only store blocks in the same colour container… hmm now how do you store the container resources before crafting… hmm you should carry them in an alt with the same colour skin… hmm now you need 26 accounts and 10 alts each.

Problem solved.


I use a shop stand in the illuminaughty footfall co-op. It has been pretty successful storing all these colors!


… or just put everything in a black container to make it ‘pop’!

only 32 left to go!!


But what about wood, rock, sand, foliage, tangle, etc?

No one is going home until we’ve got them all x255.


I’d better kick off the mass crafting of a few hundred more storage blocks then!

Currently they’re all lumped together here…


I guess I better get my finger out then?