How are you organizing your gleam?


Stick a fork in me; I’m done. :rainbow:


Arrg, I better get cracking


Wow nice. Now give me all your strong red :smiling_imp:


ALL of my strong red? :thinking: Well that would defeat the purpose of organizing a full set, eh? I might trade a few… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Better pass that fork this way :sunglasses:

Gleam swap

Haha, GG bud! :unicorn:


there are enough forks for everyone!


This is probably a long shot but would anyone be willing to sell me just one of each gleam not in game ?:slightly_smiling_face: I’d go around and collect it myself but I just don’t have the time unfortunately. I’ll pay 500 a piece. So the 226 (that are not in game) x500 is about 113,000c for the lot. That’s all the money I have (and the most I’ve ever had :joy: ). I’d pay out more but I honestly don’t have any more. Thanks.



More Photoshopping…


^ How can there be this much shade thrown with all this gleam?


What’s the easiest way to find the # of a color?


Come at me bro lol (seriously, come down to my basement and check it out…) :smiling_imp:


I used a request basket, it tells you the color # of the item.


Using the UI mod posted on forums giving the color and number…I will organize it by number/color


Come on round my digs and have a look then!


Edit: Also, I ain’t got the photoshop skills to do that. Can you even use photoshop with a controller? :video_game:


Try this:

Provided by:


This is how we did it. A little time consuming, but really worth it. Come visit us to see it for yourself!


You forgot to mention @Toumashii, thank you for helping filling the missing parts of the build!

I spent a few hours setting up the signs and classifying the gleam with Princess, I hope everyone will come see the result!


Happy to help. Everyone should go check the showcase out. You did a great job on it! :grin:


For those wanting to apply the color id mod (Small UI mods), I made a quick regex replacement command (formatted for vim, but easily modified for other tools):

%s/GUI_PALETTECOLOR_\([0-9]*\)": "\(.*\)"/GUI_PALETTECOLOR_\1": "\2 (\1)"/g

The file to do the replacement on is Boundless/assets/archetypes/strings/english.json